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How to Treat Food Poisoning Using Home Remedies
Jun 17, 2016
How to Treat Food Poisoning Using Home Remedies
Food poisoning is mainly caused due to intake of food that contains bacteria or infectious organisms in it. We in our lifetime would have suffered food poisoning at least once as most of us eat everything that is appealing to eyes. The symptoms for food poisoning includes nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. 

Most of the people look down on food poisoning and won't take proper treatment, this may leave them in more serious health condition. As food poisoning is all about intake of bacteria mixed food into the stomach. Unless it is cleared from the stomach or proper treatment is provided to kill those bacteria, the situation won't settle down.

If you are suffering from food poisoning, note that you will lose excess amounts of water from your body. So, in order to replace the lose water, drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking lots of water will help you clear out all the toxins present in the body that are causing these food poisoning symptoms. If you are suffering with food poisoning, don't stuff yourself with any other solid items. Try to replace them with water and other clear liquids.

We are providing in our article simple home remedies to treat food poisoning at home, but if your condition is worse, make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Best home remedies for food poisoning:


Ginger is mainly used in treatment of digestive problems. As food poisoning is also a type of digestive issue, we use ginger in treating it.

How to use?

All you need to do prepare a cup of ginger tea and drink it to relieve yourself from symptoms like heartburn and nausea, which themselves are symptoms of food poisoning. To prepare ginger tea, take some ginger and boil it in water for few minutes. Add some sugar for taste and drink it. If you are okay, you can also eat raw ginger to treat food poisoning. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic properties of Apple Cider Vinegar solution can help you treat food poisoning causing symptoms. It has an alkaline effect that helps in treatment of food poisoning. This solution helps in killing the bacteria that is causing the symptoms of food poisoning and relieves you from that problem.

How to use?

All you need to do is take two tbsp of apple cider vinegar and add it to a cup of hot water. Drink it before taking any food. In other case, you can drink undiluted apple cider vinegar. 

Fenugreek seeds and yogurt

Yogurt is named for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These properties of yogurt help in killing the bacteria that is causing food poisoning. Whereas, fenugreek seeds helps in treatment of abdominal discomfort.

 How to use?

Take one tbsp of fenugreek seeds and add one tbsp of yogurt to them. Just swallow them without chewing. You can get relieved from both stomach pain and vomiting sensation immediately.


Lemon is well-known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. These properties of lemon helps a great deal in treating food poisoning. The acids present in lemon help in fighting with the bacteria that has caused this food poisoning. 

How to use?

Take some fresh lemon juice and sugar little sugar to it. Drink it two to three times in a day. You can also drink lemon with warm water. 


Basil is a herb that is used to treating abdominal discomforts from years. You can use the same herb for treating food poisoning. Basil has anti-bacterial properties that help in killing bacteria that is the cause of food poisoning. 

How to use?

Make juice out of basil leaves and add one tbsp of honey to it. Drink it several times in a day to get rid of abdominal discomfort. The other way is, pour four drops of basil oil into four cups of water and drink it throughout the day. This solution will kill the bacteria in the stomach. One more remedy is, take some basil leaves, some sea salt, and a pinch of black pepper and add this to 2 tbsp of yogurt. Take this three to four times in a day to get rid of food poisoning symptoms.


Garlic also has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties in it. It is used in treatment of diarrhea and abdominal pain.

How to use?

Try eating a raw garlic clove and drink water. If you are okay with its taste you can also make a juice out of it. 


Banana, one of the tastiest fruits ever. Banana can help you treat your food poisoning. Banana falls into the category of easy-to-digest foods. 

How to use?

You no need to prepare special dishes with banana. So do not worry. Just take a ripe banana and eat it. If you love to drink banana, then make a banana shake out of it and enjoy it. Take this for two to three times in a day.

 Cumin seeds

The stomach inflammation and abdominal discomfort caused due to food poisoning can be overcome using cumin seeds.

 How to use?

Take a cup of water and boil one tbsp of cumin seeds in them. Add one tbsp of coriander juice to it and some salt to taste. Drink it two times a day for few days. You can also prepare herbal drink using cumin seeds. 

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are made from nature extracts. So, they are really healthy for our body and keep us hydrated. A tea named peppermint tea can help you sooth your stomach, which relieves your stomach cramps. Comfrey root and meadow sweet tea can help in curing stomach infections. You can also try licorice tea or chamomile tea if you are suffering with nause.


Honey just like lemon has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. These properties will help in treatment of food poisoning. 

How to use?

Take one tbsp of honey three times in a day to get rid of any kind of stomach issues. Honey has the ability to control the formation of acid in the stomach.

These are the 10 best home remedies to treat food poisoning. If you are having any sort of food poisoning symptoms, you can make use of these simple home remedies to treat it, but make sure to consult a doctor if you are facing severe symptoms of food poisoning.


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