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Olive Oil for Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer
Jun 17, 2016
Olive Oil for Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer


Tumor is an abnormal swelling or enlargement of a part of body tissue.  There are many causes for formation of these tumors. The environmental conditions we are living in, radiation, chemicals in air, unhealthy foods, and genetic factors are responsible for causing tumors.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one common disease that is seen in women.  Women are very much prone to breast cancer and there is high death rate noted who die with breastcancer

The main cause for breast cancer is the unhealthy diet most of the women following.  The unhealthy environmental conditional we are living in and the unhealthy lifestyle we have adopted also contribute to it. 

The food we eat has great impact on our body.  That to most of the foods these days is processed and refined because of which they are losing their natural supplements.  Eating those foods thinking that they will supplement our body with the essential supplements are leaving people with undesirable and unexpected results.

Studies show that there is an interrelation between food we eat and the development of a large number of malignant tumors.  The common cancers that are associated with diet are colon cancer, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.  Researchers also found that the type of the fat stored in the body is responsible for causing cancer.

Olive oil and cancer

Studies showed that olive oil works effective against fighting with malignant tumors.  There are numerous studies done on olive oil and its usage in reducing breast cancer thus documented that olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Olive oil acts as the main source of fat in lowering the risk of cancer.  The main reason is that cell mutations caused by cancer are partly because of toxins, which when taken through diet attack DNA directly. When these toxins are passed through liver, produce free radicals that attack DNA.  To fight with those radicals, the body requires vitamins and antioxidants, which are available in olive oil.

Also, it is reported that the diet, which is rich in olive oil can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.  The effect of olive oil intake is very good irrespective of amount of fruits and vegetables in diet.

Studies also shown that olive oil provides protecting against colon cancer.  Olive oil has wonderful effects on pre-cancerous lesions.  Scientists have come up with three different types of diets using olive oil.  The olive oil diet has reportedly reduced number of cancerous lesions; it also reduced number of tumors developed; and tumors were less aggressive and had better prognosis.

Oleic acid which is present in olive oil is predominant monounsaturated fatty acid which lowers production of prostaglandins derived from arachidonic acid, plays significant role in production and development of tumors.

Olive oil contains antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and squalene, which also has positive effects.  Squalene also works on reducing the signs of melanomas on skin.

Olive oil when used for cooking adds taste to vegetables. Olive oil also deals with protection of various cancers such as oesophageal squamous cell cancer.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet, which includes plant foods, fish, and olive are proved to be good for heart, brain, and total health. Spain scientists proved that diet which is rich in olive oil has great effect on reducing the risks of breast cancer.

Researches carried on more than 4,200 women of ages 60 to 80 for over six years in order to know the status of breast cancer. The women who were tracked for breast cancer was there in Mediterranean diet that included fish, nuts, and low-fat foods.  In order to find out the benefits of olive oil few women were assigned with olive oil in their diet while few other were assigned with added nuts in the diet.

The women who took the olive oil regularly in their diet had 68 percent lower risk of breast cancer compared with women who had extra nuts in their diet.  This diet of taking only nuts and other aforementioned foods fall into the category of Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil contains mono saturated fats that combat with the cancer causing cells.  Olive oil also contains compounds like phytonutrients.  Along with lowering the risk of cancer, contains phyto nutrients is responsible for lowering risk of blood pressure.

There are dieticians who recommend their clients with regular intake of at least three spoons of olive oil in their diet.  Along with helping to combat with the cancer causing cells, the fats present in olive oil make you feel full for long time, which keeps you away from overeating.  This fat of olive oil not only helps in reducing starving, but also helps in reducing the calories thus results in weight loss.

Dieticians and many scientists suggest that eating more plant-based foods in their diet is very much beneficial for overall health improvement.

If you are one among those women who don’t care what you eat at least from now try to take good care of your intakes.  The researchers suggest that it is never too late to start habituating good habits to promote good health.  So, plan for the best diet plan that includes nuts, fish, and very surely olive oil.


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