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Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes
Feb 09, 2017
Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes

Let us say the other type of saying as “Lips don’t lie”. One of the beauty assets of women is their lips. When they laugh with their lips, it seems like diamonds fall from the bluish sky. They are one of the important elements that constitute women beauty. Lips give beauty to the words we speak and vice versa.

But all lips are not of the same shape and the same size. They differ from women to women. Few women have small lips. Few have thin lips. Few have fuller lips. In the same way, few women have dark lips and few women have light colored lips.

The lip color also changes because of our living habits. Smoking changes the color of lips. All you need to know is ways to make them look beautiful at their best. If you are having average lips, you can make few changes to them so that they look beautiful.

For that, you no need to undergo any lip surgeries. All you need to know is few makeup tips that we are going to share below. You can use makeup to cover your lips to make them look glossy and beautiful. 

1. Big Upper Lips

Most of the Indian women have big upper lips. Even though the women are beautiful, their lips sometimes drag them back in beauty. Having big upper lip in the sense, the upper lip is big in size than normal. They can cover their lips using some makeup tricks to give their lips beautiful looks.

We have to always start lip makeup by drawing the outline of lips. For lining your lips, you need a lip liner. Start lining your lips from the center of your lips. Keep your attention there while drawing the outline. Don’t go out of your lips shape. Now apply dark color lipstick on the lower lip. Take the same shape of lipstick but a bit darker color in it and apply it on your upper lip.

This will create an illusion that the lips are of the same shape. You can also apply the same lip color on both upper and lower lips, but apply some eye shadow at the center of the lower lip to make both the upper and lower lip look as an exact pair.

You can also try this tip to make your big lips look small. Use a lip pencil instead of lip gloss or lipstick to color your lips. Start coloring your lips using a lip pencil and give your lips a final touch with lipstick. This last but not least tip is the best tip to cover bigger lips.

You can use a dark shade of lip color to cover your bigger lips. As the lip color is dark, the concentration of people will be set on the color of the lip leaving the size of the lip.

2. Big Lower lips

In reality, big lower lips look cute on few women.  If you are one among them but want to cover them out, then you can try below tips to cover them up.  You just need to use the same shade of lip color on both upper and lower lips.

When you are done with applying lipstick, take a white pencil or no color eyeshadow and apply it on the center of the upper lip.  This would help create an illusion that the lower lip and upper lip are in the same size.

3. Uneven Lips

Few women have uneven lips, which mean both the lips don’t match in size and shape.  But don’t you worry; you can manage them by using few simple makeup tricks and tips.

Start with a lip pencil.  Start outlining your upper lip with the pencil.  Outline the upper lip in such a way that both the ends of the upper lip fall into the same line.  When you are done with the upper lip, do the same with lower lip.  After the outlining is done, rub your lips slightly with your fingers.  It will help erase any hard edges on the lip to give it a natural look.

While performing this trick, you have to be very attentive.  You have to draw the lip liner very gently and rub it more gently so that it will look natural.

4. Plain Lips

Plain or flat lips won’t have any shape and dimension.  Flat lips won’t have any outlines.  To color those flat lips you have to apply light lip colors on them.  Using dark lip colors can make your lips look even flatter.

Take a look at the few tips to cover your plain or flat lips.  Start outlining your lips with a liner, but instead of drawing on the shape of your lips, draw a line outside the line of your lips.  Use shiny lip gloss or lipstick on your lips.  It will make lips look plum and thicker than they are.

You can also perform Ombre lip effects on your on your flat lips to make it look more appealing and thick.  If you are new to Ombre lip effects, just follow the next line to know how to do it.  Start colors your lips from the outer areas using a dark colored lipstick.  Add some soft or light colored lipstick at the center of your lips.  This would create an Ombre lip effect to your lips.

5. Thin Lips

We can say that having thin lips is a boon.  We can try a lot on thin lips.  As usual, start with a liner.  Draw the outline of your lips just outside the lip area.  Now rub it gently.

Now, apply darker shade of lipstick to the lower lip and a lighter shade of lipstick to your upper lip.  Now, take a lip brush and rub the both the lips gently to give it an extraordinary look.

6. Huge Lips

Huge lips will always grab people’s over attention.  They never give a chance to cover other parts of the face.  In order to cover those over huge lips, you have to use a lip gloss that is light in shade.

It will give your lips soft touch.  Another tip to cover those huge lips is to go with zero lip color.  In order to divert the attention from those huge lips, we have to highlight either eyes or cheeks with good makeup. 

7. Small Lips

Small lips exhibit pretty looks for the women who carry them.  There is no need to do much with small lips.  Just follow these simple steps.  As the lips are small, in order to make them look big we have to use some fancy and shiny lipsticks on those lips.

Dark color lip shades are not recommended as they make small lips look smaller.  Use light shades of lip colors to highlight them.

It is not that easy to make up your lips.  At the same time, it is not that difficult to do so.  First know, into which category your lip falls.  This would help you remodel your lips and thereby you can enhance your beauty.


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