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Top 10 World Most Popular Diets
Jun 14, 2016
Top 10 World Most Popular Diets

Top 10 World Most Popular Diets 

Need the best diet plan to stay healthy and in right weight? Then, read out the world most popular diets that you can have daily. Each one has its own importance in making the food good for your health. So, know them and pick the right diet for you.

1. South Beach Diet

This diet is designed first by the Florida-based cardiologist in order to protect them from serious health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases. This is an amazing food that controls hungry by eating it before it strikes you. If you adapt to this diet you will end up with a fabulous beach body. Especially dieters are argued to eat this food by cutting the bad crabs and focus on low dairy fat and lean protein and good crabs such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

2. Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean food is extremely healthy and you must have it at least once in a week. A fish with veggies makes it a Mediterranean diet. Introducing this diet into your life keeps you away from, dementia, diabetes and heart disease. The diet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is rich in nuts, seafood, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil etc. With this you will become alert and increase your chances of living long.

3. Atkins Diet

This is a streamlined version of the original diet. It balances lean proteins with a controlled amount of healthy crabs and fat. Dieters should begin this diet eating 20 grams a day and increase it gradually each week.  The idea behind designing this diet is to stop eating foods that are made out of sugar and flour. But, even crab dense whole grain foods should be limited until you reach the maintenance face. It is easier to adapt than other diets.

4. Alkaline Diet

This is one of the most popular diets because it is certified by celebrities who are skinny. As per the alkaline diet, modern eating habits load the bodies with much acid which turns in to fat.  So, cut out such acid producing foods such as dairy products, refined sugar, beer, caffeine etc.

5. Weight Watchers

This diet has been popular for many years and it is based on the system which assigns a value to the drinks and foods that are based on the amount of protein, fat, crabs, and fiber etc. Weight watchers diet keeps a lid on the calories and it happens by assigning ProPoints allowance daily and here you shouldn’t go out of this allowance rather you can eat as much as vegetables and fruits as you want. They used to track what you eat and gives you motivation through local support meetings. Weight watchers had a high track record of success since 40 years and still today.

6. Slimming World Diet

With a variety of weight loss diets choosing the right diet for you may be difficult. So, we have narrowed it down to slimming world diet. It starts by asking you to trade all the high-calorie foods for low-fat foods that are just for filling. They have called this low-fat food as free foods which include rice, pasta, eggs, vegetables and fruits. So, according to this diet, you can eat as much as these low-fat foods. This helps in weight loss because it dramatically cuts down your calories that you eat.

7. Volumetrics

This is one of the most popular diets for weight loss. Though you lose weight by eating low calories, you still feel full? Then, you must try this volumetrics. These foods contain more of water such as vegetables and fruits which are healthy because they have less energy density than fatty and sugary foods. With this diet you can eat lot but even then you lose weight. Here the trick is, you eat healthy foods or stuff that fill up your stomach and not with calories.

8. Jenny Craig Diet

This diet states that, you can lose 2 pounds a week and it is known to be as one of the easiest diets all around. Jenny diet will ask you to stay with predefined and prepackaged meals that are decided by jenny and bunch of recipes that are customized for you. You will be still given a personal appointment which makes it really hands-on. Here, motivation as well as support is given and you will also be told how much you need to eat a week.

9. 5:2 Diets

This means you have feast in first five days of week before you fast next two days. People who introduced this diet in their lives will help t hem lose weight and in fact it increases life span as well as improves the cognitive ability. This diet insists that if you find hard for reducing your intake all the week, you do it for 2 days.

10. Paleo Diet

This diet is the purest form which is also called caveman diet. It allows only those foods that people used to eat when they first walked the planet million years ago. It includes, fish, non-starchy veggies, lean meats, nuts and not those dairy foods, starchy veggies, grains, and processed foods. It is a straight forward a nutrient rich food and emphasis on exercise. People became fans for this reason and they say that because of this they not only lost weight and in fact they stay healthier too. But, some say that it is difficult to maintain and long-term results are not proven yet.

These are world’s topmost wonderful diets ever that you can have to stay healthy and lean. So, try them out and get the most out of it.


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