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Radish for Weight Loss
Jul 21, 2016
Radish for Weight Loss

Radish is rich in vitamins and can be used in salads, dressings, and curries as it is good for health. Radishes are available in different colors like white, red which look like crunchy. Radishes are low in calories that help you losing weight.

Low in Calories 

Radishes are low in calories reduces your weight. It is high in fiber content that makes you feel full and loses your hunger. You can replace food with radish that is high in fat and calories. Cup of radish consists of 12 calories.


A cup of radish contains 1 gm of fiber, fiber plays vital role in losing weight quickly. It helps in reducing cholesterol by mixing up lipoproteins and increases fiber to lose your weight. Fiber content makes your digestion slow. It is better to take radish in quantity for adults 19 – 50 years. Take 25 -38 gm each day.

Radishes contain a low glycemic index, these help you to lose weight. It helps in the breakdown of food particles that digest in our body. The process of digestion slow in nature, therefore, taking of food is less. The food which contains high glycemic index increased your sugar level in food after a meal.  

The body responds by secreting more insulin to counteract high blood sugar. Secretion of insulin helps in burning fat.  Having higher index may actually cause your body to store more fat. Eating foods that have low glycemic index helps you to maintain blood sugar and it avoids rapid rise and fall of insulin and glucose in the bloodstream.


1. Take radish and make it as juice you can also add other vegetables to add flavor and take it before a meal or before breakfast.

2. Boil radish completely and take water, add lemon or lime grass if you want to add flavor.

3. As radish contains Dietary fiber, Antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K. Iron available in radishes they effect on blood which is positive in nature and helps in functioning of the heart.

4. Water is necessary for proper functioning of heart as well it enables in reducing weight. Radish contains high water content; it avoids fat accumulation and reduces your weight. Total metabolism works slowly.

5. It reduces cholesterol than other vegetables which helps in proper functioning of the heart and prevents heart diseases.

6. It also helps in the binding of muscles as it is rich in proteins it helps to build up muscles.

Radish smells pungent which many people hate taking or cooking radish, it’s not fair to avoid as it is rich in all things, Use vinegar while cooking, will reduce the smell.


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