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How to Do Black Swan Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
How to Do Black Swan Makeup

To give an intense Halloween look, you need a good costume moreover a good makeup. What goes well for this Halloween look? It is all that black swan makeup can do. Though it is extreme, you can create it at your home. There are few tips and tricks that can help you out to do a black swan makeup. All that you need to do is, learn them and do the makeup. To know those tricks read the complete article.


1. Makeup for Face 

Black swan makeup gives a classic look and to create an artistic face you need to focus on it well. Start is by just adding some pale foundation, dark lipstick, a graphic shape which is unique and voila.

Make sure that you apply oil-free ivory foundation just like ever HD invisible cover foundation along with a white cream highlight. Apply them all over your face. Then, cover the area with a concealer and this is to mask the blemishes that you have on your face. Before you apply it to face, better check the concealer, mix products on the backside of your hand and then proceed. This will brighten the area. Finally add some blush to y our cheeks i.e., add some coral pink heaven to increase the complexion of your face. Choose the right amount of shimmer so that it lasts long.

2. Gorgeous Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the important part of this black swan makeup. It should be bold, dramatic as well as visually outstanding and this would be the perfect one.

To give the intense look, start the eye makeup with a concealer to avoid the shadow of your eye from falling. Once it is done, now using a white eye shadow create a smoky effect over y our eye lid. The white eye shadow that you choose should create a dimension.

Now, to create symmetrically fine lines choose a black gel liner and draw the lines from the inner bridge of your nose and move towards the curve of the eyebrow as shown in the figure. Use a thick liner for this and make sure that it is enough thick to stay all the day.

Next, use the same black gel liner to create cat eyes that are thick almond shaped. Now, extend your angular line for making the outline to get a wing shape.

To create feathers to the black wing shape use a fine brush and then take a silver pigment mixed with black eye liner and apply the lines evenly using the brush.

Using heavy coats of mascara finish the curling and wiggling on the top and bottom of your eye lashes. When the mascara is wet enough bend the lashes and allow them to dry so that they don’t look aggressive curling instead a slight curl.

3. Enhance the Beauty of Lips

Complement your eyes with bright appealing lips. To create this look, moisturize your lips with a moisturizing balm and blot the extra moisturizer if any with a tissue. Outline your lips well with a lips out liner and fill the area with a glossy and dark lipstick. Next, pat the concealer around your lips and blot it with a tissue. This will extra hold the lipstick.

Now, you are ready with Halloween look with this black swan makeup. It looks like a beautiful Halloween Starring around in this black swan makeup. Though you are not a professional in this makeup, you can get an extreme look with these steps.

Hope, know you got the tips and tricks to create this black swan makeup on your face. So, follow them and get ready for your Halloween party to night.


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