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How to Vanquish Diabetes
Jun 17, 2016
How to Vanquish Diabetes

Diabetes is pandemic major common issue seen in Men and Women around the globe. Diabetes can be caused by any form of carbohydrate that is eventually broken down by body into glucose, simple form of sugar.

While body can use glucose for fueling, levels that exceed more than needed are toxic to body. Any glucose that is not used is stored as glycogen in liver and the muscles store all the excess glucose as saturated fat within the body.

There are many different types of diabetes. They are

Type 1 Diabetes:

This is observed mostly in children but can be diagnosed at any age. Type 1 Diabetes is an auto immune disease that permanently destroys beta cells in pancreas, means that bodies can no longer procedure insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes:

It is a Non-Insulin-Dependent or Adult-Onset diabetes seen in people over 40 years. This is becoming more common in adults, teens and children, and accounts for roughly 90% of all diabetes cases worldwide. It is serious medical condition that often requires anti-diabetic medication or insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Gestational Diabetes:

This is a type of diabetes which is high blood sugar, first found during pregnancy. It occurs in 3-5% of all pregnancies. This should not be taken lightly. Immediate risk to the mother and fetus will be provoked.

Diabetes LADA:

Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA) is typical for immune markers common to Type 1 Diabetes, yet in its early stages does not require insulin. LADA patients require more insulin when compared to Type 2 Diabetes. LADA patients share common features of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. LADA cases are found in-between 6% and 10% of diabetes cases.

Diabetes MODY

Maturity Onset Diabetes of the young affects approximately 1% or 2% of people who have diabetes and which cannot be recognized in the early stages.  Means, it develops before the patient reaches 25 years. It can also be passed from one generation to another generation.

Double Diabetes

Double diabetes is a combination of the features of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. People with Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are more prone to become obese and suffer from insulin resistance as much as anyone else. Without being able to produce insulin, blood sugar levels rise and the symptoms of diabetes appear.

Diabetes Insipidus

It is a rare form of diabetes which simply involves excessive urination and thereof, caused by an anti diuretic hormone called a vasopressin. This is the most common and clear symptom. In extreme cases, urination can be in excess of 20 liters per day. A secondary symptom is increased thirst, as a result of passing so much urine.

Juvenile Diabetes:

This is most common metabolic disease in young people under 16 or 18 years of age. 

Steroid Induced Diabetes:

Corticosteroids are used to reduce harmful inflammation but can lead to diabetes - often referred to as steroid diabetes. People on steroids who are already at higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes or those who need to take steroids for longer periods of time are the most susceptible to develop steroid induced diabetes.

Type 3 Diabetes

It is a term for insulin resistance in the brain. Type 3 Diabetes is the name proposed for Alzheimer’s disease. People that have insulin resistance, in particular those with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease estimated to be between 50% and 65% higher.

Brittle Diabetes (Labile Diabetes):

It is subtype of Type 1 Diabetes. It can be caused by absorption in the intestines. This includes delayed stomach emptying, drug interactions, insulin absorption issues and malfunctioning hormones. Severely low blood pressure levels may also create thyroid adrenal gland problems.

Secondary Diabetes:

Secondary Diabetes can result from a variety of other health conditions.

Taking right food can eliminate diabetes from your body. Certain foods are packed with nutrients that stabilize blood sugar levels, protect your heart, and even save your vision from damaging effects of diabetes.

Diabetes can be mostly observed in southern India. To overcome diabetes, try to follow different food items given below.

Apples: People who are eating other foods with high quercetin had 20% less diabetes and heart disease deaths. Other good sources of quercetin are onions, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and berries.

Citrus fruit: People with diabetes tend to have lower levels of vitamin C in their bodies. So, antioxidant-packed citrus fruit is great snack choice. It may seem quicker to get your C from a pill, but since fruit is low in fat, high in fiber and delivers lots of other healthy nutrients it would be better to prefer a fruit.

