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How to Look Attractive Without Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
How to Look Attractive Without Makeup

Humans are considered to be the creative and most intelligent people on earth, at the same time as the saying goes. “ face is the index of mind”, humans has got very huge importance for the face and irrespective of male or female all of us prefer to look attractive and in a day, we also spend considerable amount for the face and its preparation to look beautiful and attractive.

There are many ways which we use, practice and apply on the face to make it more beautiful and attractive, many of us prefer to keep our self fresh and impressive by using available products and resources. Following are the various ways which explain “how to look attractive – without any make up”.

Step 1:- Drink As Much As You Can – Water

Human body comprises of water in more than 70% in our body, most of the body is occupied with water. Water keeps us very fresh and active. Water keeps our in body always hydrated. 

Water keeps the external and internal parts of the body fresh and for beauty purpose, drinking water is the first step which many beauticians and medical experts tell us. Starting from day in the morning to the end in the evening we go to bed.

The advantage of drinking water on regular base is that skin elastic limit will be in control and wrinkles can be decreased and avoided too much extent.

The face will look more attractive if we don’t have wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, drinking enough water and consuming it on regular basis will decrease the darkness of dark circles under the eyes.

Step 2:- Control The Intake Of Food

It’s very important to note that, what we eat will reflect on our face and on our body, to look good and attractive we must concentrate on what we eat and when we eat and the quantity of the food.

Good food is always attractive and junk food too.

Many beauty experts today tell us to have less oil and less fatty foods and to avoid a food which has got high fat content in it.

Many even advice to less amount of tea and coffee each day, anything excess will have its side effects on body and face.

We should identify what suits us better depending on our age, gender, color and body metabolism.

Fresh fruits, green vegetables and little lean meat food are preferably you can take and at the end you medical expert advice is must.

Having correct quantity of food and at right time is very important to keep us fresh and active in day and night time. If not fruits we can take fruit juices also on regular intervals.

We must maintain a regular diet habits and should be able to manage the input food without burn calories too.

Step 3:- Physical Exercise – Must For Beauty

It’s important to note that, we should do physical exercise to keep our body and mind healthy and fir.

As long as the body and mind are fresh and active it comes out on our face and from our body moments and facial expressions too.

Physical exercise of minimum 40 minutes in a day, the postures of exercises must be selected depending on the age and body acceptance levels.

The skin should exert the sweat, which in turn will provide the freshness to the skin and it will come out on the face, lot of blood cells are present on the skin, then freshness comes out of it very quickly and the blood cells come in active form.

Facial massage and few techniques learned from the experts must be practiced to keep the face, skim in healthy and fresh form.

Step 4:- Use Natural Materials

Nature has provided us various products in the form of leaves, fruits, vegetables and products of nature in many other forms, among them the famous items list is given below.

We can use, “Turmeric” for attractive skin, it can be used by mixing the turmeric powder with water and mix it thoroughly to get the mixture and apply this paste the face and keep this face mask for around twenty to thirty minutes and then clean with water, if this is practiced for twice a week then in few weeks time we can see the glow on the face.

Many beauty experts also suggests to use or apply the papaya paste on the skin and keep the pack for twenty to thirty minutes and do the face wash with water. This application for twice a week will give good glowing results on the face.

Step 5:- Other Additional Information

Generally beauty tips comparatively women follow a lot rather than men, but irrespective of gender many experts suggest that to avoid smoking, smoking has got its own disadvantages on skin and on our body.

Not only skin on the face we must look the other parts of the face, like eyes, nose, ears, eye brows, chin, lips and teeth.

Proper care of all the above things is also very important to look attractive without make – up.

Brushing the teeth’s for two times is most suggest taking options to keep the teeth’s in white condition and intact gums.

Our lips also should be in moist and fresh condition.

Application of various other natural products available in market which are chemical free and available in natural form can be applied on face skin as face packs for some time and can be washed easily, these natural products give us good results for the face and skin to look more attractive without any use of external make ups.

It is also must and important to note that we should have good amount of peace full sleep each night, depending on the age and gender the suggestible sleep is from six to nine hours, not more and not less.

Our face glow is also depended on the amount of sleep what we do in 24 hours available time

Carrying a mile on our face will also enhance the beauty of the face.

We should keep our body and mind stress free, these days different kind of life styles, different type of food habits and different type of practices and lazy works are eating away the joy of life and peace from the life’s and glows from the faces too.

The eye brow also needs a special kind of treatment and we should keep the formation of eye brow lines by trimming the excess hair on the lines and depending on the eye and face pattern we can draw the lines for the eye brows too.

A good advice from the expert at the end is always suggestible and to be followed.


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