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How to Make DIY Home made Makeup Kit
Jul 19, 2016
How to Make DIY Home made Makeup Kit

You know always DIY is the best option for anything and it is a natural way too. When it comes to makeup, it is the best option if you can do it in your home as there will not be any chemicals in this and we are doing it naturally.

 Most of the products that are included in the makeup kit can be prepared in home with few ingredients available in the home as well as market that cost very less compared to purchasing the entire product from the cosmetic store. This is a good way and you save lots of money that you spend on the cosmetics every day i.e., on, creams, lotions, and all other beauty products.

To make this homemade makeup kit available at your hands, we have come up with this article that has good information on various makeup products that can be prepared at the home. So, go through the below makeup recipes and make your own makeup kit.

Homemade Makeup Recipes

1. Eye Shadow:

This is one of the easiest makeup products that you can make yourself. For this, you need mica with different colors or shades from the cosmetic store and also purchase the mini-grinder for grinding all the ingredients or take a plastic bag and the other thing that you need is powder binder.

Then mix these mica colors to get different shades that you wish until you don't find any streaks in a grinder or a plastic bag. Later spray the powder binder on the mixed shade. Finally allow them to dry and use it.

2. Blush:

Making blush is much easier when compare to the eye shadow. You just need a mica powder, jojoba butter and a grinder or plastic bag for this. You can mix this mica colors along with jojoba butter in the plastic bag and get the desired shade you want. After that, you can store it in a container.

3. Black Mascara:

You can also make the mascara at your home but the black one and it is quite easy too. All you need for this is activated charcoal which is removed from a capsule – make it in to a fine powder using a coffee grinder, vitamin E oil, black crayon, tiny amount of liquid lecithin, hot water, mascara brush and a container. Heat the water and mix all other ingredients in a bowl. Keep this bowl on hot water and allow them to melt and store it in a container.

4. Eye Liner:

It is very easy to make and all you need is, activated charcoal which is grinded, coconut oil and cocoa butter. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and use it with an eye liner applicator for your beautiful eyes.

5. Foundation:

Foundation is of two types, one is liquid foundation and the other is dry foundation. There are different formulas for different types of skin and based on your skin requirements, you can make the one at your home and it is quite a long process when compared to above ones. So personalize it and use it. You can even make your dry foundation last longer by mixing it with the Vaseline.

6. Lip Balm:

Lip balm is very easy to make at your home. For this you need the ingredients, cocoa butter, honey, oils, bees wax and lanolin. You can purchase all these items from the grocery store and make the lip balm and it is very easy process if you have all at a place.

7. Colorful Nail Polish:

People may think that making the nail polish is difficult at home. Actually it is very easy if you have these ingredients, a paper envelope, a grinded eye shadow of your favorite color, white or clear nail polish and some glitter. Make the funnel with the paper envelope, put it in the opened white or clear nail polish bottle and pour the eye shadow as well as glitter in to the bottle. That's it and it is done.

8. Facial Toner:

Toner is also one product in your makeup and you can also prepare it at your home. Take a witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil for dry skin or lavender oil and rose water for normal skin. Mix all the ingredients in a bottle and use the solution as a toner for your face. You can also prepare these facial toners in many other ways.

9. Cleanser:

All the home available ingredients are sufficient to prepare this cleanser and they are, distilled water, a mild soap and honey. You can mix all these ingredients in a bottle by shaking it and store it in a refrigerator. You can use this within a week or two weeks. You can even add essential oils for scent aroma.

10. Skin Care Lotion:

Last but not least in the makeup kit, skin care lotion can also be made at your home. Take olive oil, a cup of water and emulsifying wax which is available at the craft stores. Let the water boil till it becomes warm. Mix the wax with the olive oil and melt them. Finally add the melted mixture in to the water and it should look like skim milk. Let it cool down for some time and stir it after some them. Then add it to the bottle for using it later.

These are the 10 products that can be made at your home easily without any burden. So, try making these homemade makeup recopies at your home and enjoy the essence of natural products without getting affected with the chemical based cosmetic products available at the market.

It even saves you lots of money every time when you want purchase the makeup products. So, you should definitely try making them and have the pleasure out of it.


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