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Uses Guava for Weight Loss
Jul 21, 2016
Uses Guava for Weight Loss

Guava is a delicious nutrient sweetish fruit which comes in different colors like pink, yellow and green.  It has Vitamin A and C including potassium and magnesium which makes this fruit a rich fruit. It also has antioxidant lycopene which is essential to our body.

Its integument is a bit harder than the inside fruit. It is softer and has seeds in it. Their seeds are useful for germination of new plants and trees. The flesh inside the fruit is generally white and yellowish in color mixed with seeds.

They sometimes smell and taste like pear and strawberries. When gets over ripe it tastes little different and gets sweeter. Their fruits need not be generally refrigerated.

Guava is a rich source to improve immunity due to vitamin c. it is richer than orange in terms of vitamin C. a single guava a day will give us the adequate vitamin c which is required to the body. It protects us from pathogens, infections and boosts our immunity power. It is anti-inflammatory and helps in treating arthritis.

It is a seasoned fruit. But off late we see guava growing in all climatic conditions.

Guava acts as anti ageing property in the body. As we all know vitamin c helps us lower the wrinkles and ageing process. Lycopene and carotene antioxidants protect the skin from pigmentation, ageing, and wrinkling. Ageing will definitely happen, but having a guava a day will at least slow the ageing process. Guava is great in treating constipation issues.

As guava is rich in fiber it helps in clearing the blocked way and in turn helps in constipation. It is a must fruit for a smooth digestive track and free constipation.

Why Is Guava Best For Weight Loss?

As guava is rich in protein, vitamin and fiber and minerals with low cholesterol and high fiber it helps in easy digestion. It has less carbohydrate which satisfies the appetite easily. It keeps metabolism intact.

It acts as compensation to citric fruits like lemon, sweet lime and oranges because of its vitamin c source.

They are high in vitamin A, C, B2, and E.

It is rich in dietary fiber.

The integument of the guava fruit is a rich source of ascorbic acid that is very beneficial in fighting a number of degenerative diseases and health issues

The odor in these fruits is because of carbonyl compounds in it.

Ripe guavas lose the tannin property in it.

They are very rich in Iron, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, copper, calcium, phosphorous, potassium and manganese.

It helps in improving the skin texture; they also help prevent numerous skin issues like acne, pimples, and boils. They are high in astringent that helps in tightening muscles and bones. They also help in tightening the loose skin.

People suffering from diabetes can have guava daily. Guava helps slow down the sugar absorption in the body and very essential for diabetic patients.

As they are free of cholesterol and contain a very low percentage of digestible carbohydrates and a rich source of fiber they boost digestion and metabolism that helps in achieving desirable weight loss.

Guava also promotes hair growth because of its rich vitamin c content

It is also good for combating hair loss issues.

The high fiber content in guavas helps in softening stools and boosts metabolism which in turn helps in clearing piles.

Daily consumption of guava promotes fertility because of its high folate content which is a fertile booster.

No matter how common type of fruit it is it has its own nutritious value. Some neglect to consume it because of its hardness and presence of seeds.

Energy Booster:-

Potassium high content in guava helps in normalizes blood pressure levels. It is equal to a banana in terms of benefits.

Due to the presence of trace element copper which is very good for the functioning of the thyroid gland, it is useful for a lot of other health issues.

Manganese presence in guava helps the body to absorb other key nutrients from the food that we eat; when our food gets completely utilized we get the benefits of all other vitamins and biotin

Due to the presence of magnesium, it acts as a nervous relaxant. It helps relax the nerves and muscles in the body.

There are different varieties in guavas, which differ in taste, quality shape, and color. It is consumed in varying degrees of it ripeness. It’s a natural skin toner too. The high concentration of minerals and nutritive values in guava, it helps in keeping the skin toned and fresh. Astringent qualities of guava keep our skin free from wrinkles, blemishes ageing acne, and pimples.

Bottom line: 

So anyone who is not into guava can now think of guava for its benefits in terms of weight loss and other benefits to our health.


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