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Top Remedies to Cure Hiccups
Jun 18, 2016
Top Remedies to Cure Hiccups

Hiccups are sometimes frustrating and sometimes seems like it is dying battle to stop it. Though there is no clear explanation for the cause of hiccups, it is associated with stress, anxiety, discomfort of diaphragm, smoking and quick eating or eating spicy.

They occur without notice. You may think that getting rid of hiccups is difficult task, but not definitely. But it has following remedies for it. To know them continue reading the article.

Top Remedies to Cure Hiccups

Drink Water

First thing that you should try if you are stuck with hiccups. Before taking water think a while as it may change the breath. Water will subdue the hiccups in no time and it doesn’t matter how you drink it i.e., through a straw, glass, sideways or spoon. You can also shock your system through cold water with honey. Quickly drink it or gargle with cold water for at least 1 minute or stuck with a small ice piece for few seconds.

Eat Sugar

It is said that eating sugar will stop hiccups by causing throat irritation making it read just itself. Though there are no evidences for it, you can try it and get success.

This is great home remedy particularly for small children. You can also take brown sugar in place of sugar and hold it for 5 minutes in your mouth. After trying this take a sip of water. This remedy is not recommended for diabetic people.

Hold Breathing

Holding breath is an old trick. This is to disturb the inspiration from brain to your diaphragm and stop hiccups. So hold breath for a while but not for more time. Take deep breath as long as you can without allowing the air to go out. Now exhale slowly. Do this for several times until your hiccups stop.

Eat Something Sour

Take something like vinegar which is sour in taste. This interrupts your breath. This makes you stop breathing. So take half spoon of it followed by a glass or cup of water. You can also mix some water in a tbsp of vinegar and swallow it. 

Take Peanut Butter

The classic remedy for hiccups is eating peanut butter.  So take a big spoon full of peanut butter and chew it. Hold it for few seconds and then swallow it. If you want you can also drink water after swallowing it. In this process of swallowing the breathing patterns will change and they are interrupted. If this is not available at your hands, make use of almond butter. Both do the same benefits. 


Lemon is known to be more effective than other remedies. Same as the vinegar, lemon with its sour taste irritates the nerves and will make your hiccups stop. So, put half tbsp of lemon juice in your mouth. The more power will make you to swallow it hardly and stops hiccups immediately. You can also mix it with glass of water and drink. Even you can add salt on a piece of lemon and then suck the juice of it slowly.

Breath in to Bag

The time tested trick for stopping hiccups is to breathe in to a paper bag. By this the intake of carbon dioxide increases and contracts the diaphragm more deeply to take the oxygen in. This process helps in stopping the hiccups quickly. So, press the paper bag around your mouth tightly and breathe deeply in to the bag slowly. Do this for several times keeping the bag in place. It is important to note that heart stroke patients should avoid this remedy. Also it should be followed properly. 


The muscle relaxant properties present in the chamomile helps stop hiccups by making the diaphragm contract. So steep a tbsp of chamomile that is dried in to a cup of normal water for 10 minutes or less. After that you can drink it to stop the hiccups. You can also add the chamomile essential oil in a paper bag and hold it near to your nose as well as mouth taking slow and deep breathing in to the bag. This will reduce your hiccups. 


It is also found to be an effective medicine or home remedy for hiccups. As other remedies, it also has muscle relaxant properties. So try taking 1 tbsp of cardamom powder in cup of hot water. Keep it aside for 15 minutes and then strain it. Later you can drink it slowly and this works great to stop your hiccups quickly.


Honey is also great remedy for stopping hiccups. So, take tbsp of honey and stir it in water. Then put it back of your tongue and then swallow it. 

Apart from these above mentioned remedies there are also few other remedies like chocolate eating, dill seeds chewing, ginger etc. All these are great remedies to help stop hiccups quickly and relaxes you.

So, you can follow any of these remedies and get rid of hiccups as soon as possible otherwise it frustrates you. As all these are home available you can try one after the other slowly if one doesn’t work for you.

If hiccups are too sever, better consult a doctor and you may get some higher dosage medications to solve your problem quickly. Hope, this information will certainly help you get rid of hiccups.


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