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Tips For Normal Delivery
Jun 17, 2016
Tips For Normal Delivery
Normal delivery is something that our ancestors used to follow to give birth to children.  Normal delivery has many advantages compared to surgery.  But for normal delivery, pregnant women have to take few precautions so that the delivery will be safe without any problems or side effects.  

Normal delivery includes proper diet and simple exercises like walking.  The food taken in this pregnancy period should be well looked up so that there won’t be any side effects after delivery.  Since few years people have shown interest towards surgery procedure for giving birth to their children. 

Now-a-days even doctors are advising their patient’s to go for normal delivery. They are promoting advantages of normal delivery to their patient’s.  They are promoting so as to increase the number of normal delivery cases and also to promote awareness among people about normal delivery.  The about-to-be mothers or first time mothers are more anxious about baby’s safety.

Women consider their pregnancy as a boon by God.  So, it is obvious that they will feel anxious and worried about the safety of their child.  Delivery through surgery is done by professional doctors at specific time and date. It is recommended by doctors to go for a normal delivery considering pros in it. But not all deliveries can be done normally.

There may be few cases for which it is mandatory to go for surgery instead of normal delivery.  

These special cases include danger to both mother and child’s life and they are considered as C-sections cases.  To save mother and child, doctors recommend to for a surgery instead of a normal delivery.

Tips for Normal delivery:

Are you planning of a normal delivery?  Then just go for a simple tour of the below tips.  

They will provide basic information that a mother should know to give normal birth to her child.  


Pregnant women should follow perfect diet from day 1 of pregnancy.  They should avoid all unhealthy, oily, high fat and high calorie foods.  They should replace all those unhealthy foods with nutritious foods.  They have to include fruits and raw veggies to their diet charts.  

They should mainly concentrate on taking foods that are high in iron and calcium.  No medications without prescription of doctor.  Because few medicines may have side effects which would affect the child growth.

2.Healthy lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyle is best way to go for normal delivery.  Here, healthy living includes proper physical exercises like yoga and walking. It is absolutely true that proper exercise to our body will keep us healthy.  So, choose a form of exercise you like. Consult yoga professional and learn some simple yoga poses that drive you towards easy normal delivery.  Try to do Pranayamam at least once in week.  They will keep your mind fresh.  Just walk in pleasant place for 30 minutes at least.  


As we all know that water is boon to our healthy body. It is must to take 8-10 glasses of water in a day.  Lack of intake of water would make pregnant women dehydrated. 


Women who are pregnant should try to relieve their stress and keep themselves happy always. Choose some stress busters.  Music is one such magical stress buster that will make stress free in no time.


Weather it is a small thing or big, it would hit success track only if is done with proper planning.  If you are going to be mother, then try to prepare birth plan of your child.  Take experts advises before going for it.  This will not worry you at the time of delivery as everything was pre-planned.

6. Educate yourself:

If you are pregnant for first time, it is mandatory to know techniques to overcome labor pains in normal delivery.  Educate yourself with techniques that are to be used in process of normal delivery.  Educate yourself with breathing exercise and few simple techniques so as to simplify your delivery.  

Try to take advice from elders.  Have online class on normal delivery.  Now-a-days hospitals are conducting special classes for educating first time mothers about procedure of normal delivery and techniques to overcome pains in normal delivery.  

7. Meditation:

Meditation keeps your mind and soul relaxed. Know how to meditate and try to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes.  It relieves stress and drives you in positive way.

8. Don’t over work:

Pregnant women are not allowed to over work.  There are few cases in which over work has killed child in the womb. So, it is suggested not to over work.

These are few tips for our first time mothers.  It is more beneficial to go for normal delivery than on surgery if all above tips are followed properly.   


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