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Yoga and Gastric Disorder
Jul 27, 2016
Yoga and Gastric Disorder

The word gastritis was an alien for the past century people, it was very rare for a person to have digestive disorder frequently, but things have changed a lot now, this became a part of the modern lifestyle. Burping, heartburn, acidity, stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea etc. became common words among people.

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So, what is the change that took place in a century?

Yes, you guessed it right, the lifestyle! It took a worst change satisfying only the human comfort and pleasure but not the health and cognates.

Mistimed food habits, intakes of artificially prepared consumables, addiction towards junk preparations, love towards carbonated beverages and all accompanied with a poor lifestyle was that key that unlocked a boon for pharmaceuticals and Doctors.

Here we will see some of the traditional practices that our forefathers carefully formulated for the present as well as future generation to fix these kinds of lifestyle problems.

Yoga is an art of practicing stretches, turns, and positions that help an individual to pose the control of mind over body, in other words, you can call it a channel for meditation.

There are various yoga exercises for controlling lifestyle problems especially digestive disorders.

Yoga along with proper eating habits are the key to controlling the digestive problems, let us see various postures or asana’s in yoga that helps the mind and body to relax:

Makarasana (Crocodile pose):

‘Makar’ means crocodile in Sanskrit, this pose has many advantages other than helping your digestion. During this asana, the spine, vertebrates and abdomen muscles relax thus helps the body metabolism to get in sync with these regions

Vajrasana (thunderbolt position):

Usually, yoga asanas are practiced empty stomach during early morning period, but this an exception where this pose is done immediately after the meal. Here the upper body in this upright position aids the breathing pattern thus ensures a high intake of oxygen along with relaxing all digestive muscles thus a proper digestion.

Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving pose):

In this position, the body lied down the legs are clamped tight onto the chest region. During which the abdomen muscles get stressed and the muscles take more blood flow ensuring proper muscle activity.

Agnisar Kriya:

In this pose of breathing your stomach muscles works just as fine as it actually needs, because a slight strain in induced over the pelvic region which ensures high blood flow. After some practice, your stomach muscles gain strength to stimulate proper digestion.

Balasana (Child Pose):

This relaxing pose has more advantages than other common asanas because during which the individual can feel the heart beat over thighs which helps keeps the body calm and regulates moderate blood flow and relaxes back muscles.

Mayuarsana (Peacock pose):

This ain't child play, it takes some time to master this pose but has combined benefits of many other poses in yoga asanas. This pose can fix all digestive problems because all the stomach muscles are strengthened during practicing this asana.

Apart from that it also push your body to intake more oxygen during a strained posture thus helps those strained muscles (elbow, arms, stomach, lower back) to consume more oxygen and have a good blood flow.

Hamsasana (Swan Position):

This is an alternative for the mayur asana where the beginners can give a try. The working didactics are same, but not up to scratch as Mayur asana which is pro feet. Still, Hamsasana is inevitable for those who steps into Mayur asana.


These are techniques of premeditating strategy for breathing which can help one to hackamore the anxiety or stress. Most of the digestive problems arise due to poor mental habits resulting anxiety and stress. Some of the helpful pranayamas are:

Anulom Vilom Pranayama – Alternative nostrils breathing technique

Sheetali Pranayama – Cooling breath

Bhramaari Pranayam – Humming Bee Breath

Bottom line:

So, you got the idea how these things work and what they can do with you.  Yoga has many benefits though should be done under the supervision of yoga teachers.

Just spend some time for your body, later thank your body for keeping up with you for such a hard time.


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