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Top10 home remedies for breathing problems
Jun 17, 2016
Top10 home remedies for breathing problems

It’s very fortunate for the humans who can have a good breathe, it would be a difficult situation for the people who have various issues in breathing. Breathing issues comes to the people irrespective of age, gender and colour of the person.

It’s very important to have the comfort of breathing without any discomfort, it’s an involuntary activity which has to happen and continue in the human body without any stoppage. If anybody has any discomfort in breathing in the process of taking and releasing the air then that’s relates to breathing issues, it might be the first symptom of many disorders, among them major would be asthma. It’s better not to neglect any kind of disorders when it comes to breathing. It’s an important activity of human body, depending on this function only the body runs, if it stops then all the other functions of the body will also gets stop, such an important work it has when it comes to breathing, so never avoid any issues related to breathing.

There are various remedies which are available to take care of these breathing related issues on temporary basis and on permanent basis; following are few important home remedies which are found very helpful in curing the disorder permanently and temporary. Breathing related issues if it gets more and more each day then it might get converts in to lung disease or asthma.

Home Remedy 1:- Seeds of Carom

  • In local languages the carom seeds famous name is ajwain. When these seeds are consumed either raw or generally people prefer to take this in small quantity with water, when these seeds are swallowed and consumed then it will act as the medium I clearing the hurdles of breathing nozzle track.
  • It’s good to stock always a little quantity of carom seeds in our home medical kit or at kitchen for various other usages also.
  • But in case of health, this is the best home remedy for the breathing related disorders

Home Remedy 2:- Using Garlic

  • The second best home remedy for breathing issue is using “garlic”, when it is consumed in raw form or mixed with other Items; it will open up the air tight track nozzles in the wind pipe and makes it easy to breathe without any difficulty.
  • It is considered to be the best “anti – oxidant”.
  • The garlic has the ability to cure the asthma and other breathing related problems.

Home Remedy 3:- Using Lemons

  • Lemon is considered to be rich in vitamin – C and it is definitely.
  • Lemons are also very effective and good antioxidant.
  • The medical experts say that those who have vitamin “ C “, deficiency then definitely chances of asthma and its noted that many who suffer with breathing disorders have the symptoms of Less Vitamin “C”.
  • It’s Good and suggested too, to often have the lemon related drinks or the fresh lime to consume once we feel that we have issues related to breathing, this will help us to fill the gap of “Vitamin C” deficiency levels.

Home Remedy 4:- Usage of Ginger

  • As many suggest to use the Ginger in our day to day life, because of numerous advantages it has got into it.
  • This is also considered as the best among the list to use when any one is suffering from asthma, the ginger helps in clearing the respiratory track of air wind and smoothens the air flow.
  • Instead of having it once it is advised to have the ginger in small cut pieces quantity little by little.
  • Ginger is consumed either in RAW form or by mixing it with various other food products wither in salty form of food or with sweetish items.

Home Remedy 5:- Usage of Honey

  • As many know that HONEY is a natural product available in nature in its purest forms.
  • HONEY is used for various health related applications.
  • For people who have this breathing issues can consume this with hot water when mixed with one tea spoon of sweet honey, will create huge comfort for the people who are suffering from breathe related issues.
  • Honey can be either consumed with hot or with cold water also, but the better method would be to go with hot water and honey mix.

Home Remedy 6:- Having Coffee

  • As we all know “ coffee” is the world favourite drink for many and many like to have it in its different forms and taste’s which are available worldwide.
  • Coffee contains “caffeine”, it has to got its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • When hot coffee is consumed, then it will act as the fresh breathe supplier and clears the throat for easy breathing.

Home Remedy 7:- Take Onions

  • We see our kitchens always present with Onions, in many forms it is used for various dishes to prepare, it also helps in relaxing the breathe related issues.
  • The medical experts and home remedy advisors suggests us today, to consume the raw onions directly if we can, in case if we have any problem then it’s better to take this in various other form preferable better if we take them after boiling.
  • Onions have the ability to create a huge comfort in breathing if we are having problem in breathing, then relax the air track and create the comfort to breathe easy.

Home Remedy 8:- Using “Eucalyptus Oil”

  • In home remedies division, the popular oil which has got huge benefits in them when it comes to health related issues many prefer to go with the “ eucalyptus oil”, since it has got various benefits in it.
  • By smelling the oil itself many people feel a different kind of aroma and which in turn creates a lot of comfort when it come to breathing,
  • The major element which is present in “eucalyptus Oil” is “eucalyptol”, a chemical which has got various health benefits in it.

Home Remedy 9:- Usage Of Figs

  • Among the various fruits, which are present today the most neglected one is FIG, when it comes to the major benefits out of it, the FIG has the top role to play in helping the human body in various forms.
  • FIGS play a major role in controlling the breathing related disorders.
  • People who are suffering from the Breath related disorders, must concentrate on having these fruits in their daily diet list.
  • This has got huge role to play as far as respiratory related issues are concerned.
  • It eases the path and track for comfortable breathing.

Home Remedy 10:- Usage Of Oil

  • Today many medical experts suggest us to use mustard oil, if in case anyone is suffering from breathing disorders.
  • This oil helps In making the air passage clear and creates a comfort for easy breathing and easy relaxing.
  • The mustard oil can also be consumed in various forms, depending on the intensity of the breathing issues the oil either can be applied of can be consumed in little quantity.
  • This will act as very effective relaxing and comfort creating agent and resolves most problems related to breathing issues.
  • It’s always better to follow as these home remedies in consultation with available medical expert at that time.


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