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Why White Rice Is Healthier Than Brown Rice
Jun 17, 2016
Why White Rice Is Healthier Than Brown Rice

What do you prefer to eat, White rice or Brown rice?  What do you think is the best choice of eating?  Even though health professionals say that brown rice is lot more healthier than white rice because of its high fiber, still there are claims that white rice is as good as brown rice. 

The comparison between white rice and brown rice comes when people follow a particular diet to shape in, or to reduce weight. Brown rice is very much recommended for people who are having diabetes as it is sugar-free food whereas white rice contains sugar in it, which would raise the blood sugar levels.

Truths to know about white rice and brown rice

Let us first look into few claims on truths about white rice and brown rice.

Don’t know how, but a debate has begun asking which rice is healthier, white or brown?  And people started casting their vote and finally decided that brown rice is healthier than white rice, but is that true?  Let us see.

Claim: White foods are bad for you

Truth: There is no food in the world that makes you unhealthy if taken in right amounts. Nutrition experts say that white rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread etc are unhealthy because they are overeaten foods by people.
They should have to apply control mechanisms on them to avoid health issues.  Clarity comes here that they are not unhealthy by nature; it is just that by overeating them, they tagged as unhealthy.  So if you don’t over eat these foods there won’t be any issues with them. 

Claim: Brown rice is higher in fiber i.e., one cup of cooked brown rice packs about 3 grams of fiber, while white contains only 0.5 grams, so it will make you feel stomach full for long time.

Truth: It is a matter of fact that people won’t eat rice alone is accompanied with side dish of veggies or lentils curry.  If brown rice is taken alone as a meal it would definitely take more time to digest and make the person feel full for a long time. Likewise for white rice instead of taking rice alone we will take some lentils curry, veggies etc, which is same of brown rice and thus it will make us feel stomach full for long time.

Claim: Brown rice is less processed than white and is therefore healthier.

Truth: It is said that unprocessed foods are lot more useful for health than processed foods.  This is because unprocessed won’t go through a serious food processing and thus won’t lose nutrients. When people eat them they get to gain full nutrients present in brown rice, however they may contain anti nutrients, which are not good for health. 

Now let’s analyze the concept of which one is healthier, we need to get some references from our ancestral time.

What exactly our ancestors ate?

Just recollect what our ancestors exactly ate decades ago.  Whenever we recollect about our ancestors the first thing that comes into our mind is their health and life span, which we people still striving to achieve, but failing badly. 

Our ancestors used to eat organic foods, which include no processing.  Without the help of nutrition they used to define foods that are rich sources of good supplements and which are bad for health.  They knew a lot that most of us don’t know even with much technological advancement around. 

They knew what exactly pregnant women should eat at the time of pregnancy and what nutrients should be supplemented on monthly wise till the baby born.  They are true innovators of healthy foods on the earth.

It is a common fact that they used to eat white rice.  They eat it as their main serving for every meal and remained healthy throughout their lives, but now people are saying that the same foods what our ancestors have eaten are unhealthy.

Brown rice, which is said to be healthy, is full of phytates and lectins, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. However, white rice is something that is not rich in vitamins and minerals.  It is just easily absorbable form of glucose.  White rice is an easily absorbable form of glucose that is easy to digest whereas brown rice is rich in fiber and takes time for digestion.  Even though white rice is not recommended for people who are suffering with leaky gut, blood sugar or an auto immune disorder, but for most people white rice is good.  

If you people want to supplement the lost glycogen levels into the body after workout then you can go with white rice.  Adding fat or vinegar to rice will cut glycemic index in half so that blood sugar levels won’t see a difference.

So nothing is actually blamable.  It is just that the amount we eat matters and that is what makes it bad and good food.  White rice is not harmful to your health. Eat limited. Stay fit.


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