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Weight Gain Tips
Jul 21, 2016
Weight Gain Tips

Tips to Gain Weight

Eat Well:

Even though we all eat well enough, this rule is especially targeted for those who want to gain weight. Breaking down meals into smaller chunks and having it four to five times is the best way to control your weight.

You have to concentrate on building a healthy weight and not add up fat deposits by having junk foods which are usually high in protein and carbohydrates. You have to look for food which is nutritious and rich in calories like nuts, peanut butter, cheese, dry fruits etc.

Try to avoid having soda and coffee as they are unhealthy. Instead, look for low-fat milk shakes, juices for a calorie boost.  Also, try avoiding drinking water before or after your meal so that you do not feel full even before starting to eat.

Look For Good Fats:

Stay away from saturated fats (or bad fats) which are generally obtained from processed foods. Look for dairy products, nuts (especially peanut butter), meats, avocados, bran muffins, yogurt, granola bars etc and try to avoid ice creams, fries and other fatting junk foods which are not healthy.

Increase Protein Content:

Protein is an essential ingredient in your diet and it is a building block of our entire body including muscles, bones, hair, blood and skin. Sources rich in protein such as meat, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, soya products, rice or corn with beans etc have to be included in your diet substantially.

Limit Your Carbohydrates:

Even though the carbohydrates are necessary for the body to help build muscles and other vital functions, these should be avoided. They do not contain any calories and mostly stored as fat thereby causing the sugar to enter into the blood and spike blood sugar levels. Brown rice, pasta, whole grains, and potatoes are few sources which help in providing the consistent supply of energy over the period of time and does not cause any spike in blood sugar levels. 

Eating Late In The Night:

Few recent studies show that having a big dinner after 8 PM usually have higher body mass indexes when compared to people who do not eat or take a significant intake of daily calories. The study found that timing of food did have an impact on weight gaining. Try moving the dinner a bit late and see the difference.

Weight Gain Exercises:

You should understand that muscles weigh more than fat and you have to concentrate on weight training which will develop your muscles. To start initially, you don’t have to join a gym. Try doing push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges in your drawing room while watching TV. Exercise in-turn increases your appetite and you can look for a shakes or protein bars which will help your muscles.

Increase Your Workout:

Your muscles will get used to the workout you started and you do not feel them difficult. You have to keep changing them frequently and increase the difficulty level. Try investing in weights so that you can do it in your home so that even when you have a 15-minute gap, you can quickly complete a session.

Be Lazy:

Yes, you hear it right. We know that the usual motto, in general, is to burn more calories, but for us, we have to increase the number of calories and burn as less as possible. Along with weight training, you build up visceral fat which loves inactivity. So grab a snack and start watching your favorite movies and serials.


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