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Reverse Prayer Yoga Pose and Its Health Benefits
Jul 26, 2016
Reverse Prayer Yoga Pose and Its Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of Reverse Prayer Yoga? Then, you must know it. Reasons behind reverse prayer yoga are, it gives several benefits to your body as well as health. Now you are eager to know what actually is reverse yoga and about its benefits right? Then come let’s do it and get benefited.

What actually is Reverse Prayer Yoga Asana?

Also known as with several names such as pashchima namaskarana, penguin pose, viparita namaskarana etc. As a name, it denotes psahchima which means being and namaskarana shows offering respect and finally asana or pose represents the position.

This yoga pose is a variation of Tadasana. Reverse prayer pose is an intermediate position of your hands at the back side of your body. As this pose is performed helps your body parts like wrist pain, strengthening the forearms, shoulders, and abdomen etc.

Though this pose is not needed to be performed in your regular daily life, it is still an essential one because of its long-term health benefits.

How to Perform Pashchima Namaskarana or Reverse Prayer Yoga Pose?

As you know what the reverse prayer yoga is now, let’s know how to perform the asana.

• Start by standing on the floor or if you have yoga mat use it to stand on it.

• Now, keep your both legs together separating the feet at a distance of one inch.

• Next, start relaxing your shoulders and keep your hands together into a prayer position at the front of your chest. Now, you look like to be in a mountain pose or tadasana.

• After that by slowly relaxing your shoulders bend your knees little.

• Start bringing your hands towards your back and then join your palms with finger pointing downwards.

• Next start inhaling and slowly turn your fingertips towards the spine in an upward direction and turn around till the palms of your hands join while you are turning the fingertips in an upward direction.

• Ensure that palms are firmly attached to one another and your knees are slightly bent. Know try to be in this position at least for 30 seconds.

• After that, close your eyes and begin relaxing by releasing your hands back to tadasana. You can do this by turning your fingertips downwards and then release the hands to the sides.

• Now, as you are in tadasana relax for at least a minute and then repeat doing reverse back yoga pose for few times.

This reverse prayer yoga asana that we have discussed above is in the standing pose. Apart from this pose we also have seating pose and it is the other variation of reverse prayer yoga pose. This seating reverse prayer yoga pose is also known as

Sukhasana or lotus pose and you can perform this same as the standing pose but with a slight variation i.e., without standing you need to do it in sitting position.

Now as you are known with this Reverse Prayer Yoga Poses, all that you need to know is how it benefits your health. So, come let’s have a look at those advantages also.

Advantages of Reverse Prayer Yoga Pose

Shoulder Movements and its Benefits:

• Shoulder movements when you are performing this pose help you a lot. It opens up your chest and promotes your digestion. With this, you can improve your breathing capacity and it helps in maintaining energy levels as well as the metabolism of your body.

• It also aids to strengthen tendons in your wrist and is good exercise movement for people who are suffering from wrist pain and carpal syndrome.

• By extending your muscles back, the whole bunch of acupuncture points in the wrist will be triggered and this movement massages as well as loosens and relaxes your muscles around your shoulders which reduce your neck and shoulders pain.

Practicing this pose is a must for those people who used to do typing all the day at a computer so, that it keeps your wrist free from damage. 

Help in Relieving Stress:

• Performing it helps you relieve stress as well as tensed mind and keeps you peaceful.

• Stress relief, in turn, heals you faster from many diseases and helps you prevent them.

Reduces Thyroid, Digestion, and Emotions:

• When you roll back your shoulders back, it opens your chest releasing the tension and opens the ribs, sternum, and throat so that it gives more space for breathing.

• The acupuncture channel that is running down the center of your chest along with red channel on the chest helps in controlling thyroid regulation, acid reflux, and emotional releases.

Decreases the Stagnation:

• This benefit comes from Reverse Prayer Yoga seating pose. When you fold legs on top of each other, it helps you in the opening and stretching acupuncture points on feet and helps lessen the stagnation on your feet.

• The seating position on the floor promotes the proper functioning of the stomach, liver, spleen, kidney, gall bladder etc. with the help of  meridians that run down and up of your legs.

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This is how the reverse prayer yoga poses or pashchima namaskarana benefits your body and its functioning. Though you don’t have any health problems you can perform this yoga and give a relaxation for your muscles.

Bottom line:

So, why to make a delay in starting this yoga pose? Do it from today itself and get rid of several health issues. Hope we have added up all the necessary points in the article that helps you a lot.


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