Fiber rich foods: People who increased their intake of fiber from 24 gms to 50 gms daily had dramatic improvements in blood sugar levels. The high-fiber diet was as effective as some diabetes medications. Focus on trying to get total of 13 daily servings of mixture of fruits, vegetables, beans, brown rice, and whole grain pastas, cereals, and breads.

Green Tea: Chronic inflammation - caused by high-fat foods, lack of exercise, and eating too few fruits, vegetables, and good fats can increase risk of hearts attacks and body's ability to absorb blood sugar. A simple solution: Drink green tea and orange or cranberry juice.

Nuts: People who eat nuts regularly have lower rates of heart disease than people who don't eat them. Even among healthiest eaters, one who also eats nuts boast best health record.

Do not take too many nuts, as they are high in calorie. Either measure 2 tablespoons of nuts or count how many in number they are and limit yourself to that number.  Or keep a jar of chopped nuts on hand. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons a day on cereal, yogurt, veggies, salads, or wherever the flavor appeals to you.

Wild-caught fish contain Omega-3 fats and reduce inflammation which can help counteract some of the negative effects of elevated blood glucose.

MCFA’s found in coconut and red palm oil can help balance blood sugar levels and be preferred fuel source for your body rather than sugar.

Sprinkling herbs like cinnamon, turmeric, and parsley on your food may also help balance blood sugar levels.

Foods You Must Remove to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Refined sugar: These forms of sugar enter blood stream rapidly and can cause extreme elevations in blood glucose. Even though natural sweeteners like raw honey and maple syrup are better options, they can still affect blood sugar.

Grains: Glutan containing grains like wheat contain large amounts of carbohydrates which are broken down into sugar within a few minutes of consumption. Gluten can cause intestinal inflammation which affects hormones like cortisol and leptin, and can lead to spikes in blood sugar.

Conventional cow’s milk should be eliminated especially for type 1 diabetics. Dairy can be fantastic food for balancing blood sugar if it comes from goats, sheep, or A2 cows. Purchase raw and organic from pasture raised animals.

Alcohol can dangerously increase blood sugar and lead to liver toxicity. Beer and sweet liquors are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided.

Steps to Help Your Body Recover from Diabetes

Get Insulin Problems under Control: Diabetes is mainly caused by insulin resistance. Limit the consumption of sugars, grains and processed carbohydrates and focus on healthy proteins, fats and green veggies.

Get Your Fats in Good Balance: Over abundance of Omega-6 fats in the diet is a contributing factor in diabetes. Pay attention to your intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats and try to get them closer to a 1:1 ratio. Avoid Omega-6 seed oils and their sources.

Fix your Gut: Depleted beneficial bacteria in gut caused by poor diet, antibiotic use or being bottle fed as a baby can make the problem worse. Remove grains, avoid toxins whenever possible and take high quality probiotic to help the intestines heal.

Exercise: This is the important part in your daily life which helps in improving insulin sensitivity. It naturally supports metabolism by burning fat and building lean muscle. To prevent diabetes try to go for walking 20 – 30 minutes every day. 

Reduce Stress: Stress raises cortisol and can lead to hormone imbalance insulin issues and increases risk for certain types of disease. Work to reduce your sources of stress from lack of sleep, exposure to toxins, mental and emotional sources and poor diet.

Supplement: Supplements can help your body heal from diabetes, especially while your body works to gain proper insulin reactions again. Supplements often associated with helping diabetes symptoms and improving the disease are cinnamon, omega-3 fatty acids, alpha lipolic acid, chromium, coenzyme Q10, garlic, and magnesium.

Lose Excess Weight: Obesity and Diabetes often go hand in hand, and while the debate still rages on if      one causes the other.  Studies show that losing weight can help mitigate diabetes and also lowers your risk of getting it to begin with.

I am sure by now you are aware of Diabetes. Be healthy and fit always.


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