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How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Stress
Jun 14, 2016
How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Stress

How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Stress

Today majority of people are facing hard situations with their busy life. Especially people sitting for hours in front of the computer, people who travel long distances daily are facing the problems like stress, anxiety, headache, neck and shoulder pains etc.

But, don’t worry we have a very good technique for making you relief from all this kind of stress and anxiety. It is nothing but reflexology which is one of the easiest ways to your problems in this busy world. A single session of reflexology can help you well for your various problems.

Reflexology is a simple technique that if you know can perform it anywhere and at any time on your own without any external aid. Seems marvelous, isn’t it?

Then, why should you wait to know them? Come let’s learn those techniques now itself.

Reflexology, How it Helps You?

It is a wonderful technique as said as it will help in relaxing your body and improves the healing and repairing process of the internal organs of your body. It is one of the alternative method or therapy which has been originated from the ancient Chinese and is supported on the principle that hands, feet, head, stomach and other reflex points which are like a map.

These reflex points are connected to different parts of your body thereby improving the energy pathways. By applying some degree of pressure on these reflex points works positively on the specific organ that is causing pain and directly relieves you from the stress and anxiety and restores your minimum organ functions.

This method can primarily inspire your pituitary gland, adrenal gland, pineal gland, and brain. So, now have a look at those reflex points that can relieve you from stress and anxiety.

Five Main Reflex Points to Relive You from Stress and Anxiety

1.Reflex Point at Wrist


Applying pressure on this wrist reflex point helps you get relief when you are stressed out. It also encourages deep breathing and helps to get relief from nausea. Wanna know the exact point near the wrist to apply the pressure? Then, follow the below steps.

Steps to Locate the Reflex Point at Wrist:-

Locating this point is easy on your wrist. It will be little below your hand.

Start by measuring two times the thumbnail width from the base of your arm.

Now, you can see two large veins branch. Place your hand over there.

If your veins are not projected well and if you can’t locate them, you can make a fist. Thus, they stand out well.

Now, don’t make your hands get relaxed and press the point over your veins.

Repeat the above step until you notice a slight pain over there.

Next massage the point without leaving the pressure over the point.

Repeat the same process with the opposite hand.

This is how you can locate the wrist reflex point and make a pressure over the point to get relaxation. Similarly, you can also perform the same technique for applying pressure on the backside of your arm.

2.Reflex Point at Nails


Locating the reflex point at nails is quite easy and nail reflexology helps to stimulate the endocrine and pituitary glands and also keeps your body hormones in good order. Wanna locate that reflex point? Then have a look at below information.

Steps to Locate Reflex Point at Nails:-

Start locating this reflex point by placing one thumbnail on the other thumbnail

Now, press the nail at the center and hold it for at least 30 seconds

Repeat the same method with the opposite nail also

3.Reflex Point at the Palm


This palm reflex point is very useful in boosting up the energy by stimulating the adrenal gland and makes you relaxed. This point can be located by following the below steps.

Steps to Locate Reflex Point at Palm:-

You can locate this reflex point below your thumb and between your index and middle fingers

It will be exactly on the right on the fleshy area near to your thumb

Now using the thumb of one hand gently press the reflex point located on the other hand

Maintaining the same pressure slowly curl and then straighten them

Continue the same process at least fro 10 times

Now, repeat the same process on the opposite hand also

4.Reflex Point at the Foot


Applying pressure on this reflex point helps you relive your emotional stress and makes you sleep. Locate this reflex point with the help of below process.

Steps to Locate Reflex Point at Foot:-

To start performing this technique, you need to be seated with barefoot

Now, place one your legs on the knee of the other leg or opposite leg

Make sure that you can see the base of your foot located on the knee

Now the reflex point can be located at the base of your foot near the balls and it will be slightly above the foot's arch

Next place the thumb on the reflex point at the center

Now, apply the pressure over there until you feel the pain

Slightly massage the point without removing the pressure and

Repeat the same method for the opposite leg foot also

5.Reflex Point at Shoulder


Simulating the shoulder reflex point helps in getting relief from the tension, stress and unrestricted flow of energy. Locating this reflex point is simple as said below.

Steps to Locate Reflex Point at Shoulder:-

You can locate this point at the edge of shoulder middle between base of your neck and point at your shoulder

Apply pressure over the reflex point located

Repeat the same method for the opposite shoulder too to get the relief from stress

These are the few reflex points that can help you get relaxation and stress-free. Try them when you are facing such issues and get an immediate solution for your problem.


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