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Jaggery A Boon Or Bane For Diabetes
Jun 17, 2016
Jaggery A Boon Or Bane For Diabetes

Diabetes also called as Diabetes Mellitus or sugar diabetes is a metabolic disease.  It occurs when pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin.  It is also observed when cells of body don’t respond to insulin hormone. If you are

Diabetes already, then you will know how difficult is to maintain diet to control it.  The preventive measures include workout, healthy diet plan and maintaining good body weight.

Diabetic patients are not allowed to eat sugars and sweets.  As we all know Jaggery is bi-product of cane sugar, it is strictly restricted for patients with diabetes.  But still there is confusion among people about Jaggery and its effects. 

Let’s get into detail and know whether Jaggery is a boon or bane for diabetic patients.

Jaggery is Made up of:

Jaggery is concentrated mixture of dates, cane juice, and palm sap.  50% of Jaggery is Sucrose and 20% of it is invert sugars and remaining 20% moisture.

It is obvious that every sweetener contains high levels of calories.  Jaggery belongs to same category. As it is natural sweetener it increases sugar levels instantly.  Jaggery is not different from refined sugar.  It is just the color that differs.  It contains same amount of sugar as in refined sugars.  So, it affects the same way as refined sugars.

Glycemic index is an index which is used to measure the amount of glucose released into the body by specific food. Glycemic index is directly proportional to glucose.   Glycemic index increases with the increase in glucose levels in our body.

Recent studies on Jaggery and refined sugars prove that, people who consumed both refined sugars and Jaggery show pretty much same symptoms, which ultimately proves that both Jaggery and refined sugars have same effect on human body.

Few people argue in spite of refined sugars, Jaggery is best sugary intake.  Sugars are refined through some processing, whereas, Jaggery is just an extract of natural eatables. 

Jaggery clearly shows that it is not less than refined sugar in raising the sugar levels. It almost works like refined white sugar comes out of long processing.  They may not have same color and texture, but have similar properties and have same effect on blood sugar. Ultimately Jaggery is definitely bane to diabetes patients. 

Are you a victim of diabetes?  If so, then make certain to keep these points in your mind.

1.     Eat brown rice instead of white rice.  It is recommended by doctors to eat brown for diabetes as it contains no sugar in it.  Whereas, white rice contains sugar in it, which will raise blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

2.     Include high fiber foods in your diet chart.  Diabetes is such a disease that has lot of hunger symptoms. So, fibers rich foods will make you feel full for a long time and will stop you from stuffing yourself with unnecessary foods.

3.     Replace corn with peas, greens, etc.

4.     Eat naturally obtained grains.  You better take them in, in less processed form.

5.     Take more proteins.

6.     Take good fats.

7.     Avoid potatoes.

8.     Avoid sugary drinks and reduce alcohol consumption.

9.     Don’t skip your breakfast.  Have at least 3 meals a day.

10.           Try to maintain your calories constantly for a period of time.


Our final word is, Jaggery is not good intake for diabetic patients.  So if you are planning to have some, then don’t.  It will increase your level of blood sugar if you are diabetic patient. 


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