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Milk Bath At Home And Its Benefits
Jun 24, 2016
Milk Bath At Home And Its Benefits

People may not be aware of the milk baths. Milk baths can be made at home. Before we get to know, how to do it and its benefits, we will know about its importance.

Cleopatra who ruled the Egypt was known for her radiant and stunning skin and beauty throughout the history. The reason for this is, she has been used to bath in milk for keeping her skin beautiful and soft. But, the milk is not the cow's milk rather it is donkeys milk.

There are many other legendarily people who used to bath in milk because of its amazing benefits. There are many fats, proteins and vitamins that are available in milk which benefits the skin in many ways.

To get such amazing benefits to your skin you can prepare your own milk baths at home and use them daily to have gorgeous stunning skin and beauty. There are many variations of milk baths.

So, come let us have a look at few such milk baths that you can prepare them at home and also about the benefits of such milk baths in brief.

Home Made Milk Bath Variations:

Though there are many variations of milk bath that can be prepared at home. The main among them is Cleopatra milk bath and it is famous one. So, at first we can have a look at that and later the other variations of milk baths that you can do at home.

1. Cleopatra Milk Bath

The ingredients required for the bath and the process is clearly mentioned below to make this milk bath. So, go through it.

Ingredients Required


1 Cup of milk or the amount of your choice (Whole Milk)

Half cup of honey

Water for bath and

Essential oil if needed

How to Do?

Step-1: At first, you need to fill your bath tub with warm water i.e., it should not be too hot or too cool. This water should be sufficient enough for you to bath. Taking too much water or too little water can make the variations in the milk and honey amount.

Step-2: Now, add the essential oils such as lavender to your bath water if needed.

Step-3: After that add the amount of milk or whole milk and the honey to the water. Adding more honey will give you smoother skin.

Step-4: Finally soak in the water for at least 10 minutes and then bath as usual or as you do every day.

Benefits of this Bath

This bath helps you in getting smooth as well as soft skin, radiant skin. It also unclogs the pours and removes dirt from the skin

2. Other Variation of Milk with Honey Bath

All you need to do for a milk bath is below mentioned ingredients. So, go through them and prepare it.

Ingredients Required

Half cup of liquid or powdered dry milk. Not skim milk rather full fat or low fat milk.

Half cup of Epsom salt

Half cup of baking soda and

Half cup of warm honey

How to Do?


Step-1: At first, pour all these ingredients in hot running water of your bath tub.

Step-2: Later soak in the water for few minutes and then do bathing as usual.

Step-3: You can also prepare this with dry ingredients in advance and you can store this in a airtight container.


Benefits of this bath include, smooth cleansing and soft skin with the baking soda and the honey used in it. Epsom bath salt is also great for the skin as it is rich in magnesium. Honey also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and humectant.

3. Milk with Rose Bath

Ingredients Required

One and half to 2 cups of liquid or dry milk that is full fatted as it works great

2 to 3 cups of homemade rose water i.e., which is steeped and strained from the petals of the rose. Use 2 cups of fresh rose petals and 2 cups of boiling water to prepare this rose water.

Essential oils such as lavender or rose etc. as an optional choice

How to Do?

Step-1: Simply mix all the ingredients and pour them under the running water of your bath tub.

Step-2: Soak in the water to get all the benefits of the ingredients used for the bath and then do as usual.


Rose water is used in almost all beauty products because of its numerous benefits for skin. It makes the skin glowing and smooth all the day and as usual milk does give you all other benefits that you need for your skin.

4. Milk with Oatmeal Bath

Ingredients Required

2 cups of full fat milk

Half cup of finely grind oatmeal (The oatmeal should be grind in a blender or a coffee grinder) .The finer it is, the more the oatmeal will suspend in the water you bath and this is known as colloidal oatmeal.

How to Do?

Step-1: At first take the milk and oatmeal and pour them under the running water of your bath tub.

Step-2: Stir the water well as some ingredients may settle down at the bottom of your bath tub.

Setp-3: Finally soak in the water for few minutes and take the bath.


This colloidal oatmeal is great for dry, itchy, oily and acne prone skin. It gives a soothing effect for the skin adding a bit of coolness.

These are the four different variations of the milk baths that you can do at your home and get the at most benefits from the ingredients used in those milk baths. All these are amazing milk baths that you can perform daily or at least twice in a week, to get beautiful glowing and radiant skin ever.


So, try doing them and have all the benefits that are mentioned above. If you have any reactions with any of the ingredients used in the milk baths, you can avoid such baths. Try these alternatives and get benefited.


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