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Eye Makeup For A Round Shape Face
Feb 06, 2017
Eye Makeup For A Round Shape Face

“Eyes are the windows of women’s heart”.  If the windows through which the heart is seen are not worthy to be seen even if the heart is, then it would be a waste of beauty.  What say?  

Having round face is a great blessing from God.  A round face gives quite a beautiful look to the person.  Then imagine the beauty of eyes for such a beautiful face.  Isn’t it obvious to guess that they will spell magic on people looking at them?  Eyes for round shaped face women are not less than crystals.  They are big and fish shaped with a wonderful shine.

If round face and their eyes are that beautiful, then how about the makeup for such beautiful eyes?  Makeup for such beautiful eyes should be the complementing beauty of her face. 

So, let’s know those beauty tips for decorating such beautiful eyes.

Eye makeup tips also cover the portions around the eye like eyebrow, cheekbones, under eyes etc to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Eye makeup tips also cover the portions around the eye like eyebrow, cheekbones, under eyes etc to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Under eye Makeup


Highlight your eyes

Mascara and eye color 

No matter how beautiful the women are, dark circles under her eyes will make her look dull.  So, let’s start with the makeup of under eyes. 

Under Eye makeup 

Use a branded concealer or foundation to cover the dark circles.

The dark patches under eyes make the entire face look dull and unattractive. 

So, the foundation which we are using will help us cover it to max extent. 

Take foundation and lightly dip the sponge into it and apply it under the eyes. 

Make sure the foundation matches your complexion. 

Eyebrow Makeup For A Round Shape Face 

For round face, the eyebrow should be straight at the anterior and then arch a bit.  This makes the face look lengthy and eyes look a bit big. 

Eyebrows should be well trimmed. 

They should be over thick or over thin. 

They should be trimmed that suits your face shape and size.

If you are a person with less hair growth or bad eyebrows shape, don’t worry, use an eyeliner, eye pencil or eye gel to give the eyebrow good shape and size.  There ends you eyebrow makeup. 

Eyes Makeup for Round shape face 

Try to match your eye shades with your fabric or vice versa.

It will grab the attention of the people around you. 

Eye makeup normally includes Kajal or an eyeliner. 

Kajal is for lower eye and eyeliner is for upper eyelashes. 

Jet black is the color that should be used in the makeup of eyes. 

Kajal highlights the eyes and makes them look big and beautiful.

Eyeliner highlights the eyelashes with its just black color. 

Mascara and Eye Color for Round Shaped face

Mascara is generally used to increase the volume of the eyelashes.  Mascara is a makeup tip used from years to enhance the beauty of eyes. Mascara gives a finishing touch to your eyes. 

As you are of round face, mascara added to the eyes of a round shaped face will make those eyes more attractive and smudgy. 

Coming to the eye color, bright eye colors to highlight your eyes.

You can make your eyes look gorgeous by using mascara and eye color. 

Use browns, deeper blues, and blacks for your eye color. 

They go absolutely well with your eyes on your round shaped face.

Bottom line:

So, these are the eye makeup tips for a round shaped face.  Hope you enjoyed them.


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