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Natural Ways to Remove Makeup
Feb 08, 2017
Natural Ways to Remove Makeup

Makeup removal is equally important as applying makeup on the face at the end of the day. We can try all kinds of makeup on face according to the needs of the occasion but most of us tend to ignore by not taking care completely. This can lead to blocking of pores on the skin, irritation and even infections causing acne and blemishes.

There are wide varieties of makeup removers available in the market to ensure easy and proper removal of makeup. You might spend in investing in these varieties of removers but they are usually filled with chemicals which can harm you.

Depending on the skin you have i.e. dry skin or oily skin, sensitive skin, choosing a right remover might be difficult. Let’s see few tips which should be helpful even without using a remover. Being natural and effective these tricks should help you.

Baking Soda and Honey:-

This natural makeup remover can help in removing any kind makeup. Take a little quantity of honey on a clean washed cloth and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Use this natural makeup remover to remove any kind of makeup.

Olive Oil for Sensitive or Dry Skin:-

Olive oil contains a lot of softening agents along with healing properties. If you have a dry skin then using olive oil is the best natural way of removing makeup. You can also use other oils like castor oil or jojoba oil which also works as perfect makeup removers.

Baby oil:-

Baby oil is the best alternative if you don’t have olive oil. It can help remove the makeup and even mascara which can become the hardest to remove. Take a small quantity of baby oil on a cotton ball and wipe off all the makeup on your face. You can notice yourself how it simple it is now to remove the makeup. You can finally use a wet cloth to remove the oil residue which is left on the face at the end.


Milk is the best natural eye makeup remover. Take a bit of raw milk on a cotton ball and slowly use it to remove the eyeliner or mascara. Wipe off all the eye makeup with the cotton ball that is soaked in raw milk. Once it is done, use lukewarm water to wash the face. This is especially useful if you are having heavy makeup. It is quite an easy and natural remover.

Baby Lotion:-

This is another easily available option for us to remove the makeup. The process is similar to that of milk but the only condition is to use a good quality baby lotion. Check out the amazing results for yourself on this natural remover.


This is very effective in removing makeup only for eyes. But at the same time, we have to be very careful since Vaseline is a thick substance and block the pores of the skin. You need to wash your face using a cleanser when the removing is done.

Baby Wipes:-

Baby wipes are generally made very gently so as not to cause any irritation or breaking of the skin. Use these wipes to remove the makeup without any efforts.

Chap Stick:-

Ever wondered if the chap stick can help remove the makeup. Yes, it does in removing the makeup of the eye easily. Gently swipe the stick under the eyes and then use a cotton ball to rub off the makeup.


You would have used steam when you are finding difficulty in breathing. Steam also helps you in taking care of the skin by keeping the pores of the skin open. Take a tub with hot water and lean over it so that steam can come over. It opens up all your pores and then uses can use a mild cleanser just to wash off your face.

Bottom line:

As a general practice, make sure you wash your face to remove the makeup and sunscreen before you go to bed. Do not try to use facial scrubs every day as it will dry out the skin. Also using of excessive products with harmful ingredients can damage the skin leaving it dull and wrinkled. Take off your skin in a natural way to stay away from side effects.


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