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4 Easy Ways to Prepare Mascara at Your Home
Feb 06, 2017
4 Easy Ways to Prepare Mascara at Your Home

Mascara – How to Prepare at Home

Woman love to be more updated on Fashion related stuff always and you might also want to get them in your wallet budget so that you might be happier than ever.

You don’t have to spend money in purchasing branded expensive mascara from the cosmetic store. Now, you can prepare it at your home. There are some interesting ways for making mascara at your home. They are very simple and eye friendly mascara recipes that you can make it with almost home available ingredients. To know them continue reading the article.

Ways to Prepare Eye-Friendly Homemade Mascaras

1. Clay Mascara

When compared to natural homemade mascara, this clay mascara is easy to prepare at your home. This mascara makes your eyes look more beautiful as well as attractive with limited budget spent on it.

So, you can absolutely try this mascara at your home. To know the procedure and the ingredients required for preparing this clay mascara, see the below steps.

Ingredients Required for Clay Mascara

Take 4 and ½ teaspoons of black clay

½ teaspoon of red reef clay

1/4th teaspoon of glycerin

1 teaspoon of water and

A pinch of guar gum

All these ingredients will be available in the market. They don’t cost more than your budget. So, purchase them to start preparation as follows.

Steps to Prepare Clay Mascara

Step 1:-

Take all the clays mentioned above in a small dish and add a pinch of guar gum to the mixture.

Step 2:-

Next, add it some vegetable and glycerin water. Mix all the ingredients well and if needed add some more water to it as required and not use too much.

Step 3:-

Now, your mascara is all done and you can store it in a mascara tube. Instead of purchasing a 5-gram jar for it, you can use a small old container available at your home. So that you can save money spent on the jar.

Step 4:-

Now, your mascara is ready for use. While using it, try experimenting with different mascara brushes such as spiky or plasticky that suits you well.

This is such as simple way to make this clay mascara. So, you can certainly try it out.

2. Natural Mascara

Natural mascara is very simple to prepare. It is such organic mascara with no side effects. This really adds an appealing look to your beautiful eyes and it creates an amazing texture when you apply it to your eyes.

Ingredients Required for Natural Mascara

Bentonite clay to make the mascara dark in color and prevent it from hardening

Black mineral powder

Aloe vera gel for smooth texture

Essential oil such as lavender, to make the lashes grow and to add wonderful fragrance to the mascara

Mascara container

A small spatula and     

Medicine dropper

Steps to Prepare Natural Mascara

Step 1:-

Take the ingredients bentonite clay, Black mineral powder and lavender oil in a jar and blend them well until they form a smooth texture.

Step 2:-

Now, add aloe vera gel to the mixture to make it smoother.

Step 3:-

Finally, you can scoop it into medicine dropper using the spatula and squirt it gently into a mascara container. Now, your natural mascara is ready for use.

Another Method

Step 1:-

At first all the ingredients into the tube and using a brush mix the ingredients of mascara. It takes some time for doing this and you should be patient enough.

Step 2:-

That’s it, now you can use it as regular mascara.

3. Thickening Mascara

To create long and thick eyelashes, this thickening mascara works better. Use this mascara only in the winter season because the coconut oil contained in this mascara holds well in cool temperature and when it becomes warm the mascara runs. Below is the procedure to prepare the thickening mascara so, go through it.

Ingredients Required for Thickening Mascara

A teaspoon of coconut oil

2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel

A teaspoon of grated beeswax

2 Activated charcoal capsules

Oral syringe or sandwich plastic bag and

A mascara container that contains a mascara brush

Steps to Prepare Thickening Mascara

Step 1:-

At first take the mascara container and keep it flat on the floor removing the brush out.

Step 2:-

Now, heat the ingredients such as aloe vera gel, coconut oil and bee wax. Stir them in low heat until the beeswax melts completely and the mixture is smooth and thick enough.

Step 3:-

Now, add the activated charcoal capsules to the mixture and shake the pan. Stir the mixture till it turns black and then remove the pan from heat.

Step 4:-

Finally, you can transfer the prepared mascara into the oral syringe or the sandwich bag that you have taken.

Step 5:-

Now, using the syringe or the sandwich bag with a hole at the corner inject the mascara into the mascara container and screw the cap back to the tube.

4. Quick Easy Mascara

This quick and easy mascara can be prepared in few simple steps and it takes very less time. But, this mascara has an expiration date i.e., you can use it only for one or 2 weeks. This quick easy mascara dries out very quickly and even it doesn’t flake off.

Ingredients Required for Quick Easy Mascara

Take a fresh egg

3 capsules of activated capsule

Steps to Prepare Quick Easy Mascara

Step 1:-

Take the eggs and separate the egg yolk from egg white and keep the yolk in a bowl discarding the white form the egg.

Step 2:-

Add three capsules of activated charcoal to it and mix it well.

Step 3:-

Now, you quick mascara is ready for use. So, pour it into an old lip balm or other containers.

Step 4:-

Use the mascara within a week or 2 weeks.

Step 5:-

Store the remaining in the refrigerator in this time and after the expiration date, clean it off and don’t use it.

Bottom line:

These are the four different ways to prepare mascara at your home. They are easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time. So, spend a small amount on these mascara ingredients and prepare good natural homemade mascara at your home.


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