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How to Use Contact Lens Solution For Make Up
Feb 06, 2017
How to Use Contact Lens Solution For Make Up

Contact Lens Solution for EYES

Many of us have a huge attraction towards facial makeup’s and would prefer to get it done in attractive and impressive fashion always, but always it’s not possible for us to get the makeup done from the beautician and beauty experts.

It's noted that comparatively men, women has high interest towards make-up, its tips, its accessories, its new trends, and fashions and would love to know the new makeup methods.

We can see unless and until its some important occasion, then only we would prefer to get it done from the makeup artists and experts, otherwise, many surveys revealed that many women prefer to do their own makeup with their own style and time.

That’s the reason we see many of us, especially women, they keep their own makeup kit at their home and they prefer to use as the necessity arises. Depending on the occasion or on daily work they prefer to go with light or heavy makeup.

The makeup on women face will definitely enhance the beauty of an individual if it is done with right attraction and with the right combination of mixtures. It is also seen that if the makeup is not done properly and the ingredients used in them are not of good order then instead of enhancing the makeup and beauty, it will destroy the look and makeup both.

That’s the reason we should be very careful while choosing the makeup kit and its related mixtures and accessories.

Among them, we found that the solution which we use for keeping the artificial lenses has their own contribution in a makeup kit. There are various ways and methods by which we can use this solution in makeup kit; following are the major places where we can use this “Contact lens solution”.

Step One:– Use for Makeup Corrections At Eye

Since we know that the solution what we are using is related to the eye, then it is wonderful and useful if we use the same for the eye related makeup purposes, since when we do the makeup at home there are chances that there might be some up’s and downs in the makeup outcome.

Once you find, any up and down in the makeup and its pattern then it’s important to do the correction.

The important thing here to note is that wherever the corrections for makeup is needed at these places we can use this solution with the help of cotton and any makeup correction tool.

It’s suggested that we can use this solution for the correcting the eyebrows portion and eye tops and eye bottom areas.

The eye top portion needs some flashy colours with mix of variations, then in case of any corrections and additions in this area, the lens solution will help us in doing the same, same case can be applied to eyebrows area to highlight or to make it little dull, since it’s a very delicate area and sensitive skin is surrounded the eye portion, we must be care full with the kind of liquids and tool what we use.

The reason for using this lens solution is that, since it’s a sensitive area, we must choose what is safe and harmless and lens solution is the best option for these corrections in makeup around the eye and on edge areas of the skin on the face.

Step Two:– Use It For Mascara

The second way of using this lens solution is for the mascara, this is useful for doing the enhancement for the eye mascara, if you feel that the eye mascara what you have is not glowing and looking fresh, then use this lens solution for the enhancement of the eye mascara and definitely this liquid will help in adding up the moisture to the eye mascara content and in turn this will also help us once you apply this liquid you can adjust the pattern styles of the eye mascara to the level and the needed turns what you need.

The lens solution will help us in beautifying the eye liners and eye mascaras.

Step Three:– Use It For The Eye Liners

It’s suggested that we can use the eye lens solution for the purpose of enhancing the eyeliners.

Many women have a high interest towards trying with the new shades, colors, and the combination of the various mixes.

In the case where you prefer to use different shades for the eyeliners then you can choose the color mix combination and mix this to the eye lens solution then apply this semi color liquid to the eye portions and for the beauty looks.

The solution is useful for adding up the various combinations of shades which ever you prefer to go with since many makeup artists suggest that in the face the looks of the eye are very important to give a grand look to the makeup.

By using this lens liquid solution we can do a variety of eyeliners, think and thick and with various color combinations also, glossy, flashy and attractive one’s we can try.

Step Four:- Other Benefits

Apart from the various steps mentioned above for the best usage of lens solution for various makeup correction and eye related adjustments and enhancements we can use for other makeup related works where ever liquid might be needed.

The water part can be replaced with this lens solution.

The best advantage of lens solution is since it is suggested to keep the eye lenses in moist condition, many beauty experts suggest to use the lens solution for the makeup works which are majorly needed for eye makeup and surrounding areas and other skin portions where the minute level of corrections or the minute level of enhancements are needed.

The places where we can use this at the edge of the ear side liners too, where because of various tools what we use in makeup, many places especially at the end of the face skin the makeup gets more accumulation and looks much darker too, hence it is suggested that to make it little dull and to adjust the lining part of the makeup, we can use this lens solution for the diluting the darker portion with utmost accuracy.

The places where the skin is delicate especially the eye top and eye bottom portions and the eyelashes portion we can use this lens solution for adding up the moisture and for the freshness.

The eye lens solution is useful for adding up the freshness and flashy portion for the eyelashes and when eye portion is attractive then definitely the makeup on the face also gets the glossy and flashy look, it’s important to keep the eye portion in fresh and glassy condition. Eyelashes also play an important role in adding up more beauty enhancement for the face and for the eyes.

Bottom line:

The final point which is very important to note that, we must have an eye on the lens solution manufacturer date and the date of expiry, it’s better to use the solution which is suggested by the medical and ophthalmologist. 


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