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Stress less Sleep Is Possible
Jun 24, 2016
Stress less Sleep Is Possible

In this modern lifestyle stress isn’t an alien, it has been more like a part of our routine. As the population increased the competitiveness became more virile, so the basic law of nature ‘fittest will survive’ came into play, as a result stress befriended us.

In the earlier days it was very rare that someone administer a medication for stress and anxiety, but now nearly half of the population suffers from stress and accompanied problems. It is said that 3 out of 5 Americans are stressed due to various reasons.

The stress cycle starts as early as from school days and continuous till the life fly away. Stress can affect one’s life in many ways like making you short tempered, messing your behavioral pattern, physically makes you weak etc. Sleep deprivation is one of major symptoms of stress and anxiety, it is likely to make us wobble on bed, cook unwanted thoughts inside the mind and makes the sleep futile.

How to make the sleep stress less?    

1.     Prepare a journal of the worry factors: It might sound silly, but journal preparation helps in most unexpected way. You can write down all your stress makers and boosters, you can just read them and get an idea about the cause. Once this is done your brain will calm down and comes up with a solution for each problem. You can note it down along with problems, now you have convinced your subconscious memory that you are free of problem.

2.     Plan your next day:

Even though you don’t know what happens next day, a planning would help you reduce the stress. Planning can synchronize you brain and body, so the worry about tomorrow can be resolved if you plan it in prior, which means you are preparing a good night sleep.

3.     The yogic way:

Yoga has the answer for most of your problems, means definitely it does suggest a solution for stress and insomnia. There are some asana’s (poses) that can help you kick out stress. Try Marjarasana (cat pose), shishuasana(child pose), Baddakonasana (butterfly pose) etc.

4.     Music cooler:

Music has amazing effect on human body and mind, right music at right time can enhance human performance than using a drug, you might have seen chess players using this technique to gain concentration during game. Likewise soothing mellifluous music with fill your head, pushing stress out of the head.

5.     Break Up with your tech friend:

It is very advisable to keep away mobiles, tablets and computers out of your life at least during the sleep time. By this way, you are giving your brain an impression that you are not related with any office, college or work related problems.

6.     Medication:

If your problem is chronic, consult a physician or sleep therapist for some kind of medication that helps your brain relax and induce some sleep.

Your Life, It’s your choice

Life without problems are like race without competitors, so the thing is never give undeserving importance to the problems, which ultimately gets converted to stress that eats your brain and steals your sleep.

Always stay positive when you face a problem keeping this fact in mind that all problems are born with a solution but the thing is that you have to just figure it out.

But in order to solve the problems, you need a peaceful mind and sleep is the health drink for that peaceful mind. 


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