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Jul 19, 2016

Glam up Your Face with Impressive Makeup in 10 Minutes

Most of the women are crazy about using makeup to their face either regularly or occasionally. But, many other women don’t have enough time to use makeup because of their busy life schedule and they are really worried of it. To help such women, we have come up with this article. Here, we have listed out few easy and simple steps to wear stunning makeup in just 10 minutes. So, go through them and spend only 10 minutes for the makeup everyday and look beautiful. 

There are many types of makeups that women can wear to look in variety of ways sand few of such makeup’s and looks are give below.

1. Makeup for Stylish Look:

If you would like to have a stylish look, wear your makeup by making the lips bright. Lips enhance the complete look of the face and will add a touch of sophisticated look to your face. So, you need to highlight the lips at first with a red or dark colored lipstick that adds stylish look to your face. To do this, at first make your lips wet with a wash cloth and exfoliate them. Now start patting the lips with that lipstick.

Swipe it directly from the tube and this will give a vampy effect to your lips. Repeat this after blotting and then finally apply a lip balm to your lips. Now it’s time to wear the other makeup just in a simple manner so that your lips don’t over look. Fill the eye brows and then add at least 2 coats of mascara to your eyes if necessary. This completely revamps your normal look to sophisticated look.

 2. Makeup for Spectacular Look:

You can add dramatic look to your face by highlighting the eye lashes and its surroundings. Here is how we do this makeup in just few minutes. To add dramatic look liner with a sign of shine is good. So, it is necessary that you need to pick the metallic emerald green, bronze or eggplant pencil and draw the color as a thick line to your lash line of the upper lashes starting from the insider to the outside corner of the eyes. Later extend the line outside.

Now smudge either the gold or silver color to your lash line of the lower lashes and this adds more impact to your face. You don’t need to add the shadow and just a couple of coats of mascara along with the regular blush as well as neutral lip color is sufficient for giving you a dramatic look.

 3. Makeup for Natural Look:

A little makeup fixes can bring back your natural looking skin and here is how you do it in just 10 minutes. At first you can start with a foundation that can add glow to your face. A suggestion for getting such foundation is to check the label for the word “luminous” and if it is so, you can go with that. Now, go for an intense pink brush that is creamy. Now, swirl the cream of back of your hands so that it gets melted. Now, you can tap the cream on your check apples. You can finish it by adding a highlighter to your cheek bones and it should be light. Next use mascara to the upper eye lashes and then use a natural looking lip gloss such as rosy gloss and this completely gives you a natural look.

 4. Makeup for Lovely Look:

To give romantic looks to your face go for choosing the shadow with a little shimmer that is in t he form of cream. Adding this to your face will shrink it in to your skin and gives an ethereal class. Now, concentrate for the color on your top that is from the lash line till your crease.

To get a bright affect to your eyes, bad some on the corners of the eyes. Purple of the frosted pink can be used and it suits almost all kinds of skins but if you don’t like such colors go with white or a soft gray color and do avoid the blue color as it gives too frozen look. You can finally finish this makeup with fine mascara, pink shade to the cheeks and lips as well.

 Apart from these looks you can also add few items to your makeup if you would like them and they are as follows:

 5. Lip Liner:

Lip liner can be added to keep the lipstick at the correct place and prevent the color form spreading out. So, you can pick the correct lip liner that matches with your lipstick and draw a outline of your lips with it correctly and you can then blend the line with your lipstick with a lip brush that is thin. This gives a natural and fuller look to your lips and even makes them look younger. It is an optional choice for you.

 6. Artificial Lashes:

Faux lashes make your eyes look bright as well as bigger. It completely depends on the need of the women. So, it is an optional choice for those makeup wearers to whether use them or not. People with light eye lashes can make use of them. You just need to take the lash strip that is snip in half and this makes it easy to apply. Now, you can put a thin glue line and using a tweezers stick the lashes in the correct place.

 7. Primer:

This is also an optional choice to wear the primer to your face or not. You can just use it in a usual way as a base to your face for making the entire makeup rest on the face and overdoing it on your finished look will give it a smooth focus result.

This is how you can add makeup to your face in just 10 minutes. So, do follow them and wear makeup whenever and wherever you want with no additional time.


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