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What are Frequent Yawning Causes and Remedies
Jun 17, 2016
What are Frequent Yawning Causes and Remedies
Though we say, yawning is  process of opening the mouth unwillingly while people are taking a long and deep breathes of air the reasons are not known.

Usually yawning happens as a result of weariness or else the drowsiness and it is a normal response. It may also happen when we observe someone yawning. But, the frequent or excessive yawning happens continuously or in succession closely i.e., commonly few times more in a minute.

This frequent yawning can occur for many reasons such as tiredness or drowsiness and many more. It is also indicated as a sign or sleeping disorder which is due to lack of sleep.

Even if there are changes in your daily habits or working for long hours, results in yawning. To know the complete causes for yawning and get treatments or remedies for it, you need to go through the below information.

He, we have found all the common causes of frequent yawning and also remedies for it. So, go through the details thoroughly.

Common Causes of Frequent Yawning:

Frequent yawns in a person are due to the following reasons.

1. It is a type of disorder that may cause sleep in the day time called as narcolepsy.

2. It may be result or the side effects of some of the medications used. Especially the medications that are used for treating the anxiety and depression can cause yawning.

3.Medications that are used to treat allergies can also lead to yawning.

4.Problems that are associated with vagus nerve or the reactions of the vasovagal that is bleeding around or inside the aorta. It is an indicator of the heart diseases.

5.It also occurs due to the presence of heart diseases or defects.

6.People having the electrolyte imbalance or hypothyroidism can feel the drowsiness in the wake hours and this can trigger the yawning.

7.Excessive or frequent yawning can also indicate the failure or the liver, epilepsy or a stroke or brain tumor or multiple sclerosis.

8.Problem in controlling the body temperature can even lead to yawning.

9.Thyroid is also a cause or reason for excessive yawning as the person with thyroid feels fatigue, tiredness.

10.Anemia which is caused because of the iron deficiency can lead to tiredness and fatigue which causes yawning.

11.Few foods as well as drinks such as coffee when taken too much can lead to fatigue and yawning. Also foods that are rich in sugar content will have the similar effect.

12.Even if your body has less oxygen, it causes yawns frequently. This supplies oxygen to your lungs promoting the flow of blood.

13.These are the common causes that lead to yawning. If you have minor causes of yawning, you can treat it home remedies or treatments. But, if the yawning is too heavy or frequent that you can't control it with home treatments, better consult a doctor and get diagnosis for the proper treatment.

Ways to Treat Frequent Yawning:

If your yawning is not too heavy, you can control with few home treatments or remedies and they are as follows.

To stop yawning, we need to focus on the root cause of yawning and that is sleepiness. One of the best remedies for treating yawning is taking glass of water. Drinking water can recharge your body system and improve the lethargy.

As yawning is also as a result of lack of oxygen, your body needs it. The better way is to go out and breathe fresh air especially during the morning hours and this will improve the oxygen to your brain as well as body and reduces the yawning.

You can also practice deep and long breathing at least for 5 minutes every morning and this would be the best remedy. You can also do at least 30 minutes of workout every day.

Not taking proper fluid is also the reason for yawning and the way to treat it is through taking essential fluids in to the body. Less fluid can also lead to the laziness and as a result to yawning. So, drink as much as fluids daily to reduce frequent morning.

Cool down your body temperature by eating or drinking something cool that is directly from your refrigerator. This will fight against the yawning.

It is also necessary that you need to breathe cool air through the nose and this will help in cooling down the nasal cavity blood vessels. This will make you yawn less.

Try to avoid more stress and such kind of situations that are tiresome of your health as tiredness can also cause excessive yawning.

Sleep well, that is and adult should at least have 7 to 8 hours of sleeping that is un-disturbed. You can do meditation, if you are not getting enough sleep. It even relaxes your mind which allows the air to flow in and outside of the body.

Eat healthy foods like apple or take a drink of coffee or tea but not in excessive amount as it may trigger again yawning.

Take breaks in between your work and even it improves your performance too.

All this above remedies or home treatments can treat the minor yawning. But, if you have excessive yawning which you can't able to control it with above remedies and treatments, better consult a doctor.

Doctor will diagnose the actual problem and will suggest you a treatment for it. This is all about frequent yawning, its causes and the remedies. So, if you are the one suffering with frequent yawning follow the above mentioned remedies to get good results.  


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