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How to Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss
Jul 20, 2016
How to Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss

How to Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss

Nowadays every person is concerned about their body and is absolutely conscious about their looks and weight gain.  People are spilling their money like water in the name of gym, exercises, yoga, dieting, and consulting to a nutritionist. Here we are providing valuable tips on how to reduce your weight. 

You can lose your weight with one of the basic needs of human beings.  That is nothing but universal savior water.  Most of the people don’t know that water can be used in reducing one's weight.  Even though few people know, they are unaware of the ways of using it to reduce their weight.  Hot water taken with empty stomach in the morning works wonders in reducing weight. 

Here are few important facts on how water relates to our life and how it is useful in reducing our weight.

Water Acts As a Hydrating Agent

Generally, everyone has to take at least 4 – 5 liters of water and our cell body requires water. It will give nutrients and remove waste products from our body. It will remove waste stuff present in the kidneys so, we can protect ourselves from very commonly occurring diseases like stones in kidneys.  People who are having stones in kidneys are suggested to take lots of water daily. So, this way water acts as a hydrating agent.

Acts as a cleanser and purifier

For most of the problems present in our body, water is the best solution.  Taking water regularly keeps you away from many diseases. It acts as a toxin that keeps on removing waste materials from the body. It also acts as a cleanser and purifier to our body. Hot water quickens our digestion and also improves the chewing process.

How it helps in losing weight

Drinking hot water in the morning helps in losing weight.  It will remove all the waste present in our body which if overlooked will turn into a fat.  It helps in breaking the fats and also helps with the problem of indigestion.  In ancient times, honey mixed with lukewarm water is used to reduce weight.  They used to take it in the morning before the breakfast.  It not only helps in reducing weight but also helps in clearing digestion issues and also gives the glow to the skin.

We don’t prefer to take much water in the winter season, but we have to take at least 7-8 glass of water regularly to maintain moisture in our body. We are having so many fruit and vegetables which are high in water content.  We can take watermelon from fruits family and almost all leafy vegetable from leafy veggies family as they contain high levels of water in them. If you are not comfortable with drinking plain lukewarm water, then you can add something to it to make it drinkable. 

Like lemongrass, lemon, mint, honey, and if you like Elachi you can add it to the lukewarm water.  It also helps in maintaining glowing skin and also acts as a hydrating agent. Instead of soda, coffee, tea and other beverages you can prefer drinking hot water. Drinking hot water is more effective than cold water. You can have more benefits with hot water.

These are very simple and easy remedies that help you in reducing weight which is inexpensive and natural.


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