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5 Innovative Makeup Art Designs for Girls
Jul 19, 2016
5 Innovative Makeup Art Designs for Girls
Girls love makeup and today most of the girls treat makeup as an important ornament to enhance their beauty right from daily retinues to attending functions and parties. It gives a huge transformation to the girls face and makes her look more beautiful. To make your makeup more creative you need to follow the present trend. To help you out this time we have come up with some amazing creative make up art designs. These art designs give you a wonderful look. But, all that you need is little creativity to impose those makeup art ideas on your face. So, would you like to try them out? Then look at those innovative ideas given below.

Makeup Art Ideas:

1. Eye Lashes Makeup

Eyes are most awesome parts of our face and adding makeup to eyes and its surroundings make your face stunning. To enhance the looks of eyes you can start with eye lashes. People usually love big eye lashes so we have an idea for you to add stunning eye lashes. See, how beautiful the eyes are with that big and beautiful eye lashes. These pink lashes with dots seems like a butterfly wings right? It looks like you have captured a colorful butterfly with your beautiful eyes. Adding makeup to the face along with a single side big eye lashes looks stylish. So, try it out during parties and standout.

2. Eye and Forehead Makeup

Adding colorful beads for eye lashes and colorful makeup and other accessories makes your face more awesome. Start a makeover from forehead with beautiful makeup colors and accessories and make your eye brighten. These artificial eye lashes with beads will be available so you just need to buy them and carefully attach them to your beautiful eyes but before that add eye liner and mascara to your eyes to brighten them. Adding color makeup that matches your dress looks beautiful. But be careful and use only good or branded makeup kit that doesn’t hurt your face and eyes later.

3. Underbrow Makeup Art

Not only eye lashes, you can also do makeup for your underbrow, lids and eyebrows with beautiful makeup colors. Mix some similar matching colors that suit your skin tone and use those colors to decorate your eyes with creative art designs. Now enhance them with eye lashes sharp edges and colorful eye brows, all together make your eyes more stunning and creative. Now when it comes to cheeks part enhance it with a light shaded color that matches the eye makeup. You can use these types of makeup art designs for fashion shows and some trendy parties.

4. Fully Painted Side Eye Design

Seems like a painted sculptures face, isn’t it? Do you wanna make your face too to look like a beautiful sculpture? Then, you must try out this sided eye design. It is such an easy design and gives a simple awesome look to your face. You just need a makeup colors to start this design. You should use your painting creativity to draw this side makeup art on your face with different but bright colors. Start it from the eyebrow section and draw strips till your face end part. Enhance its look with a matching lipstick. Use this simple by creative makeup art from special occasions to make yourself look elegant among others. You will look really Angeles in this beautiful makeup art.

5. Butterfly Eye Makeup

It looks like colorful butterflies flying. You will like an angle with this eye design. You just need to bring some eye accessories and makeup colors and then add them to your eyes. Start it of like this. At first add some simple and routine makeup to your face. As eyes are centre of the attraction, make some basic foundation for it such as eye liner, mascara and eye lashes and then do make for your underbrow, eyebrow and lids with beautiful butterfly colors. Know attach various butterfly wings to both of your eyes and close it off. To enhance your makeup dress up in a stunning dress so that you totally looks amazing. Make use of this makeup art design for trendy parties.
Now that you know various creative makeup art designs then start using them with below instructions.

Instructions to Start Makeup with these Arts:

  • Choose a perfect makeup art design.
  • Bring all the necessary accessories and makeup kit.
  • Use only branded colors for makeup so that your skin doesn’t get hurt further.
  • If needed take the help of a makeup art designer to make you elegant.
Now that you have all at your hands do yourself makeover for your occasion. Look gorgeous with these makeup arts and standout on your events. As eyes enhance your look we have brought out these beautiful eye makeup arts and designs for you. Hope you make use of these beautiful eye designs and arts for your occasions.


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