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Protein Rich Vegetarian Breakfasts
Jun 17, 2016
Protein Rich Vegetarian Breakfasts

In our daily busy life, due to morning office hours and commitments generally we turn to avoid breakfast or we prefer to have ready made snack available to eat and to rush at the earliest, but we are ignoring the damage which we are causing to our body and health condition. Today many medical practitioners suggest that irrespective of the age and gender, we must take Good breakfast which is filled with proteins. Since after the previous night dinner, there will be a huge break for the body where the intake of the food is stopped and emptiness is created in stomach causing various disorders inside, especially gastric issues and uneasiness.

Following lines will help us in preparing and taking Protein – rich breakfast for vegetarians:

Corns and Strawberries:-

  • It’s interesting to know that many of us prefer to have corn flakes if we are hungry and at home at any point of time, but having the corn flakes in the morning with add-on’s available on that day will make your day more energetic and more rich full.
  • For many of us the preferred combination with cornflakes is milk, honey and strawberries, from children to adults all at home like to have this as their diet and in breakfast too.
  • For vegetarians a bowl of cornflakes will supply good amount of calcium, vitamin-D and other nutritious which are mentioned on the manufacturers pack, now a day’s many suppliers are preparing various combinations of corns for various group of people for their convenience.
  • The method of preparation is very simple and easy, take of bowl of corn flakes, depending on the intake of the family members, then mix this with glass of hot milk and soak this for few minutes and then add little honey with strawberries as top up’s and mix the mixture slowly till it completely becomes smooth.
  • When the flake gets soaked then start eating and enjoy the breakfast for the healthy day and healthy life. For growing kids and women it’s found that there is a god amount of protein and calcium is supplied through this mix of breakfast and it’s not too heavy for the stomach and easily digestible.

Banana Shakes:-

  • As many of us know, that BANANA is the instant energy supplier to the body, we eat them
  • For many of us the banana is a direct intake or its mixed with some other fruits and we have them whenever we get a chance
  • But if you are at home and don’t have much time, then don’t skip your breakfast, instead prepare banana shake and have it then your breakfast is done
  • Instead of having only banana, dieticians suggest to add some nuts, especially almond, which is good supplement for proteins
  • Prepare the shake with good ripe bananas, by cutting them into small pieces and mix them with few almond nuts then run the mix in fruit mixer for three to five minutes till it become thick liquid
  • Take out from jar and put into the glass and add little honey for the juice and have it and then start your day
  • Unless you are a diabetic patient, the drink is preferable only under the guidance of medical expert or family doctor, since the banana contains natural sugar in it.
  • The banana shake is not heavy for the stomach and very easy digestible shake.

Cerals Mix:-

  • The combination of buck wheat, chia, hemp will make a better breakfast and can be made in less time
  • For many vegetarians, the supplement which they feel that, they are missing comparatively with the non-vegetarians is “Omega – 3 fatty acids”, since its found majorly in fish
  • But today, the scientists and medical experts suggest to have the mix of cereals which will act as the indirect source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • These cereals can be mixed with milk and with add on dry fruits or strawberries will make a good and protein rich breakfast for the vegetarians

Egg – Combo’s:-

  • For the vegetarians who prefer and take EGG, in their food, there are various combinations which can be prepared for healthy and protein rich break fast
  • EGG Sandwiches:- The best mix for the EGG Omelet is bread, the omelet can be placed between the bread slices, touched with little butter and with any fruit juice will make a rich protein breakfast for busy life individuals
  • Select Good eggs, take two or three then prepare the omelet by mixing the EGG with little salt and oil in the pan, once the omelet is ready place them into the bread slices ( milky or wheat based) and have them while you are at dining table or while you are moving in your car
  • Additionally if you can prepare any fruit juice, then it will make complete breakfast and you won’t be hungry till the lunch time
  • Depending on the taste and time, you can add onions, little garlic paste, corriondium leaves make it more tasty
  • We can also prepare, omelet rolls when you have time on Sunday with less oil and spices, the combination of omelet rolls are also forms a part of good breakfast
  • Boil Egg:- There are various items which can be prepared with eggs in its different form, boiled egg is rich source of protein and generally its suggested that we should take them in breakfast to start a healthy day
  • Depending on the family members taste, we can take three to five eggs and boil them in hot water, till they get ready
  • Once they are boiled, take them out from the bowl and remove the upper white layer and cut the white boiled egg into two pieces, and add spray little salt and eat them directly
  • Raw boiled egg also you can take or boiled egg mixed with bread slices as sandwich or with any juice you can have them as protein rich break fast

Yogurt Mixes:-

  • For vegetarians, to take rich protein breakfast another item which is available is YOGURT, this can me mixed with any item as long as you feel eating it
  • The most preferred combination with Yogurt is, yogurt mixed with cereals and strawberries, we can choose other berries too to add, but the combination of fruits with yogurt will make multi nutritious break fast and easy to eat and easy to digest

Other Info:-

  • Yogurt is rich in vitamin B6,B12,protein and calcium
  • EGG is rich in protein, minerals and vitamin A, B12, B2 etc.
  • MILK is rich source for minerals, calcium and vitamin
  • Strawberries are rich source for vitamin C,A and E
  • Corn flakes are rich source of iron, minerals, vitamin, fiber and proteins
  • Almonds are rich source of vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium etc
  • We can also prepare various combination of sandwiches, with fresh bread or toast in combination with green salads and vegetables
  • Yogurt and shakes can also be prepared with mix of soya products and powder
  • At last don’t forget to have seasonal fruits which ever are available


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