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Oil Pulling for Treating Acne
Aug 20, 2016
Oil Pulling for Treating Acne

Oil pulling is an ancient technique of removing toxins from our body.  It is named for its wonderful benefits that are associated with both health and beauty.  You must be thinking why oil pulling and not water pulling.

This is because oil is a liquid that is thick in consistency and comes with the characteristic of stickiness.  When oil is used for oil pulling with its stickiness it will get glued to the bacteria and toxins present in the mouth in the process of swishing and once the oil is split out all the toxins and bacteria present in the mouth flushes out along with the oil.

That is what makes it oil pulling not water pulling.  The worst skin problem that most of the people get to see is acne.  There have been many, creams, ointments, cleansing techniques, face washes etc to treat the acne, but in most cases none of those works.

There are many natural techniques too, but few goes well and few fail badly because of improper implementation. The technique is none other than oil pulling.

Oil pulling is nothing but swishing oil in the mouth in order to remove the toxins and other unwanted bacteria from the body.  There are many types of oils that are used for oil pulling, but the best oil to use is always coconut oil as per the expert’s word.  You can also make use of unrefined sesame oil, olive, and sunflower for oil pulling.

All you need to do is just swish the oil in your mouth for a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes.  It is not just good for your oral health, but also to treat your skin and other health issues that are related to oral health.

The oil pulling technique helps in draining out the impurities present in the mouth.  All the diseases that are related to oral health can be treated with the help of oil pulling.  There are many chances that the bacteria and toxins present in the mouth spread all over into the body causing many serious health diseases.

How does oil pulling help in treating acne

Oil pulling is mainly named for clearing oral problems is what we know from the start, but most of us are unaware that there are still other health issues that can be treated with the help of oil pulling.

Oil pulling, with the help of oil we pull out all the toxins and bacteria that are causing oral health issues and other health issues that are linked with oral health. There are many causes for acne, but the root cause is always the food we eat through our mouth.

Acne is something that appears on our face due to poor diet or unhealthy living habits.  So if you are into treating it then you are half done in treating your acne.  Acne is mainly due to the oral gut problem and the gut problem is ultimately due to an imbalance of bacteria present in the mouth.

Just like we in humans there are good and bad people, even in bacteria there is good bacteria and bad bacteria.  No matter whether it is good bacteria or bad bacteria the primary importance goes to equality and the balance between both.  If there is an imbalance in the bacteria then it ultimately results in health and oral issues.

So the oil pulling technique helps in pulling out those unwanted and bad bacteria that harms our oral health without any side effects.  As the bad bacteria is killed in the first stage itself there won’t be any bad bacteria left that would dare to go inside the body and cause any skin or health issues.  So you are ultimately saved from acne.

The other cause of acne is the stress factor.  Getting rid of stress can help you get rid of acne.

Oil pulling technique

Before starting your oil pulling drink a glass of water.

1. Take some sesame or coconut oil.

2. Take a teaspoon of oil and swish it for about 10 to 20 minutes.  Know that the more time you do, the most benefited you are.  You can simultaneously go with your daily living activities while doing oil pulling, but make sure you give enough attention to oil pulling.

3. When you are done with your pulling workout then make sure you split all the oil out.  Don’t even mistakenly swallow a drop into your body.  Please kindly know that you pulled out all the bacteria and toxins present in your mouth in the process of swishing.

4. After splitting all those bacteria filled oil, swish your mouth with water and again spit it out and then start your teeth brushing ceremony.

5. You can repeat this oil pulling two to three times in a day.  Don’t overdo it as it may pull out your good bacteria too.

Benefits of oil pulling

Oil pulling is too good for your skin and health.  It beautifies you with its amazing benefits.  As it pulls out all the toxins and bad bacteria, which are the main cause of most of your skin and health issues, you can get ready to treat them with never returning sendoff party.

So removing them from your mouth and thereby itself makes your skin appear at the best with no signs of acne or blemishes or any other skin issues.  Oil pulling also improves the immune system and allows it to function better.

Bottom line:

The truth is that the inner health is the outer appeal.  How we look outside depends on how our health inside is.  So with this ageless and priceless oil pulling technique you can treat your age and price abandoning acne.


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