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Vitamin Tablets for Hair and Skin Health and Its Side Effects
Jul 27, 2016
Vitamin Tablets for Hair and Skin Health and Its Side Effects

There are many types of vitamin tablets or the supplements for hair and skin problems available today in the market. Especially biotin vitamin supplements are used by most of the people who have a deficiency of this vitamin.

All the issues related to hair, skin and nails get benefited with such kind of vitamins. Instead of taking these vitamins in a natural process, taking them as supplements is not always good especially few medications with overdosage limit in a day.

 Though they benefit your hair and skin with limited dosage, over dosage can lead to several complications. Proper usage of vitamin tablets, precautions and its side effects from the below information which is very essential.

Vital Vitamins for Hair:

Vitamins such as E, biotin or vitamin B71, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and folic acid are very essential or vital vitamins for the hair growth. Deficiency of these vitamins can lead to loss of hair and many other hair related issues such as brittleness, dryness, premature graying of the hair, moisture lose the hair, hair thinning etc. So, you need to take these vitamins either naturally or through the vitamin supplements.

Crucial Vitamins for Skin:

Same as for hair, there are many vital vitamins for the skin to glow and have healthy look. Some of such vitamins are Vitamin B, Vitamin D, vitamin E and much more. All these vitamins are the source that gives you healthy glowing skin and removes many of the skin related problems.

Proper Usage of Vitamin Tablets for Hair and Skin:

The multivitamin medications or normal vitamin tablets like biotin are normally used for treating or else preventing the deficiency of vitamins that are due to improper nutrition, for certain illnesses or else when the person is pregnant. Though the vitamins are important for the body, taking it as the form of supplements has some limitations.

To say, at first, you need to consult a doctor when you are willing to use the vitamin supplements for hair, skin and nails. They will diagnose the root problem and if necessary will suggest you some vitamin tablets such as biotin which specially deals with hair, skin and nails and will tell you the correct dosage of the supplements that you need to take daily. It may differ from person to person. So, it is necessary that you must ask the doctor about the dosage and don't take it more than the recommended amount. But, take them regularly to get the at most benefits that you are willing to gain. Also, don't forget to take them at the same time every day. 

Precautions before Taking the Vitamin Tablets for Hair and Skin Problems:

Before you take the vitamin supplements that is, when you consult your doctor, you should also let the doctor know about you completely. That means, tell them about the ingredients that you are allergic with or else the soy or peanut that is found in some of the brands can be allergic to you. So, either talk to your doctor about those ingredients or else with the pharmacist.

You should also tell the doctor about your health conditions if you have any or else your medical history.

Also, it is necessary that if you take the multivitamin tablets with folic acid make sure that you don't have the vitamin B12 deficiency. If you have let the doctor know that otherwise untreated deficient of vitamin B12 may lead to serious consequences.

Even if you are a pregnant or the breastfeeding mother, you should definitely talk to your doctor about taking the vitamin tablets as it may have many side effects.

Side Effects of Vitamin Supplements for Skin and Hair health:

If you are new to taking these vitamin tablets, problems like diarrhea, constipation, and stomach upset may occur at the starting. But, this is only for a temporary time and may disappear when you get habituated to those vitamin tablets usages. This may sometimes become worsen if the proper car is not taken.

Most of the vitamins that treat hair and skin problems will have the vitamin A which may benefit the skin to make it smooth as well as other skin tissues, over dosage of the vitamin A may lead to the birth defects. So, you should avoid those foods that have vitamin A such as eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, cheese etc. when taking the supplements.Though there are no serious allergic reactions to those vitamin tablets, sometimes it may be allergic and if you notice the serious allergic reactions such as rashes, swelling, itching especially on the face- tongue or throat, more dizziness and breathing troubles better talk to your doctor.

Some of the vitamins can have an effect on the bone structure as well as the skeletal system and is particularly true when you take it in the more quantity. This can also lead to slow growth of bones and more risk of bones fractures.

These vitamins can also trigger the blurred vision. Vitamins such as E or A when taken in mild or overdosage sometimes may trigger the eye problems and this is also one of the side effects of the vitamin tablets.

So, consult your doctor and know the complete list of side effects and then only start using it. This is all about the vitamin tablets usage for hair, skin as well as nail problems. So, keep this in mind and use those vitamin supplements in a proper way.


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