How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath From Onions

Almost all cuisines of Indian’s include onions.  Onions are used mainly to add taste to the dish we are making. Onions are rich in vitamin C and B, folic acid and dietary fiber, which provides us with many health benefits.

One minus point about onions is that they the smell they release after they are consumed.  Raw onions play the main role in generating this foul smell.  Cooked onions won’t generate any sort of foul smell or bad breath.

This foul smell of onions is due to the sulfurous compounds present in them.  When we eat raw onion, it gets digested and the odor molecules reach the lungs via the bloodstream and thus produce the foul smell or bad breath of onions.

You may have bad breath because of dry mouth, smoking, gum diseases, medications etc.  If you are a lover of raw onions, but worrying about bad breath don’t you worry. We are providing our readers with 10 best ways to get rid of bad breath due to raw onions.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath From Onions

1. Green tea

Green tea stands first in our list as it has extraordinary properties that deal with bad breath in the world’s best way.  Green tea is a source of polyphenols and powerful antioxidants, which helps in destroying the sulfurous compounds of onions and thereby reduces the bad breath due to onions.


Take few green tea leaves and add one cup of hot water to it.  Cover it for five minutes and strain the solution.  Add honey if are not okay with the bitterness of green tea leaves and drink it.  Drink this tea until you get rid of bad breath of onions.

2. Lemon

The citric acid present in lemon help in nullifying the odor that is caused because of the onions. As lemon acts as an antibacterial agent, it also helps in killing the bacteria that helps in generating this bad breath.


Take some fresh lemon juice and add one tbsp of it to one glass of water.  Mix it well and rinse off your mouth with that solution. Do it for two to three times to get rid of bad odor due to onions.  Drinking fresh lemonade will also help a great deal in getting rid of the bad odor of onions.

3. Mustard Sauce

Mustard sauce is another ingredient to get rid of bad odor from onions.  It strong smell will cover up the bad breath due to onions.


Take one tbsp of homemade mustard sauce and put it in your mouth.  Swish it off for a while and spit it out.  Put another tbsp of mustard sauce and now swallow it.  Rinse off your mouth with water.

4. Milk

Milk also helps in nullifying the bad odor due to onions intake.  The sulfur in the onions, which is responsible for bad odor, will be nullified by the fat content of milk.  Milk can also be used as a mouth wash.  Instead of skimmed milk, full-fat milk goes well with this process.


Take a full glass of full-fat milk and drink it.  Drink it before or during the time of your meal in which you are going to eat raw onions.

5. Cardamom

Cardamom itself has a strong odor that can be used to get rid of this bad odor due to raw onions.  It immediately reduces the bad odor due to onions.  It will cover up the bad breath of onions with its strong aroma and gives a fresh breath.


Take some cardamom and chew it after your meal with raw onions.  You can also prepare tea with cardamom and drink one to two cups to get rid of the bad breath due to onions.

6. Apples

Apple not only keeps you away from the doctor but also helps you to get rid of your bad breath due to onions.  The enzymes present in apple helps to break down the sulfur present in the onions and thus help to break the bad odor molecules.


Take a fresh apple and start eating after an onion-rich meal.  You can also have a glass of fresh apple juice.

7. Mint

Mint, as we all know, is also available in the form of chewing gums.  Mint is full of chlorophyll.  It gives a fresh breath by killing the bad breath due to onions.  Mint also has an antiseptic property that helps to break the bacteria that are causing bad breath.


Same as green tea take few leaves of fresh mint and add one cup of hot water to it.  Let it steep for 10 minutes and strain it.  Add a bit of honey to it and drink it.  Drink it until you get rid of your bad breath.   Another effective remedy is to chew few fresh leaves of mint immediately after having an onion-rich meal. You can also chew gums with mint as the main ingredient.

8. Baking soda

Baking soda can also help in reducing the bad breath from the mouth due to onions.  It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the mouth and prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth that is responsible for bad breath.


Take some baking soda and sea salt and add it to a glass of warm water.  Use this solution as a mouthwash many times in a day until you get rid of that bad breath.

9. Parsley

Just like mint, Parsley is also another herb that helps in controlling the bad breath due to onions.  Parsley also contains chlorophyll, which helps to fight with the bad breath.


Put few parsley leaves in white vinegar and add some salt to it.  Chew the leaves for one to two minutes and then swallow them.  This will help effectively in reducing the bad breath due to onions.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps a great deal in reducing the bad breath due to the intake of raw onions.  It acts against the bacteria to reduce the bad breath.


Take half tbsp of apple cider vinegar and add this to a cup of warm water.  Mix it well and use this solution to gargle for 10 seconds.

These are the best home remedies to get rid of bad breath out of onions.  Onion lovers now can eat as many raw onions.

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