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How to Make Jojoba Oil Makeup Remover
Nov 08, 2016
How to Make Jojoba Oil Makeup Remover

Women love cosmetics. They love to make up.  They can spend any length of time on makeup. Almost all the cosmetics contain chemicals in them, which cause many side effects to the skin.  As our skin is very sensitive, getting prone to many chemical filled cosmetics may result in deep damage to the skin.  So along with choosing the best cosmetic that suits your skin, it is important to choose the best makeup remover that suits your skin.

These days we can find makeup removers in the market itself, but again chemicals filled liquids.  So it is better to prefer something that is obtained from nature as a makeup remover, to get rid of any further damage to the skin. 

We are going to introduce you to natural makeup remover, which is called as Jojoba oil.  This jojoba oil is used in preparing many cosmetic products.  It has great effects on the skin.  It provides good moisture to the skin and nourishes the skin in the best way.  This jojoba oil can be used to remove the makeup from the skin.  This is not a new technique of removing makeup from the skin.   Usually, most of the people use coconut oil, but jojoba oil can be used as it is natural, there won’t be any side effects associated with it.

The makeup removers available in the market include jojoba oil in them as their main ingredient, which highlights its usage.  Now we are using the same jojoba oil for removing the makeup on the skin, but with some added preservatives.  Instead of draining your wallets on expensive makeup removers it is better and best option to go for jojoba natural oil with added natural ingredients to remove the makeup from the skin.

In our article, we are presenting you with some extraordinary recipes to prepare jojoba makeup remover to clean out the makeup from the skin without any signs of side effects.  Get through the article to know the best recipes to make makeup remover with jojoba oil.

1. Jojoba and rose water

This makeup remover is very easy to make.  You do not need a number of ingredients to make this makeup remover.  Just jojoba oil and rose water are more than enough to prepare it.    Just take 1 ounce of jojoba oil and 1 ounce of rose water.  Just mix both jojoba oil and rose water in a bowl thoroughly.  Shake this mixture well before using this solution for removing your makeup.

Take some cotton and dip it into the solution of jojoba oil and rose water and rub the cotton gently all over the face including your eyes.  Once you are done with applying, take a fresh and clean cotton cloth and gently remove the makeup on your face.  Repeat this process until all the makeup gets removed from your skin.  This solution along with removing the makeup from the skin also nourishes the skin and gives a glowing skin.  As it is total natural it results in no side effects.

2. Jojoba and almond oil

Another extraordinary makeup remover that works wonders in removing the makeup.  At a very reasonable cost, it literally yields the best results.  The ingredients that are needed to make this makeup remover are organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, 2 oz glass bottle.   The jojoba oil and almond oil should be of the same amount.

Take equal amounts of jojoba oil and almond oil in a glass bottle; add two to three drops of vitamin E oil to this solution. Shake the solution well and make sure all the ingredients are mixed well.  Now apply this solution all over your face using a cotton ball or using your fingertips gently.  Now take a cotton ball and remove the makeup from your skin.

You can also remove the sticky glitter eyeliner with the help of this solution.  Along with removing the makeup from the skin this solution also moisturizes and nourishes the skin without any damage to the skin.  It is easy to deal with eye makeup with this solution.

3. Jojoba oil and water

This is very simple and easy recipe to make to remove the makeup from the skin.  This solution is the best to remove the eye makeup.  All you need to do is take jojoba oil and 2 parts of water.  Take a bottle and take some jojoba oil.  Take two parts of water and mix it with the jojoba oil.  Shake the solution well so that they both mix well.

Use either your fingertips or cotton to apply this solution onto the face.  Apply it gently and now use a cotton ball to remove the makeup from the skin.  The solution applied prior makes it easy to remove the makeup from the skin, nourishes the skin. 

These are the best jojoba oil makeup removing recipes to remove the makeup from the skin very easily without any side effects.  This solution also makes your skin look healthy by nourishing the skin.

So make sure you try it out and use it removing your makeup.


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