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How to Relieve Knee Pain | Best tips
Jun 13, 2016
How to Relieve Knee Pain | Best tips

How to Relieve Knee Pain | Best tips

Many of us don’t know what are arthralgias, but maybe everyone is familiar with a word knee pain, which is most probably seen in elder people.  But nowadays everyone even the younger once is facing this problem because of insufficient necessary minerals for health.

Arthralgia is a medical term for joint pains, but by addressing it clearly, everyone is afraid of it.  Knee pain is caused by two causes, they may be caused by injuries or because of aging or because of insufficient nutrition necessary for joints and some of the medical-related issues.

Bones require calcium for their strength which will be obtained from many foods like eggs, milk, and also calcium tablets are available in the market. 

Excessive body weight caused by obesity will have more weight on knees as legs are the one that will bear all the weight.  So excess weight on knees will make them reduce their strength.

Due to external injuries that may lead to internal dislocation which may be severe sometimes, that may cause a lifetime risk of having joint pains.

Some issues will be like medical-related, such as some people will have a habit of walking long distances, which will cause the synovial fluid to get dry and damage of articular cartilage between two bones in a joint. This will make the two bones of a joint to rub towards each other and will cause cruciating pain in knee joints.

Types of Remedies:

There are surgical remedies and natural remedies to reduce this pain.  But these remedies can not cause permanent solution for this problem.  Natural remedies will be of slow effect and reduce to some extent, not completely, but they do not have any side effects; whereas in the surgical procedure, we will have complete relief for some time and this consists of synovial fluid injections and also cartilage replacement.  But has already stated, they do not have the permanent solution.

Instead of going to the surgical procedure, which is cost-effective and will relieve from pain only for a particular time, it is better to follow natural procedures.  First of all, let us look at natural ways to relieve pain.


In diet implement to take milk and eggs that will produce calcium and proteins that will give strength to your bones and enable them to bear weight and long run working machine.

Check Positions:-

Exercising is important, but excessive of walking will make the fluid get dry and make the joint bone rub to each other which is the reason why crackling sounds are produced and this is the sign of joint problems.  Never sit in a position like kneeling that will exacerbate the pain, so avoid such postures.

Homemade Tip:-

There are some tips that can be maintained at home which will cause your pain to be relieved.  Some intake medicines will also help that is reducing pain and those can be made at home.  They are

1. Turmeric And Ginger Tea:- This not only acts as anti-inflammatory but also will help in strengthening your bone which is a use of turmeric.

2. Epsom Salt:- This salt consists of magnesium which will give temporary relief from pains.  Add some Epsom salt in water and soak the joint where pain resists and soak it for 15 minutes.  Magnesium in this salt will reduce pain because it acts an ibuprofen and Advil medicines.

3. Olive Oil:- Olive oil consists of oleocanthal inhibits which act as anti-inflammatories.  Joint pains that are sore could be relieved with this oil. Take 2-3 tablespoons and just massage on the joint where pain persists.

4. White Yellow Lemon:- This also acts as aspirin and will affect as pain relief component.  It will cause the bone to strengthen.


Not all but there are some exercises that will cause relief to joints.  Some exercises will release muscle stiffness that supports bones and also the cartilage that is thinning can also be lubricated. 

Once when joints are lubricated, they move smoothly and that indeed will reduce pain.  Nowadays physical therapy has become most common as everyone is showing interest in it. Doctors also recommend to the patient’s who are suffering from these problems.       

Cold and Heat Therapy:-

When there is excruciating pain in joints that is unbearable, then try to apply cold or heat therapy which will produce immediate relief from pain.  Have an ice cube and just rub it on the area where the pain is noticed or take hot water and dip a towel in it and apply that heated towel to the knee area. 

This will also reduce pain.  These therapies are also preferred by physiotherapists.  There are also some braces available which can be worn to knee joints, that will minimize its bending movements and this will reduce pain when the knee is not moved to a great extension.

Topical Applying:-

There are many ointments available in markets which are applied topically.  Some balms are also available by which we can reduce pain by massaging with them.  It may cause burning sensation, but it does not cause any side effects.  So applying them will give you pain relief symptoms to some extent. 

Capsaicin is also an ointment which is a component of hot peppers.  This will alert you related to the knee discomfort. Herbal ointments are also available which are totally side effect-free and will give you relief on a long run.

Grapes and Pectin:-

Pectin is known to be soluble in water and it is a carbohydrate.  Pectin is soluble in water and it is a good pain relief component.  When this is mixed up with grapes, it will start its effect on joints.  Pectin will help in returning synovial fluid which is necessary for lubricating and works on thinned joint cartilage.

Juniper Berry Tea:-

This is a tea that suppresses arthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the one that is caused by rheumatoid fever.  This can also be treated very firmly and effectively.  So, better to try this tea for pain relief.  Just add a spoon of dried berries and then boil it on the slim flame.  No after 20 minutes just filter it and have a cup of tea.

Eucalyptus Oil:-

Eucalyptus oil is the oil that is made from eucalyptus tree and this oil is available in many shops.  This is peppermint in sensation, but will cause a cool menthol sensation on applying and this suppresses pain.  It gives  a good sensation of joints in arthritis.


Ayurveda provides best products from the ingredients that are taken from forests.  These are made in the form of ointments for topical purpose and intake purpose in the form of tablets or fluids.  Applying them and having them intake, will reduce pain and it will cause you to have some relief.

Dandelion Leaves:-

These leaves consist of Vitamin C in excessive amounts which indeed will act as an anti-inflammatory and also help in improving joint arthralgia.

Follow the above simple steps to eradicate the excruciating and interfering pain in your daily lives which is hindering your daily activities.  Instead of following some of the painful remedies such as knee replacement, injections directly into the joint space, it is better to use these natural remedies and also surgical procedure is cost-effective and may be not and work through the declared time.


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