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The Truth About Chewing Gum
Jun 24, 2016
The Truth About Chewing Gum

Do you have the habit of chewing gum? Then read out this article and know the facts about chewing gum. It has become fashion for all the teenagers, young adults and especially celebrities to constantly chew. Though human beings are used to it since many years, it is not cool to use chewing gum. It has become a bad habit for many people just like nail biting and reflects lots of it in the same manner.

Don’t allow it in to your life, better quit this bad habit because you may be badly affected when you are used to it. Come let us detail you about the chewing gum - its ingredients and how they have adverse effect on you.

Chewing Gum Ingredients and Its Adverse Effects:-

1. Chewing gum is sweetened with an ingredient called aspartame which is an artificial sweetener. This sweetener will give you very adverse effects to your health. It is linked with various disorders and diseases such as develops cavities, makes tooth decay, causes brain tumors, cancer and birth defects etc. Instead of sugar chewing gums contain this artificial sweetener because it is cheap when compared to sugar. It is just an example, but there are also other types of sweeteners too.

2. You know chewing gum base is made up of almost all wired things such as plasticizer which increase the plasticity; elastomers a polymer which is similar to rubber like elasticity, paraffin wax ; fillers as well as resin. This literally means you are really chewing plastic and rubber not chewing gum which leads to health issues if continued for long time.

3. The artificial food color added to chewing gum can cause cancer. But, frankly speaking most of us get attracted to the colors and can’t avoid them. That is the reason strawberry chewing gums look attractive to most of the people. 

4. It also contains hydrogenated oil and starch which is a big threat to health. The reason behind this is hydrogenated oil contain trans-fat which is not a good fat to eat unlike other dietary fats.

These are the ingredients used in chewing and how they affect your health. Know you are known with ingredients, you should also know what happens when you continuously keep chewing.

Health Problems Associated with Chewing Gum if You Keep Chewing Continuously:-

1. Jaw Problems

As said, chewing gum can cause several health disorders it also causes mouth disorders. This is particularly true in case of people having pre-existing jaw problems like TMJ. Though they may not be sever, continuous chewing can worsen the cartilage and the joints surrounding it in the mouth through extra tear and wear. You may also get sore jaw and overly stressed jaw can trigger health issues associated with your joints of jaw.

2. Causes Headache

Excessive and unnecessary chewing leads to tightness in the muscles located near to your temples. This in turn puts pressure on the nerves which supply the region of the head and lead to chronic, intermittent headache.

3. Causes Gastric Troubles

Too much of chewing can create excessive air pockets which can upset your stomach, leads to gastric troubles and causes bloating and cramping too.

4. Waste of Energy

Chewing gum on regular basis produces continuous stream of saliva through the six salivary glands that are spread across your mouth. This wastes your energy and also important resources which could otherwise be used for metabolic activities that are necessary i.e., Continuous chewing takes you away from performing important metabolic functions.

5. Develops Facial Wrinkles

There is a chance of developing the wrinkles on your face and makes it lose elasticity. 

Though some scientists say that chewing gum increases your alertness, it is not a recommended gum to chew as people are getting addicted to it. But, we have something better to chew than this rubber or plastic and get rid of this habit. What it is? To know it read the below information.

Chew Something Healthy:-

Mint flavored gum or mint leaves are good to chew and even they help you in getting out of mouth bad odors.

When you have the urge to have or chew something in your mouth continuously keep your favorite nuts like almonds in your mouth.

Try munching something that is healthy whether it can be a carrot or other chopped vegetables. They are healthy as well as don’t harm you.

So, have something like this healthy and don’t get in to the tarp of chewing gum continuously and keep your health in trouble. Hope, if you have this habit you will stop it right know and go healthy.


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