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Dry Eyes Makeup Tips for Brides
Feb 06, 2017
Dry Eyes Makeup Tips for Brides

Wedding season is here with scores of weddings in its pocket. A wedding not only brings happiness to both brides and bridegrooms families but also brings the same amount of stress and pressure on them. Stress is the first step to degrade beauty.

Our eyes are the first things that get affected by stress. It is obvious that all the guests invited to the marriage will look forward to the queen of the marriage i.e. “Bride”. 

If the bride herself is stressful in her eyes, then what would they expect further!  It is not just about the bride, the same with the family members too. No matter what precautions and preventive measures we take, stress will definitely leave its mark on our eyes.

So, it is mandatory to take some action before you enter into the wedding hall. The simple and easy way to cover dryness in the eyes is makeup. You can make use of makeup tips to overcome the problem of dry eyes.  Let us see what tips will help you recover from dry eyes.  

1. Work On Your Complexion

Remember those formulas in mathematics you have studied in your school level?  Are you good at memorizing abbreviations? If so! It’s time to remember one more simple abbreviation. 

This abbreviation will help you maintain your complexion at its best. The abbreviation is “ECTM”. It stands for Exfoliation, Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.

Let us know in depth about each letter in the abbreviation first.


Exfoliation is nothing but removing the dead skin cells from the skin.   In this polluted environment we are living, it is obvious that a lot of dust in the air will be accumulated on our skin.

Leaving that dust and dirt on the face without proper cleaning would result in damage to the skin. If your skin belongs to the dry category, the impact will be double. So, care should definitely be taken.

Here comes the exfoliation of skin where the dead skin will be removed every now and then without any accumulation of dead cells on the skin. So, start with a good exfoliating agent to exfoliate your skin.


This is the next step to exfoliation. Cleansing is nothing but cleaning the skin by using a face wash. Now-a-days most of the people prefer face washes on soaps to cleanse and clean their face.

It is very important to wash your face with a ph balanced face wash to protect your skin type.  If you have a dry skin then you are strictly restricted to use chemical filled face washes. Use mild face washes that contain very fewer amounts of chemicals in them. Stay away from soaps.


The next to cleansing is toning. Toning is very important for our skin. But choosing the best toner is the key. Few toners may damage your skin by stretching it. Don’t go for such toners.


Moisturizing is the final step in protecting your skin. There are extraordinary working moisturizers in the market that offer great moisturizing to the skin.  Moisturizing is mainly designed for dry skin.

Oily skin needs a little or no moisturizing. But it goes the denial route with dry skin. It is mandatory to apply a moisturizer for moisturizing. Choose the best moisturizer and apply it before going to best. 

2. Schedule A Night Regimen

You may be vexed with facials and face masks that take a long time to dry.  But this tip is something that will attract you for sure.  You no need to go for masks and facials.

Just massaging for minutes time is more than enough. Take some glycerine and add water to it. Apply it to your face and massage it for a while. You can replace glycerine with olive oil too.

Glycerine has wonderful properties that help with your skin complexion. Massage glycerine mixed with water on the skin every night. You can even mix 2-4 drops of olive oil with it.

3.Time To Choose The Makeup Products

Foundation Comes First

To build a huge building, it is important to build a strong basement. Same goes with your face and foundation too. Foundation is like basement on your face. So it is important to choose the best foundation that suits your skin type.

As you are choosing the foundation for dry skin, it is important to keep that in mind before purchasing it. Choose the oil based foundation for your dry skin. Don’t choose foundations that are water and gel based. They worsen your skin even more. 

Concealer Takes The Second Place

Concealers are next to the foundation. Use concealers that are cream based. Cream based concealer goes well with dry skin. 

Choose The Right Blush

Blush is very important for a bridal makeup. Choose the right blush that suits your complexion. Don’t choose blushes other than cream or stick blushes. Don’t ever choose powder blushes as they will make your makeup dry and leads to cracks on skin.


Lips play a great in making up of woman’s beauty.  Moisturize your lips to an extent that they shine out to the best. Exfoliate your lips before going for moisturizing. Choose the lipstick that suits your skin tone. Apply some oil based foundation to the lips. Start with a lip liner and then go for application of lipstick. 

Eye Makeup

Use creamy eye shadows for your eyes. Don’t use powder based shadows if your skin is dry. Go for pinkish shaded eye shadows, which will give a pinkish look to your eyes.

Eye Lashes

Go for the waterproof mascara to your eyelashes. In order to keep your eyelashes thick and healthy, apply olive oil to your eyelashes to your lashes before going to bed.  

4. Choose A Sheen

When you are done with your makeup, add some oily sheen to your face. It adds glitter to you face and gives it a shiny look. 

Bottom line:

These are the makeup tips for treating your dryness in the eyes. Make certain to follow them to increase the number of head turns in your wedding.


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