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Tips To Reduce Asthma Triggers
Jun 22, 2016
Tips To Reduce Asthma Triggers

Asthma is a health condition that occurs when there is an obstruction of air flow in to lungs. This will make the breathing difficult and it constricts life out of sufferer and makes everyone scare. It also leads to wheezing, coughing and breath shortness. It is minor of some people and major for some others.

Though there is no permanent cure of asthma triggers, we can control the asthma by identifying as well as limiting to the exposure of triggers. The main triggers of the asthma include cold air, heartburn, allergies, smoke, respiratory diseases etc.

Staying away from these triggers and following few tips can help reduce the attacks of asthma. To know those details, go through the following information.

Tips to Reduce Asthma Triggers

1. Limit Exposure to Dust

Dust is the main common triggers of asthma because of its allergic properties. It contains tiny particles mold, pollen, fibers and detergents that can trigger cold, asthma as well as other respiratory problems. There are also other triggers like dust mites that are tiny bugs which live in your pillows, blankets, mattresses, furniture etc.
So, it is necessary to dust proof your home as well as clothes and other utensils. It helps you stay away from breathing the dust. So follow this regularly to stay dust free.

2. Don’t Smoke

 Stay away from smoking or say no to smoking because it is the major trigger of the asthma. Not only form cigarettes and cigars, asthma can also cause due the smoke from burning gardens, waste and from fiber. So prevent this as it can worsen the conditions of wheezing and coughing when inhaling the smoke. Don’t even allow others to smoke near you. Also make sure that your kitchen has a proper exhaust chimney or fan for removing the smoke of cooking. Also stay away from the smokes of candles, fireworks and others.

3. Stay Out of Pets

Pets can activate the asthma in those people who are allergic to them. The hair, dandruff, feathers and other things of pets can cause the asthma triggers. So, keep the pets out of your room. Don’t allow them to stay on your furniture and make them regularly groomed as well as bathed. Even if your children are the asthma sufferers, better make them stay away from pets such as dogs and other animals.

4. Stay Stress Free

People under stress usually breathe often and it becomes shallow and rapid. This constricts the airways and leads to asthma attacks. This even weakens the immune system making your worsen for infections and asthma attacks. In order avoid stress, practice yoga deep breathing sessions, practice exercise and meditation. Adopt for a sleeping schedule give time for fun and entertainment and stay stress free.

5. Makes Dietary Changes

Good diet is important both for normal people as well as the people with asthma. A good meal or diet will includes the foods that are rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids and other healthy foods. These are good for people with asthma. Organic foods are always good for these people. Also include spices and herbs like, ginger, rosemary, sage, turmeric in your foods. Try to avoid packages, dairy products, preservatives and other allergic products if any.

6. Stay Healthy

Respiratory problems like clod, flu and sinus infections and problems are the main common triggers or symptoms of asthma leading to flare-up of asthma. GERD and heartburn can also injure your airways that can affect the lungs and make the symptoms of asthma to worsen. If the illness is the main reason for your asthma better consult a doctor and proper treatment within time can lower the intensity of health condition. Take at most care during the cold seasons.

7. Stay Away from Humidity

To reduce of asthma attacks, pay concentration towards the quality of the air. Poor air quality, extremely hot and humid weather can trigger the asthma and its symptoms for many of the people. Stay away from the areas that are highly polluted. To lower the indoor humidity, make use of air conditioner and also lower the airborne pollen, weeds, grasses that you can see in the indoors. During the pollen season, keep the doors closed. If possible, you can stay in the areas where you can enjoy fresh and dry air. Also avoid exposure to variety of temperatures in a short amount of time.

8. Avoid Mold and Mildew

These are allergens that can triggers the signs and symptoms of asthma. They particularly grow in the damp areas such as kitchen, bath room, basins, tubs, tiles, basements etc. So clean them as soon as you find them at those places. Regularly clean those areas so that they don’t stay over those places. Also regularly dehumidify using a dehumidifier or exhaust when you take a shower. Stay out of wet firewood in your yard. Fix those leaks near the water resources and remove the plants that are households and keep them in sunny place after over watering them.


All these are the tips to reduce the asthma and part from these you should also avoid using strong perfumes, cleaning agents, deodorants, air fresheners that can lead to asthma. Avoid all these conditions to stay away from asthma attacks and its related symptoms. Following these tips will keep you away from doctor and helps you lead a healthy life. So follow them and stay healthy. Hope this information helps you to reduce asthma attacks soon.


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