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Miraculous Herbs For Fast Weight Gain
Jul 20, 2016
Miraculous Herbs For Fast Weight Gain

Miraculous Herbs For Faster Weight Gain

We never like it when our friends or family comments on our weight. Do we?  No matter if we are fat or skinny, ideal weight, a fit body has become one of the basic necessities these days.

Most of us want to lose weight. There are people who wish to gain weight. The lean structure can be due to various reasons like Malnutrition, genetics, hyperactive metabolism or any ailment like hyperthyroidism.

Gaining weight might sound easy to few but just by eating fast foods will make unhealthy and store excess fat in the body which is not good.

Weight management is very important, especially for today’s lifestyle. Losing weight naturally is a safe, as it ensures no side effects and also possess various other health advantages. A little knowledge and routine can easily help us in achieving our goal weight.

Mother Nature has given a solution to every problem we can think of. Let’s have a look at options which will help us gain weight naturally and healthy way.

Here are few amazing herbs that are worth giving a try.


Popularly known as marijuana in India, is a herb that requires a prescription if you want to buy it legally. This herb helps you in increasing your appetite. It is not easily available because of its chemical properties but is widely used for medicinal proposes.


Chamomile and its extracts help in increasing the appetite. The more food you eat the more weight your gain. If you have been a lean body type all your life, chamomile is herb you must try and you will surely see the results.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle is surely a blessing for those who wish to gain weight.  Not only it helps you to increase weight also makes digestion better which in return keeps your body active and you feel fresh all the time. This is a very appreciate herb.


Gentian helps the body to absorb food in a right manner. Your body takes all the required nutrients from food and thus makes you healthier. This herb is very bitter but results will definitely make you feel a lot better.

Dandelion Root

This is mostly used to stimulate the appetite of a pregnant woman. It helps in a healthy weight gain as it contains many beneficial nutrients. It stimulates the flow of bile and improves digestive enzymes.  It has a sweet flavor and can be taken as a tea.

Chen Pi

Chen pi is sun-dried tangerine peel which is mostly used in Chinese cooking and medicine. They have bitter taste but help to improve digestive system and increase appetite. It is very beneficial as it helps body to secrete digestive enzymes and it is also known for its effectiveness in treating abdominal distention


Ginger has been used to treat stomach related issues since ages. It helps intestines to function properly. Be it any digestion related problem like dyspepsia, upset stomach or nausea, ginger has always had the properties to treat them. Ginger warms up the digestive tract and treats poor appetite effectively.

Custard Apple

Custard apple is definitely the herb you will love. This is the most suitable way to gain weight. This herb has cooling property; it brings down body temperature in no time and treats anorexia. So just take a spoon and enjoy the most delicious way to gain weight.


Licorice or Yashtimadhu is mostly known for its medicinal properties for treating cold and cough. This herb is very useful for those who have weak immune system and is a very good nutrient supplement. This herb has it's own importance as if one's immune system is weak, who can never gain weight.


Ashwagandha is an Indian herb popularly known as ‘Indian Ginseng’. This herb treats various ailments like pain, stress, fatigue, lack of energy and appetite. This is best known for treating skinniness in a healthy way. If taken with nutritious and high-calorie diet, it can definitely help you gain some weight.


Fenugreek, known as Methi is found in every Indian kitchen. Fortunately, just a few seeds of fenugreek can make your digestive system healthier and help you gain few pounds. It also helps in reducing cholesterol, stabilizes glucose in blood and prevents constipation.

You can have theses seeds in whichever way you want. You can make tea, dust it on your food, and use the pills supplied at the natural food store, that’s entirely your wish. Drink lots of water and let these seeds help you increase your appetite and get you in good shape.

So just keep in mind; a healthy diet, some basic workouts, and intake of these herbs will definitely help you achieving some weight and will make you a confident person.


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