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Top 10 Home Remedies for Boosting Eye Sight
Jun 24, 2016
Top 10 Home Remedies for Boosting Eye Sight

Near sight and far eye sight are the most common problems that are associated with the weak eye sight. They are called as myopia and hyperopia respectively. There are many health conditions that lead to these problems and they are poor nutrition, excessive strain on eyes and many more.

All these may lead to the symptoms such as headaches, blurry vision and the watery eyes. In order to overcome all these symptoms those are associated with weak eye sight, you need to consult a doctor and follow some home remedies. To know those remedies, read the following information.

 Do Eye Exercises:

Eye exercises are the good way to improve the strength of your eyes. They make your eye muscles more flexible, gives energy as well as the blood flow to your eyes. This will help overcome your eye strain and boost your concentration as well as the focus. Few eye exercise that would help you are, rotating the eyes in clockwise as well as anti-clock wise direction, blinking the eyes, focusing at a point etc. Follow this daily and you can see good results in very short time.

Concentrate on Acupuncture:

As there are many acupuncture points in your body, you also have few points near and around your eyes. So, you need to identify them properly. They will all around your eye bones. So start massaging them slowly. Doesn't massage the areas were you have burns, scars or any kind of infections.

Pregnant ladies should consult an acupuncture specialist for this instead of their own treatment. To help boost your eye sight, acupuncture methods advise you to walk on a bare foot in the evening times for at least 30 minutes every day as you will have the acupuncture points on your 2nd as well as the 3rd toes.

Do Palming and Sunning:

Both of these are the best methods that helps flex and reactive muscles and eye lens. As per the Chinese culture, sun has the essential and important energies for eyes and the overall body. So, through sunning you will be benefits with the healing properties and from palming you can get deep relaxation.

So, for both of this you need to stand in sun closing the eyes for at least few minutes daily and generate heat on your closed eyes through palming ever day respectively. While palming, don't allow the sun raise to fall on your eyes and close them completely with your palms.


This is a very good herb for boosting your night eye vision by stimulating the regeneration of visual purple section of your eyes. It even protects against the cataracts, muscular degeneration and many other eye related conditions. So, it is good to eat at least on half cup of bilberries every day. You can even take the supplements of the bilberry but, it is suggested only after taking the advice of the doctor. This herb may interactions with other medicines and herbs so better use it only after consulting doctor.

Wild Asparagus:

It is also called as the Shatavari. As per Ayurveda, this is an herb which promotes the health and long life of your eyes. It is one of the excellent remedies that are available at your home. All you need to do to get these benefits is, mix a tbsp of asparagus with honey and it should of nearly one half spoons. Take this every day along with a warm cow milk of one cup. Follow this home remedies for few months daily to get best results.

Eat Indian Gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry also known as amla is a good home remedy for boosting the eye sight. It contains vitamin C, several nutrients as well as many anti-oxidants. All these are good for your eyes particularly vitamin C stimulates the calipers to be healthy and also helps in maintaining the good functioning of retina cells. So it is better to mix 2 to 3 spoons of the amla juice with water and drink it directly two times every day. You can also eat the amla murabba. Follow any of them for few months to get more benefits. 

Consume Fennel:

This is a great home remedy for slowing the process of the cataracts and boosts your eyes health with its anti-oxidant and the nutrients present in it. Many ancient Romans considered this as a great herb for eye sight and used many varieties of the fennel for improving their eye sight. So, take this in this way. Put fennel, almond and sugar in a blender and make powder out of them. Before you go to bed consume this powder and then a glass of warm milk. Following these remedy at least for 40 days keeps you away from all these eye conditions. 

Benefit from Almonds:

Almonds are high in anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. All these are great for improving the eye vision, enhance the concentration as well as memory. To get all these benefits, soak few i.e., at least 5 to 10 almonds in water overnight, peel the skin the next morning, grind them and eat it along with warm glass of milk. Take this at least for few months for more results.

These are the eight great home remedies that you can do them at your home daily to get all the benefits listed above. So, follow them as well as take healthy diet with healthy fruits and vegetables and improve your eye sight in just few months. Before following any of these home remedies you may consult the doctor as they may suggest you as per your health conditions.


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