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10 Health Benefits of Ghee
Jul 27, 2016
10 Health Benefits of Ghee

Most people are worried about taking ghee in their diet because they feel that it is unhealthy. But, coming to facts, though the ghee and clarified butter are unhealthy when you consume it in large amounts, pure ghee will give you several health benefits.

They are amazing which you can’t really believe them. Now, are you eager to know those benefits of ghee?

Then read out the complete article.

Here are The Top 10 Benefits of Ghee

1. Reduces Cholesterol

Many people think that eating ghee increases their cholesterol. But ghee is the healthier and better option than butter if you have low cholesterol. This is due to ghee helps in reducing cholesterol in our intestine and serum. So, people who are looking for the best source to get healthy fats, better go for ghee as it is made out of saturated fat.

2. Gives you Crucial Healthy Fats

In order to perform vital functions in our body, we need some important facts and these functions will include supporting brain, digestive acids, skin as well as nerve health, building and strengthening cell membranes etc. So ghee is essential fat that enables all these functions.

Thus there is no necessary of, trans-fats or oxidized cholesterol, hydrogenated oils which are found in other oils and butter which is not best sources of healthy fats.

3. No Way for Dairy Allergies

Although ghee is named as a dairy product, it doesn’t give you any negative reactions. Because ghee is made out of clarified butter which doesn’t contain any milk solids or other impurities which usually dairy products will have.

Though casein is present in ghee, it is only in very little amount and it is also very low in lactose. So, lactose or casein intolerant's need not worry about it and as said it doesn’t give you any negative reactions.

4. Treats Burns

One of the best natural home remedies for burns is ghee. It even helps in treating swelling caused by burns on different parts of your body. Apart from this it also does a lot for your skin. It reduces inflammation, dryness of skin and scalp etc. So, apply ghee on the affected areas and get relief soon from these problems.

5. Fights Cancer

If ghee is prepared from cows milk that is fed with grass feed, it will be high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and animal studies with CLA have shown that there is an improvement in insulin resistance as well as it has the capacity to fight against cancer.

It is believed that it has a high concentration of butyric acid that contains antiviral properties. This helps in inhibiting the development of cancerous tumors.

6. Toughens Immune System

Ghee is rich in antioxidants which will help your body’s ability for absorbing all minerals and vitamins from your food that you take which in turn keeps your immune system strong.

When butyric acid produced sufficiently killer T cells production will be supported in the gut and then your immune system will be strengthened.

7. It has High Smoke Point

As per some dietitians, as ghee has a high smoke point it will act as a great medium for cooking that is especially when you want to cook frying items. Unlike other cooking oils, ghee doesn’t generate harmful toxic fumes or doesn’t break into dangerous free radicals. The smoke point of ghee is 500 degrees Fahrenheit which are more than butter.

8. Helps Digestive System

As said, ghee is rich in short chain fatty acids i.e., butyric acid. This acid is related to your immune responses and helps in improving your digestive system as well as lowers inflammation.

It even aids the stimulation of your abdomen acid secretion. This will help a lot in digestion of food and do not slow down digestion as other fats such as butter and other oils.

9. Offers Required Vitamins

Vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K are available in high quantities in ghee and it is rich in dietary fats which help in absorbing these vitamins. All these vitamins play an essential role in function of immune system of brain, bones as well as heart.

10. Doesn’t Contain Impurities

As ghee is pure it should be used for cooking. It doesn’t contain any harmful additives or preservatives and is completely free from them and it doesn’t have trans-fats. So, it is completely free of impurities and you can definitely use it in your kitchen.

These are amazing benefits that you get using ghee. But, it is suggested that people with overweight, obese, cardiovascular diseases need to completely avoid taking ghee. And recommended amount to consume is 10 to 15 grams in a day. So, don’t cross these limits.

Ghee is the good option to have in your diet and healthy when compared to other oils and butter. But, keep an eye on the amount of ghee that you consume per day. This will keep you away from health issues and stay fit.


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