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Secrets of Anti-Aging Pills
Jun 17, 2016
Secrets of Anti-Aging Pills

Aging is natural phenomenon that happens in human beings.  There won’t be person in this world that can stop his age for certain period of time.  There are always methods or ways to pause age for certain period of time. 

Yes!  You heard it right.  You can pause your age.  But only when you are determined to do so.  Aging is co-related with each and every minute aspect that is associated with our life.  The associated things ultimately include food habits, sleeping habits, life style, workouts, etc.

If you are determined to pause your age, you have to first start taking care of all the above mentioned aspects.  To pause the aging, one has to know that it is not an instant process that ages us in no time. It is something that slowly grows with us.  I can say it as “Age ages with age”.  So, to pause that aging process, we have to put our heart and soul in it.  Otherwise, it would be a waste of time, money and energy.

Now, I am going to share a secret with you that you no need to guard at all.  Because, it is time to share.  To pause aging process, scientists and professionals have developed medicine as anti-aging pills. Even though they have their own benefits and side effects, we can overcome those side effects by taking good care of food intake. 

Anti-aging treatment totally revolves around vitamins and mineral supplements.  Professionals now are showing interest in manufacturing products that are rich in vitamins and minerals.  The anti-aging vitamins and minerals are transformed into daily multivitamins to be included in regular diet.  Including these vitamins and minerals rich multivitamins into our daily diet makes us look youth by reducing the amount of chemicals present in our body.  

These anti-aging supplements help pause aging by providing essential vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body.  Which means, need of those anti-aging supplements increases with the age factor. These anti-aging supplements contain antioxidants vitamins as their main ingredients. 

Presence of those antioxidants vitamins will help prevent damage to the cells present underneath and on the skin and thereby promotes healthy and youthful skin.  The antioxidant vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C.  Supplying these vitamins to our body will help protect the skin from early aging and also keeps the skin healthy and youthful too. 

Vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C have wonderful effects on aging.  Vitamin A is named for providing good sight, growth, and development. It is also responsible for promoting healthy hair growth and healthy skin.  Coming to

Vitamin C, it works towards reducing wrinkles and fine lines present on skin.  It helps to keep skin soft and smooth for long period of time.  It also helps strengthen our immune system.  Vitamin E stands at first place among the first two vitamins that are mentioned above.  The first and foremost thing about Vitamin C is, it helps in preventing cancer.  It is the best of all anti-aging vitamins and supplements. 

When it comes to anti-aging, there are many methods to control it, but each having its own pros and cons.  Even though few manufacturers claim that their products like creams will do well, it will just remain as a claim and nothing more than that.  In order to control aging, professionals have introduced anti-aging pills that work towards pausing the age. 

Let us know what are those anti-aging pills and their pros and cons.

1. Resveratrol Supplements:-

This supplement is discovered by Michio Takaoka in 1939.  This supplement is generally found in skin of red grapes and also in peanuts and berries. 


Resveratrol promotes weight loss and healthy life style.  It helps in reducing inflammation and also prevents LDL cholesterol from entering our body and oxidizing it and prevents blood clots in the blood vessels. 

This supplement helps in reducing the number of increasing cancer cells and thereby provides protection to the nerve cells from damaging.  This supplement also fights with Alzheimer’s disease.  This supplement also helps in activating the SIRT1 gene, which is an organic mechanism that helps in fighting with the issues of obesity and aging. 

Side Effects:-

Resveratrol has very less side effects that work in long term.  Resveratrol supplements may mix up with blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin) and nonsteroidal compounds which are commonly seen in medications like aspirin and ibuprofen which may lead to complications.  It is recommended that pregnant women stay away from Resveratrol supplements as they harm them.  They reduce the efficacy of the foetus detoxification system.

2. DHEA Supplements:-

DHEA also called dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone that is secreted from the adrenal glands, which is used as an anti-aging supplement. 


The benefits of DHEA include improving libido, fabricating muscles and fighting against aging.  DHEA acts as a precursor, which our body transforms into hormones.  There are namely two hormones called testosterone and estrogen which are called female and male hormones.  DHEA acts as precursor to both testosterone and estrogen hormones.  DHEA is produced by our body in our mid-20s.  With time, the production of DHEA slowly reduces and thereby reduces the level of testosterone and estrogen.

Side Effects:-

As said earlier that DHEA reduces with age, supplementing it from outside as a supplement to the body might fight against the age.  There are studies that show that DHEA supplement provides best benefits and few studies literally dismissed them.  The studies done by NIA (National Institute on Aging) and NCCAM (The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) show that there is not much to do with DHEA supplements.  There are few side effects from the usage of DHEA supplements.  The side effects are:

1.    Oily skin and acne

2.    Loss of hair

3.    Gastronomical upsets

4.    Hypertension

5.    Irregular heart beat

The side effects changes with the sex too.  For females side effects are below

1.    Changes in menstrual cycle

2.    Facial hair

3.    Voice changes

4.    Female baldness

3. Noni:-

Noni belongs to the family of vitamin supplements.  It is called with different names.  It is a plant that is mainly seen in the areas of India, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, and Australia.  This is a most commonly available supplement in above mentioned countries.


Noni has many benefits.  One such benefit is that it is rich in potassium.  There are other types of compounds present in Noni like xeronine, and Polysaccharides that are helpful for repairing damaged cells.  They are also used to enhance our body’s immune system.  Along with potassium, Noni also consists of minerals such as magnesium and iron which helps in enhancing the immunity. 

Side Effects:-

As said earlier that Noni is rich in potassium, people who have kidney stones and who are advised by doctors not to include much of potassium in their intakes, must and should avoid its use.  One more side effect of Noni includes bad smell of urine. 

Here ends our secret.  Even though scientists are keeping their heart and soul to find out the best products that are none with side effects, it is better to go with our naturally available skin care products to get skin that is young and healthy. 


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