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Mistakes That You Do While Brushing
Jun 24, 2016
Mistakes That You Do While Brushing

We all do brushing to fight against cavities and to prevent the bad breath form the mouth. But if you don’t do it in a proper way you are susceptible to tooth decay, cavities and gum diseases. There are many common mistakes that we generally do that makes our teeth prone to all these issues and turns your smile upside down.

Even many people will not spend sufficient time in brushing their teeth that we have noticed in and around our house. Dentist says that, it is at least necessary to brush the teeth for two to three minutes.

You should also look at the mirror while you brush, if possible to not to miss the minor areas and at the gum line which is most important.

This is the place where tartar, bacteria and plaque can buildup which leads to gums infection. You should also keep an eye in the back molar. Apart from this, you should also avoid several other mistakes that you usually do while brushing. To know them in detail, see the below information.

1. Techniques Needs to Be Changed

When you brush sideways, there is a chance that your enamel gets broken and weakens the teeth. So it is necessary that hold the brush and make sure that the bristles are at 45 degrees angle to the base of the teeth. Once you brush in circular ways, do it in a straight line near to the surface of chewing. To clear of the bacteria and plaque from the gum line, you should also brush over the area.

2. Too Hard Brushing

Brushing too hard leas to the breakage of enamel and also brushing sideways can make the abfraction lesions called notches near to your gum line. With this more continued pressure, they can go deep in to cemetum layers or inner teeth. This aggressive brushing can also leads to many other issues like recession and irritation.

3. Selecting the Wrong Brush

Make sure that you purchase a right brush for your teeth i.e., smooth and ultra soft. This kind of brush will keep your teeth out of damage. But, dentists say that even these brushes can damage your teeth if not used in a proper way. But don’t worry we have great electronic brushes in our hands.

They are great and assist you in brushing the teeth longer and lead you to the right place. If you are given any special brushes by the doctor, you should use it in the right way as suggested by the doctor so that it doesn’t disturb the actual growth of gum.

4. Change the Brush Often

Tooth brushes are vulnerable for germs like staph and strep to stick into it. So, it is necessary that you should the brush for at least 3 months or else as soon as the bristles get worn, bent or frayed.

These bristles will get worn overtime and becomes home for bacteria. So notice it every day before you brush. Also after every brushing, you need to clean the brush with hot water and make it dry before you start next brushing.

5. Not Using Right Tooth Paste

Toothpastes that contain baking soda are good at removing the teeth stains but they are rough which means they are tough for the enamel. But if it is for whitening, you can use such tooth pastes otherwise don’t use it for more days.

6. Not Rinsing After

After effective brushing, you should rinse your mouth and it is the effective ways to keep the bacteria away from your mouth. For this you can make use of alcohol free mouthwash or germ killing mouthwash or any fluoride rinse for strengthening the enamel of the teeth and to help your mouth get rid of cavities. If you don’t have them at your hands, better use water to rinse off them from the mouth.

7. Not Giving Time for Brushing

People generally used to brush their teeth 2 times a day i.e., once early in the morning hours and again after dinner in night. During this process they start brushing their teeth soon after eating food in the night time. Doing this can damage the teeth. The pH level during that particular time will be low than the usual and brushing makes it harmful and abrasive. So, avoid brushing as soon as you have your food and wait at least for 30 minutes after the meals to brush.

8. Brushing in the Same Place

Most people starts their brushing from the same place and once you reach the last part they don’t feel like brushing and gives up brushing that part or paying less attention to it. So, it is said that you should start from some different place every time so that all your teeth will receive the same attention and protection. Hope, you will avoid brushing in the same place again.

These are the eight great mistakes that most of do and make our teeth prone to cavities and other dental problems. So avoid them as said and make your teeth strong. Help your kids too to do the same from the early age and as they grow on it becomes a habit to the same for them.

Learning good habits is always important for us to stay happily with healthy life. I hope this information will guide you through the right path. So, follow them and keep your teeth clean and fresh all the time. 


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