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Oats For Weight Loss
Jul 21, 2016
Oats For Weight Loss

Oatmeal is bi-product of oats.  They are made out of whole grains which are rich in fiber and proteins.  Oats works wonders when taken as breakfast.  It serves as weight reducing agent for your body.  The fibers and proteins contain in it will make you stomach full for a long time, which ultimately won’t allow you to take any other foods.  Oats comes in a package of benefits. 

If you are planning for weight reduction, then oats are the best choice.  University of Maryland Medical Center counts oats and other whole grains as part of healthy weight loss diet.  Incorporating them into our daily diet will not only help you reduce your over gained weight but also will help you maintaining good health. 

Health Benefits:

1. It is rich in protein.

2. It is rich in anti-oxidants.

3. High in soluble dietary fiber.

4. Good source insoluble dietary fiber.

5. Made up of carbohydrates.

6. Contains Phytonutrients and Beta Glucan.


Oatmeal is less in calories than a couple of bread slices, more fiber content in it.  One-half cup of dry oatmeal contains 250 calories.  Oatmeal can be prepared with water or you can add few more ingredients to make it bit tasty. Oatmeal prepared with water makes it a full meal.  You can also prepare oatmeal with other low-calorie foods like Berries, apples, and peaches. You can also cook oatmeal with milk which makes it way too tasty to eat.  You can add some almond or soya mix to it for taste.


1. Less fat content

Oatmeal is one of the best foods used in weight loss process. It is known fact that, eating low-fat containing foods will automatically reduce calories intake to our body. Oatmeal is one such food that contains very fewer amounts of fats in it.  It contains about 3 grams of fat per serving.

The fat is primarily polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.  These fats are good for our heart to make body function properly.  Oatmeal cooked in water or skimmed milk is the best food for weight loss.  Oatmeal taken with some added cream or butter will reduce its benefits in weight reduction.

2. Satiety

Oatmeal as it is rich in fiber it makes you feel stomach full, you won’t tend to eat any other food.  It beats out all other foods in this weight reduction race.  A fiber as we know is something that takes time for digestion. Digesting fiber is time taking process. So until it gets digested, it will make us feel full which will ultimately stop other fat-content foods.

3. Replace your meal with oatmeal

Cooking oatmeal is not a tough task to do.  It takes not more than 4 minutes to cook. As you are going to take it as a meal, add some slices of fruits, protein powder, nut butter and nonfat milk to make to more delicious.  You can also increase the dose of fiber by adding a tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds to it.  As flax seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fibers, they will work along with oats to reduce your weight.

4. Don’t skip your breakfast

Breakfast is very important for the body being first meal of the day.  The more healthy breakfast you take more health and happy the day goes.  So, don’t make a mistake by skipping your breakfast.

Remember that, if you are planning for weight loss program, it is important to work on every single minimal point.  Let it be dieting, exercise or lifestyle.  They all together will help you get result soon. 

So, there go the weight loss technique with simple oatmeals.  Eat it and enjoy it.


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