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Surya Namaskar Benefits
Jul 23, 2016
Surya Namaskar Benefits

Suryanamaskar is an ancient form of workout that is done in the morning time standing in the sun.  Even though we consider it as a workout that comes under yoga, it has a great science behind it as it is performed in the sun.  As we all know that the sun is the ruler of our planet earth, our ancients used to consider sun salutations as a prayer to the God sun and used to do it immediately they are out of their bed. 

The 12 mighty poses are accompanied by 12 chants.  Sun salutations should be done with full attention.  Most of the yoga learners or yoga teachers start their workout with Surya namaskar.  There are namely 12 mighty Surya namaskar poses.  Sun salutations have many benefits on health. 

Reglar practice of sun salutations improves blood circulation, promotes good health, and keeps you away from many easy-attacking diseases.  Sun salutations help improve the functioning of body parts.  You can move each and every part of the body with sun salutations.  Sun salutations touch each and every corner of our body with its moves. 

Sun namaskar or sun salutations are recommended to perform in the morning time because, as we wake up our mind will be at its best front.  Sun salutations performed in the morning would help keep your mind fresh throughout the day.  You can perform sun salutations as many times as you can.  Sun salutations can be used as a workout to keep yourself fit.

Health Benefits Of Surya Namaskar:-

  1. As we all know that the sun is the main source of vitamin D, staying in the morning sun would help strengthen our bones and also helps to improve our vision.  The main purpose of doing sun salutations in the morning sun is to attain the best benefits of the sun.  
  2. This benefit of sun salutations will tie to strongly with them.  Sun salutations can help reduce your ever gained weight and also helps in reducing fat that is stored in different parts of our body.  As we perform 12 poses in sun salutations, each and every pose has its effect in some or the other part of our body.  Weight loss is the main benefit of performing sun salutations.  In addition to that, the added advantage of sun salutations is that we can perform them any number of times in a day.  There is no limit on the number.  As we bend our hands, legs and entire body making different poses, the body is toned into a good shape burning all the fat storage.
  3. As we perform Surya namaskar on a regular basis our body bends in all the ways and becomes very flexible.  As we perform different poses, our muscles and bones get strong to the core.  Sun salutations help in making the internal organs like our spine and limbs flexible with its different poses.
  4. These sun salutations help improve the functioning of internal organs present in our body.  As we perform different poses, they improve the blood circulation in our body.  Along with blood circulation, all the actions in our body will be activated.  
  5. Insomnia is a disease that can be controlled using sun salutations.  Insomnia is a condition where people suffer from lack of sleep.  Sun salutations help relax our mind and relieves us from stress.  So, it keeps you away from sleepless nights.  You can say goodbye to sleepless nights with sun salutations.
  6. Performing regular sun salutations can help women a lot.  Most of the women suffer from their irregular menstrual cycles.  As childbirth is totally related to menstrual cycles, sun salutations help in regularizing the menstrual cycles.  
  7. Hair fall is the biggest problem that most of the people are facing these days.  Even though there are many ways to treat hair fall like hair products and home remedies, it is highly recommended to take up sun salutations to prevent hair fall.  Sun salutations not only reduce the problem of hair fall but also promotes hair growth.  All of these are done by good blood circulation.  As blood circulation improves by performing sun salutations, it ultimately stops the hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth.
  8. Anxiety can be considered as a minor health issue.  Performing sun salutations regularly can help keep yourselves away from the problem of anxiety.  As anxiety is all about stress and pressure that our mind will face, sun salutations help in reducing the stress and pressure on our mind and thereby reduce the amount of anxiety.  It also improves our strength.
  9. Sun salutations are also good for our digestive system.  Our digestive system is one of the important parts of our body.  Whatever we eat or drink, everything gets digested through our digestive system only.  So, it is absolutely necessary to take care of our digestive system.  Sun salutations help in improving the process of digestion and thereby it improves the digestive system.  The different poses we perform in sun salutations help stretch the muscles present in our abdomen.  Regular practice of Surya namaskar will help strengthen the muscles present in our abdominal area.  Also, they can help reduce the fat that is stored in the abdominal area.
  10. Sun salutations have the capability to pause the age of people with its mighty poses.  Early aging is the most common problem seen in people these days.  Even though the so-called market-available-creams claim to stop age for awhile, they remain just as a claim and nothing more than that.  But sun salutations show miraculous effects on our body if practiced regularly.  Sun salutations can also help prevent wrinkles and fine lines on your face.  Suryanamaskar helps in tightening of the body and thereby prevents early age wrinkles and fine lines.  They also give a glow to the skin.
  11. Our tolerance or patience is very important to complete a task successfully that is at hand.  If we lack in our tolerance or endurance, the results would be very much predictable.  It is always good to have a positive mindset on what you do.  Sun salutations will help refresh your mind and if it is associated with a little of meditation would lead you to success for sure.  Sun salutations done in the morning sun would boost your stamina and endurance power.
  12. Sun salutations help us get rid of constipation and dyspepsia.  Dyspepsia is a condition in which people suffer from the problem of indigestion.  Indigestion is not a minor problem to be overlooked at.  If it was not taken care at the right time, there might be chances that it might result in a serious condition.  
  13. Sun salutations not only improves blood circulation but also oxygenates the blood.  It is always recommended to perform sun salutations in the open air in the early morning, as the air would be pure at its best at that time.  It also provides a good level of oxygen to the lungs and improves their function.  Acts as a detoxifying agent, by getting rid of an enormous quantity of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses.
  14. Sun salutations help in improving our memory.  
  15. People suffering from thyroid issues because of the endocrine gland can get rid of the thyroid by practicing regular sun salutations.  It sets the endocrine gland so that the thyroid disorder doesn’t exist anymore.
  16. Keeps you away from all types of skin disorders.
  17. Everybody releases a smell depending on the body type.  Sun salutations help prevent uncomforting and unpleasant smells from our body.

Bottom line:

Sun salutations finally leave us in surprise with their miraculous health benefits.  The “12 mighty” poses will keep you away from hundreds of diseases and disorders. So, practice them well and keep yourself healthy for a long period of time.


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