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Top 10 Side Effects Of Using Sugar
Jun 24, 2016
Top 10 Side Effects Of Using Sugar

Do you have a sweet tooth?  If we start on counting the number of people who have sweet tooth, it would create a world record for sure.  The number will be that shocking.  No good occasion starts without the involvement of sweet, which is a form of sugar. 

But have you ever thought that the sugar that we are using as a sign of good will create many health issues?  No one would have thought that.  We start our day with a morning coffee or tea which is filled with sugar.  The entire day we include sugar in many forms.

We drink sugary drinks, juices, eat sugary snack items, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, what not!  There is no day that goes unnoticed by sugar.  Few foods even though don’t offer the taste of sugar; they contain sugary substance in them.  Sugar may taste sweet and soul satisfies us with its sweetness, but taking it regularly would definitely lead to many health issues. 

Weather it is in small amounts or in large amounts, sugar is sugar and taking it in is considered as taking it in.  Sugar in any form can cause health problems. 

Let us know what the side effects of taking sugar in our daily food routines are.

1. Weight Gain

Sugar plays a major role in weight gain.  Keeping aside people who are born obese due to the heredity, most of the people, especially youth, are the main victims of sugar.  As youth, tend to eat outside foods and drinks which are mostly sugary. 

Being obese is not at all a sign of good health.  It is clearly a sign of un-healthiness.  Sugar increases the fat content in our body.  As most of our food is purely sugar based, they ultimately turn into fat after taking them in our body.  As sugar takes more time to digest, even before it gets into the process of digestion, it sits somewhere in the form of fat. 

This will slowly increase the number on your weight machine.  It would ultimately cause you manual heart attack.  So, you better stay away from sugar and the eatables which are sugar based.

2. Addictive

Sugar is addictive.  It may sound little wired, but it is the undeniable truth.  It is addictive that even a sugar patient somehow makes space in their strict diet for taking sugary items occasionally. 

No matter how many sugary items we take, it never makes us satisfy.  It is a type of never ending desire to eat sugary items.  People consider sugar as a food that joys them.  The point here is, sugar releases a happy hormone called dopamine in the brain.  It joys them to an extent that they not even in their wildest dreams think of giving up on sugar and sweets. 

3. Slows Down Your Brain

They say that our mind is equal to 100 computers and our mind has an unlimited memory to store lots and lots of information.  But eating excess of sugar will reduce the capability of your brain and raises memory problems. 

Studies prove that excess intake of sugar will weaken the mind without even notice.  Taking limited amounts of sugar is not at all restricted, but taking it inversely raises many problems related to our central nervous system. 

As our brain is the controller of all our body parts, if it loses its capability, it would directly influence all the parts of our body in losing their purpose.  Our mental capability lets us speak what we speak, lets us do what we do and lets us think what we think.  If we lost it in the competition between our brain and sugar, it would be a total waste.

4. Diabetes

Sugar is another name for Diabetes.  Isn’t it?  It is the main character that pulls us forcefully into the problem of diabetes.  Our body is responsible for producing insulin to burn glucose present in our body for making energy.

When we stuff ourselves with excess amounts of sugar, a metabolic dysfunction occurs, which ultimately lead to lack of insulin in our body.  This is the main cause of type II diabetes.  This type II diabetes, if not taken care properly, would ultimately give rise to many health related complications. 

So, diabetic patients are not at all advised to take sugar or sugar filled drinks in order to keep them at a safe point.  As per a study, taking lots of sugary drinks increases the risk of occurrence of diabetes by 83%.

5. Increases The Risk of Heart Disease

“Rule is rule, rule for all is the”, is the slogan for heart disease.  There is no age limit for this disease.  Even a young person can kick the bucket because of heart diseases.  Heart disease is not just a disease for obese people.  Even it occurs in skinned people.  All that matters to it is what we eat.

People who eat lots of sugar in their diet will be declared as the winner of getting the award of heart disease by heart disease itself.  Knowingly or unknowingly, people tend to eat lots of sugar which would lead to heart diseases.  It has no age or size limits.  It just victimizes the person who takes excess amounts of sugar.

6. Increases The Risk of Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest diseases that the entire globe is facing.  Even though it has medication and treatment, they cannot serve in a way that the particular person who is suffering with cancer will become cancer free.  

Consumption of excess amounts of sugar regularly would increase the insulin levels in the body.  This increase in insulin levels to an unlimited extent would ultimately lead to many types of cancers.  One more point is, if the patient who is already a victim of cancer taking excess of sugar, it would again lead to more complications.

Cancerous cells which are present in the cancer patient are named to observe more of glucose compared to normal cells.  This excess absorption of sugar may lead to more advanced cancer.

7. Ages Fast

We take many precautions in order to cover those wrinkles and fine lines present on our face and body.  We equal both our body and soul to stop the aging process.  We use cream, facials, apply masks, take preventing measure while going into sun, etc. 

But have you ever thought that sugar has a hand in our aging?  If not, wake up.  Sugar has the capability of enhancing the chance of early aging.  As we drink lots of sugary drinks and eat sugary foods, it is obvious that they would ultimately constitute for early aging. 

8. Mood Changes

Sugars even act as mood changers.  They change our emotional level within no time.  This initiates the mood changer system which would change from moody to excited state and vice versa.

9. Zero Nutrition

Sugar has very less nutrition compared to other foods.  Taking it in is equal to taking fat in a sweet form through the mouth.  Its nutritional value is just more than a zero.  Lack of nutrition to our body would lead to many health, hair and skin problems.

After reading the story, I guess it is crystal clear how dangerous sugar is for our body.  But as we are human beings and cannot survive without involving sugar in our diet, just plan for limited sugar in limited occasions so as to keep yourself healthy.


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