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How To Live 100 Years Healthily
Jul 30, 2016
How To Live 100 Years Healthily

Now-a-days, hitting 60 is getting difficult for people. Even though they hit that age, it is next to impossible to hit it healthily.  Our surroundings entirely surrounded by diseases and unhealthy things. So, it is obviously not that easy to stay healthy and hit a century at a time. 

But, when we go back to our ancestors, most of them hit centuries and even crossed it. It is not a big issue for them to hit centuries.  But, as of now living more than 70’s or 80’s, is great. Anyway, let us first know the secret for living healthy 100 years.

Few people make assumption that, living up to 100 years is due to genes. But, studies proved it wrong. Only 25% of the genes contribute to our living whereas, remaining 75% contribute to our lifestyle.  So, it is clear that our lifestyle is what, that plays the role of protagonist in our lives to make us hit 100.

As Heart is responsible for keeping us alive, if it is off to work for a second, then in no time we are done with this life.  So, keeping it safe and young, even we age is what we should do.  

There are few tips that will help us to keep our heart and body healthy to hit 100 years. Let us give a look. 

1. Physically Active:

Being physically active is totally a subject of healthy living.  Nowadays, people are hitting gym, yoga, aerobics, workouts, good rest. The last option will definitely make the people rest on the death beds soon.  A daily physical activity is a must and mandatory to hit 100.

Physical activities in any form contribute to healthy living. In a study done recently, it is proved that, people who hit gym or who does physical activity as a daily regimen lived extra three years compared to the people who don’t.  So, people who are willing to hit 100, start your physical activity now. 

2. Healthy Diet:

Diet is something that is healthy and is not about starving yourself without foods or liquids. It is all about eating healthy and eating low in calories.  People who hit 100 are good dieticians. Their healthy dieting contributed a lot to their 100 years of living.  Here, a healthy diet includes eating raw.  Eating raw is the best way to reach 100.  Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. They constitute a healthy diet. 

3.Have Good Bed Time:

Having enough sleep is a must for everyone.  Sleep takes away all our stress that we gained in a day.  Having enough sleep will keep us active to the next day.  Lack of sleep causes many health issues.  So, make certain to have good sleep at nights to keep yourself away from all those health related issues. 

4. Lower your Stress levels:

Nowadays, smart work is more complimented than hard work.  So, be a smart worker than a hard worker.  Try some stress busting activities.  It will help you lower your stress.  Know your stress burners and work on them. 

5. Be More Connected: 

It is always recommended to be more connected with people around us.  Recent studies found that the more social support they gain, the longer people live. So, try to be more socially connected with the people around you to increase your years on this earth. 

6. Laugh a lot:

Laughing is considered to be a healthy exercise.  It not only keeps us happy in and out but also burns calories while we are laughing. A study conducted on 243 people who hit 100 prove that their long living has something in common and that is nothing but laughing.  They people considered laughing as a trick that will increase their life span.  They do it often so as to keep themselves healthy and active.

7. Eat More nuts:

Include more nuts into your diet to increase your span of living. Studies found that people who ate more nuts are likely to have lower body mass and waist circumference.  It is also found that there is 39% lower risk of early death for people who eat more nuts in their diet and there is 45% lower risk of early death for people who eat more walnuts in their diet.

8. Make walking a Habit:

Walking is considered to be a form of exercise that keeps us fit.  People who cannot bend their body and perform exercises can prefer walking.  Unlike difficult moves in exercises, there won’t be any sort of risks in walking.  It should be done on a regular basis in order to get good results.  Make walking a habit so that you can paw your way to hit a century.

9. Go for Shopping:

There won’t be people who hate shopping.  A study conducted in 2011 found that people who go for shopping often have less risk of early deaths.  It is found that shopping on a regular basis has decreased the risk of death by 28% for men and 23% risk for women. The logic behind it is walking to different places and feeling happy.

10. Cook at Home:

Cooking is an art.  Don’t you think so?  Yes, it is.  People who cook at home at least five times in a week are more likely to live long compare to people who prefer outside foods. Home cooking is not only preferred for its taste and healthy ingredients that we include in it, but also because of the art we keep in it to make the dish tasty.  So, people who kept cooking away can now start over with it again.

11. Meditate:

Meditation has a great power that keeps people alive even without taking a sip of water or a piece of bread.  It works wonders in increasing the life span of human beings.  Meditation along with yoga makes miracles in increasing the life span.  Power yoga is mainly named for improving our health and increasing our life span.  So, do practice yoga and meditation so that you can hit 100.

These are few simple tips that will lead you to the roads that our ancestors walked in order to hit centuries and more.  So, start following these tips in order to increase your days on this earth.  


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