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Top 10 Remedies For Constipation
Jun 22, 2016
Top 10 Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is common digestive problem noticed in all age groups. It troubles so much to pass free stool and leaves the person in strain and pain. Some more problems of constipation are bloated abdomen, acidity, loss of appetite, headache, bad breathe, mouth ulcers etc.

Major reasons for constipation are insufficient water intake, poor diet, weakness in stomach muscles, stress, and defecation habit. To get rid of these constipation problems, we suggest you few home remedies.

These home remedies are powerful to solve your problem as well as easy to follow. So, if you are not able to bear the problem of constipation anymore and need to get out of it them read out the following remedies.

10 home remedies for constipation

1. Figs: As figs are rich in calcium and laxative, people suffering with chronic constipation should include fresh as well as dried figs in their diet. This is the good treatment for constipation. Take 2 to 3 dried figs and almonds and soak them in water for few hours. After that peel off almonds and make the paste of figs and peeled almonds. Eat this paste adding honey every night.


2. Lemon: Lemon and its juice can stimulate digestive system and treat the problem of constipation. This is effective treatment which is available at home. So, extract lemon juice and add it in to warm water along with one-half teaspoon of table salt or rock salt and little amount of honey. Drink it every morning on empty stomach. Follow this remedy regularly until you get relief from your problem.

3. Honey: As it acts as mild laxative, it is highly recommended for relieving and preventing your constipation. So, it is necessary to consume at least 2 to 3 spoons of honey three times day for few weeks. You can also take it with lemon juice mixed with warm water. You need to drink it every morning, empty stomach.


4. Spinach: It is great remedy for digestive tract especially for constipation. It has various types of components that can regenerate, reconstruct and cleanse the digestive tract. So, include this in your diet either in the raw form or cooked form. But, if you are suffering with severe constipation prepare mixture of one-half glass of water with one-half glass of spinach and have it daily 2 times a day. After few days you can feel the change.

5. Fiber: Fiber binds the water in the intestine and lack of fiber leads to constipation. So, it is necessary to eat the foods rich in fiber such as, carrots, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, peas and other types of fiber supplements.

Along with this, it is also necessary to drink plenty of water nearly 8 to 10 glasses every day or fresh vegetable juice throughout the day and for best results add some water to a copper vessel at the night and drink them in the morning.

This will definitely give you good results in few days. It is better to avoid intake of caffeine and alcoholic beverages as they may worsen your condition and cause dehydration too.

6. Grapes: Insoluble fiber present in the grapes produces frequent bowel movements. So, it is suggested to eat fresh grapes or extracted juice out of grapes every day. You can also do it like this, take 12 seedless grapes and add them in to milk. Boil the mixture for few minutes and then drink the solution every evening.

This is particularly useful for children suffering from constipation. If there are no readily available fresh grapes, you can also eat soaked raisins in water along with water on empty stomach every morning.


7. Castor Oil: The sure shot remedy for constipation is castor oil. It has the amazing properties for killing your intestinal worms and stimulates the intestinal bowel movements. So, you need to drink a glass of warm milk mixed a tbsp of castor oil at night before you go to bed.

This will give you relief from constipation. You can also swallow it directly every morning until the problem cure on empty stomach. You can see huge improvement within few hours. Don’t repeat it for prolonged time as it may cause side effects.

8. Flax Seeds: Flax seed have tons of fiber, laxative property and omega-3 fatty acids for treating your constipation problem. So, mix a tbsp of flax seed in a glass of water and rest it for few hours.

Later drink it before you go to bed and next morning you feel better bowel movements. You can also eat 2 to 3 tbsp’s of flax seeds along with water.

9. Molasses: For better bowel movements, molasses it the best and natural laxative. So, before you go to bed eat 1tbsp of black strap molasses. You can also mix it with milk, fruit juice or peanut butter for better taste. Increase the dosage if problem still persists. Don’t do it on daily basis as molasses is rich in calories.

10. Fennel: Fennel seeds help in treating constipation problems, indigestion and bloating, irritable syndrome by encouraging smooth muscle movement in your digestive tract.

So, take a cup of this seeds and dry roast them. Grind them severe and take the mixture and take a half teaspoon of this digestive powder every day with warm water.

These are top most home remedies available to treat your constipation problem. So use any of these remedies until you get cure from this problem. Even after its usage if your problem still persists, better consult a doctor.


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