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Risks of Diabetes in Pregnant Women and Remedies
Jun 15, 2016
Risks of Diabetes in Pregnant Women and Remedies

is a time for women where they should be treated with utmost care.  There are many problems associated with pregnancy that should be taken care of in the early stage in order to prevent further complications.

One such risk associated with pregnancy is diabetes.  There are various types of diabetes like type1, type2 and type3 diabetes, which has different effects on pregnant women. 

Diabetes which cannot be overlooked as it is a serious disease where the body loses its control over the sugar levels in the blood due to lack of insulin.  Diabetes is a very common health issue associated with pregnancy.  In order to get through the stages of pregnancy safely there are few precautions to take.

Let us know what are the symptoms and causes of diabetes first.

There are namely two types of diabetes such as Type-1 diabetes and Type-2 diabetes.  Type-1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where daily injecting of insulin is mandatory.  The symptoms of Type-1 diabetes are increased thirst, urination issues, constant hunger, weight loss, blurred vision, and extreme fatigue. 


This Type-1 diabetes is seen mainly in young adults and children whereas Type-2 diabetes is most commonly seen diabetes in most of the people.  Symptoms of type 2 diabetes include bladder or kidney infections, increased thirst, urination, constant hunger, and fatigue.  Type-2 diabetes is mainly seen in old aged people, obese people, family history, previous history of gestational diabetes, and physical inactivity.


How to treat diabetes that is existing prior to pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and having diabetes whether it is existing in your body prior to pregnancy or just entered into your body, there is a great need to treat it for both your child and your health.

1.    During pregnancy along with taking measures to protect your child and your health. Maintain a good communication with your primary care doctor and try to come out with a plan on how to maintain blood glucose levels.  Regular monitoring will help you and your child from any further complications.

2.    If you have a personal dietician, then talk with him regarding your diet plan.  If you have none then take the help of your primary care provider who can help you best diet plan.  Good supplementing of nutritious foods during and after pregnancy can help you deal with this problem easily.

3.    If you are taking any medications for diabetes along with your prescribed medications for healthy and safe pregnancy, make sure you share them with your primary care provider.  Your doctor will help you with the medication intake and whether the meds you are taking will go well with your health as you are carrying.

4.    Try to make appointments with doctors who are the specialist in treating high-risk diseases for a pregnant woman.  The Perinatologist is a type of specialist who treats a woman with high-risk pregnancies.  You can also contact an endocrinologist is a specialist in treating woman health issues like diabetes and other health problems.

5.    Most of the woman during pregnancy neglects their physical health.  It is the common mistake most of the woman do.  Staying physically fit and active is very important for women who are pregnant.  Staying physically fit can help you fight with many of the health issues. 

Along with following proper diet being physically active is very important too.  Take the help of a physical trainer if necessary.  Over-activity is absolutely restricted.  It may harm you and your child.

What are the associated risks of diabetes for an unborn baby if the mother is diabetic?

If the mother is a diabetic and carrying, there are many chances that the baby would inhibit health issues that are associated with diabetes from the diabetic mother.

1.    Macrosomia: This is a condition in which the baby in the stomach grows too large due to excess amounts of insulin passing through the placenta.  The growth of baby would affect the mother as well as the mother during the delivery.  If it is a normal delivery then there would be a great risk to the baby during the process of delivering the baby.

2.    Hypoglycemia: This is a condition in which a low blood sugar is seen in the child immediately after the birth due to high insulin levels.  In order to get rid of this condition, there is an absolute need to control the blood sugar levels in the mother so as to lower the risk of hypoglycemia for the baby.

3.    Jaundice: This is a condition in which you can see yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes and can sometimes be associated with diabetes during pregnancy.  Jaundice is a serious condition, which cannot be overlooked.  Take the help of pediatric care provider who can assist you with a plan to alleviate this condition for your newborn.


These simple remedies can help you with treating your diabetes also a healthy and safe delivery for your baby and you.  There is a need to follow a healthy diet.  Irregular intake of inappropriate foods can lead to many health issues.

Regular exercise can make your stick with a healthy lifestyle, which would keep you away from weight gain and thereby health issues related to weight gain and obesity.  There is a need for fiber at the time of pregnancy. 

Fiber intake can help you deal with many problems.  Include vitamin C, proteins, and whole food carbs in your diet. 


Finally, follow a sugar-free diet which is the main cause of diabetes in most of the woman.

We know that women who are having diabetes while carrying, finally yielding good results at the end. 

Ensure to maintain and manage your glucose levels, follow a healthy diet which is nutritious, be physically active by doing regular workouts, and stay in touch with your primary care provider.  It is very important to treat your diabetes for healthy you and your baby. 


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