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Natural Home Remedies for Digestive Disorders
Jun 13, 2016
Natural Home Remedies for Digestive Disorders

Natural Home Remedies for Digestive Disorders

"FOOD IS THE SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR HUMAN BODY". The Major organs which are involved in Food handling for the human body are starting from the mouth, alimentary canal (this includes cavity – oral, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and larger intestine.).

These are the parts from where the food passes through and in-between there are several organs which take part whenever and where ever necessary for grinding and digesting the food. Like starting from teeth in mouth, tongue, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Each of these organs has their own role to play in the digestive system which converts the Food ingredients into energy and other components which are useful to the body and few many not be useful.

Digestion Means:-

The word Digestion means, cutting down the main components of the FOOD into smaller pieces (physical and chemical) in such a way that the smaller food gets observed by the body as much as it can.

As long as this process is healthy and smooth, then there won’t be any internal and physical problems. But if there is any disturbance in the system at some point or the other then it starts giving us trouble and a lot of inconveniences.

Symptoms of Digestive Problems:-

Before knowing the remedy for digestive problems it's better we should understand the reasons behind this indigestion. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. There are various reasons for indigestion; following are the major contributing factors for INDIGESTION.

General symptoms of indigestion are a lot of discomfort one will have, that discomfort would be a mix of many chemical reactions which takes place inside the stomach.

Stomach pain.

Excess of fullness in the belly.

Heartburn sensation.

Gas problems.

Acidic disturbance in the mouth and top portion of the stomach.

Without vomiting - a sensation feel of vomiting.

Heaviness and lot of inconvenience inside etc.

Factors Responsible For Indigestion:-

The major factor of indigestion is the failure of the digestive system to digest the food into the smaller portion which by many other processes will get convert into energy. When this system fails complete or at some place, then this will result in creating indigestion problems. Depending on age, gender, health condition and lifestyle of an individual or in a family the degree of variation of indigestion will changes.

Excess food intake.

Untimely FOOD.

Having Heavy intake at ONE TIME instead taking the food at regular intervals as the body clock.

Stress and depression.

The lifestyle of an individual.

Failure of unhealthy condition of any organ, which is part of digestive system.

Confused Acidic reactions based on body actions.

No physical activity in daily life.

No proper habit of eating.( proper chewing, small – small quantity intake, minimum chewing time etc.)

IBS - irritable bowel syndrome.

Having fatty and excess spice food.

Any other etc.

So it’s very important to note the various reasons which can cause the digestive problems and it’s also very important to note and have the home remedies ready to handle and tackle this digestive problem.

Home Remedies:-

Home Remedy – 1:- Mint

To smoothen the digestive system when it is in discomfort condition, it’s better to take peppermint, which is a mix of menthol oil and an anti – spasmodic. By taking this, the food gets to pass by the intestine very fast and smoothen the acidic discomfort levels.

These capsules also available in the market and for the safety and comfort we can keep few capsules at home for an emergency.

Peppermint chewing gum also helps to cope up with indigestion, chewing this will help in smooth digestion and cools the feeling of the sensation of heaviness.

Home Remedy – 2:- Use Of Garlic

FOR indigestion one of the best home remedy, many experts suggest using garlic.

This has got many useful properties and clears the stomach gas, smoothens the heartburn.

This is a Good natural ANTIBIOTIC, which nature has gifted us. It’s better to use this in small pieces

Home Remedy – 3:- Use Of Black Pepper

Nature has gifted us with one more item which is very helpful for indigestion issues, which is nothing buy “the Black Pepper”.

The important issue and parameter in indigestion are the lack of supply of hydrochloric acid for the food components to get into pieces. The remedy for this to increase the flow of juice and smooth digestion is to consume the black pepper. Oral with a mix of any food or direct consumption.

At many we can keep this Black pepper in its original form or we can keep this in powder form also, it’s easy to use whenever needed and better to consume this in a small portion. Remember anything excess will lead to a dangerous situation.

Home Remedy – 4:- Use Of Ginger

Whenever you feel the stomach is heavy and full, then it’s better to opt “Ginger “as the first remedy.

Ginger is very Good in treating stomach related discomforts and disorders.

It helps in controlling the gastric issues and stomach bloating problems.

Very Good natural component and best home remedy for stomach disorders and especially indigestion.

Home Remedy – 5: Use of Gum – Chewing Gum

Studies and research suggest that, chewing Gum will help in accelerating the flow rate of salivary which in turn helps to control and clear the acid effect and heartburn which is a primary cause of indigestion.

It’s better to use the chewing hum which is sugar – free.

Home Remedy – 6:- Use of Herbal Tea

To relieve the digestive system and to minimize the indigestion discomfort experts and many studies suggest to “Have an herbal tea of your choice” with warm water and consume the same when it is warm.

The best-suggested flavors are chamomile tea and peppermint tea without sugar.

Home Remedy – 7:- Use Of Seeds ( Carom)

The seeds which have got the best properties to deal with indigestion are carom seeds which in a native local term called as ajwain or bishop’s weed.

Is this is available in powder form and then consume this off half teaspoon whenever you feel the stomach disorder.

These seeds in combination with ginger also help in smoothening of stomach related discomforts and help to cope-up with digestive problems.

Home Remedy – 8:- Use Of Antacid  (Baking Soda)

The Best antacid available for us to use is “baking Soda”

Baking soda acts, as an antacid, which when to use this with a glass of water and after consumption of this liquid this will immediately neutralize the acidic reactions and will give the smooth comfort to the stomach.

The reason for the acidic disorder is due to the fluctuations of the high level of acids inside the stomach, by consuming this mixture ( glass of water and baking soda) the inside reactions can be brought back into control.

Home Remedy – 9:- Use Of Fennel Seeds

Consumption of fennel seeds during the stomach disturbance period will help is clearing the gas accumulation from the abdomen.

This, in turn, will provide the relief for the discomfort.

A glass of water with half spoon of seeds powder is the best-advised drink for tackling the digestive problems.

In the case of heavy urgency we can consume a little quantity of these seeds directly this also provides easy comfort.

Home Remedy – 10: Use of Vinegar

The best digestive agent is known as “apple cider vinegar”.

To get relief from high digestive problems it’s better to go for cider vinegar and especially the apple cider vinegar if available.

Others - Additional

It’s advisable to consume a good amount of water daily to keep in control the digestive and acidic actions inside the stomach.

Always have Small amounts of food, good amount of chewing and less fatty foods.

Take food at regular intervals and know your own body clock and digestion speed.

Know what suits and what not to your stomach and plan the food accordingly. 


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